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This guide begins from the point that you have installed QuantaStor and have successfully logged into QuantaStor Manager. If you have not yet installed QuantaStor on your server, please see the Installation Guide for more details.

First Time Login

The default administrator user name for your storage system is simply 'admin'. This user account is present on all QuantaStor systems. At the login dialog the admin user account name is pre-populated as this is the most commonly used login. If QuantaStor was installed for you by a CSP or VAR the password for the system(s) should have been emailed to you or made available via the CSPs server management panel. If you've installed QuantaStor on a new server or VM the 'admin' account defaults to having a password of 'password' (without the single quotes). IMPORTANT: Please change this immediately after you first login via the Users & Groups section.

Change Administrator Password

For security, you will want to create a secure password for your storage system. This can be completed quickly using the Change Admin Password button in the Manager, but also can be achieved via the Set Password button in the toolbar under "Users & Groups".

Change Administrator Password

For more information on the password, refer to the User Set Password page.

Step by Step Configuration Procedure

Use the Getting Started dialog, which is accessible from the toolbar in the Web UI as shown in the image below, for a guided approach to the initial set-up of your QuantaStor system.
Getting Started Ribbon

The Getting Started dialog has multiple sections which provide step-by-step assistance with the most common configuration tasks. Getting Started/Configuration Guide

License Management

Start by adding license keys (one for each QuantaStor server) if they've not already been applied to the systems. Many configuration steps cannot be done until a license key has been applied to each system.

Network Configuration

Set static IP addresses on each of your systems

Grid Configuration

Combine systems together to form a storage grid. This enables a whole host of additional features including remote-replication, clustering and more.

File Storage Provisioning

If your primary use case is to setup your QuantaStor as NAS filer, start here to learn how to provision Network Shares.

Block Storage Provisioning

If your primary use case is to setup your QuantaStor as a SAN, start here to learn how to provision Storage Volumes.

Object Storage Setup

If your primary use case is to setup an object storage cluster with 3x or more QuantaStor servers, start here.

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