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[[Cloud Containers/NAS Gateway]]
[[Cloud Containers/NAS Gateway]]
=== Security & Alerting ===
=== Security, Alerting & Upgrades ===
[[Call-home/Alert Management]]
[[Call-home/Alert Management]]
[[Security Configuration]]
[[Security Configuration]]
[[Upgrade Manager]]
=== Snapshots & Replication ===
=== Snapshots & Replication ===

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The QuantaStor Administrator Guide is intended for all IT administrators working to setup or maintain a QuantaStor system or grid of systems as well as for those just looking to get a deeper understanding of how the QuantaStor software defined storage platform works.

Administrator Guide Topic Links

Storage System

Grid Configuration

License Management

Hardware Configuration

Network Port Configuration

Physical Disk/Device Management

Hardware Controller & Enclosure Management

Multipath Configuration

Storage Provisioning

Storage Pool Management

Storage Volume Management

Network Share Management

Cloud Containers/NAS Gateway

Security, Alerting & Upgrades

Call-home/Alert Management

Security Configuration

Upgrade Manager

Snapshots & Replication

Snapshot Schedules

Backup Policies

Remote-replication (DR)

Cluster Configuration

HA Cluster Setup (JBODs)

HA Cluster Setup (external SAN)

Scale-out Block Setup (ceph)

Scale-out Object Setup (ceph)

Scale-out File Setup (glusterfs)


Performance Tuning