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Veeam Deployment Guide

  • The Veeam Deployment guide provides instructions on how to setup QuantaStor as a backup repository for file, block and object storage with Veeam Backup & Recovery.

Globus Connect Server v4 Integration

  • Use Globus Connect Server to deliver advanced file transfer and sharing capabilities using QuantaStor storage

Kemp LoadMaster Integration

  • Use Kemp LoadMaster for load balancing S3 services

Idera Uptime Cloud Monitor Integration

  • Provides cloud monitoring and near real-time system stats

Docker Volume Plugin Integration

  • Integration with Docker for persistent containers which map to QuantaStor Storage Volumes

PagerDuty Integration

  • Use PagerDuty to get notified of call-home system alerts to your IT team with an advanced ticketing system.

Librato Metrics Integration

  • Use Librato to collect and view a dashboard metrics on utilization and other stats from your QuantaStor Systems.

Cloudera™ Hadoop Integration Guide

  • The Hadoop Integration Guide gives you an overview of the installation steps to get Hadoop running in your QuantaStor grid.

Nagios Integration

  • Monitoring and metrics platform integration, more information available here.

Avid Media Composer™ + MediaHarmony Configuration Guide

  • An overview of QuantaStor configuration steps for use with Avid.

R1Soft Backup Integration

  • Documentation on how to install the R1Soft Backup Agent

Gladinet Integration

  • Documentation on setting up Gladinet enterprise cloud file storage solution on QuantaStor. Solution is similar to Dropbox.

OpenStack Cinder

  • Documentation on setting up OpenStack Cinder to use the QuantaStor Cinder Driver.

Zabbix Integration

  • Monitoring via the Zabbix platform, more information available here.

HTTP File Access via Apache

  • Overview of how to access your files in your network shares directly via HTTP

Microsoft VSS Provider

  • Plug-in module for Microsoft Virtual Shadow Copy Services (VSS) support

SolarWinds MSP Integration

  • Installation of SolarWinds MSP client into QuantaStor SDS

Dropbox Integration

  • Dropbox based Cloud Containers enable NFS/SMB based access to Dropbox folders via any QuantaStor SDS System

Mattermost Integration

  • Enables QuantaStor alerts to be sent to a Mattermost channel using a incoming webhook.

Chronograf Integration

  • Enables one to make custom real-time stats dashboards by installing Chronograf directly into QuantaStor