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Backup policies replicate data from any NFS/CIFS share on your network to a specific Network Share on the QuantaStor appliance. It does so by temporarily connecting to the remote appliance via CIFS/NFS and then does a parallelized scan and copy of files that have not yet been backed up. QuantaStor backup policies only do pull based backups and do not push data to other servers or appliances on your network. (If you need something that is push based one could develop a simple cron job that uses rsync or similar tool to do a push style backup to another server.)

Navigation: Storage Management --> Network Shares --> Network Shares --> Create Backup/Migration Policy (rightclick)

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Multi-source Backup

A single Network Share can be used as a backup target for multiple folders on multiple filers. To do so you'll need to create a new Backup Policy for each share on each filer. You'll also need to make sure that you check the box to store the data into a nested sub-directory of the Network Share on your QuantaStor appliance.

Data Migration / DR Mode

By default the Backup Policies replicate the contents of any remote NAS share into the root directory of the Network Share on the QuantaStor appliance. If you're planning to migrate users to the QuantaStor appliance or use the appliance as a DR failover appliance you will want to name the Network Share on the QuantaStor appliance with the same name as the share from the remote NAS filer.

Parallelized Backup

Found in In the 'Advanced Settings' tab, QuantaStor Backup Policies are designed to be able to backup large NAS filers with millions of files. It can do this efficiently via the parallelized scan a backup process it uses which takes advantage of the scale-out capabilities of some filers. In some cases running multiple backup streams in parallel is not efficient and in those cases you'll want to set the policy to use a single stream or small number of backup streams/processes.

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For further information see Administrator Guide

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