What is QuantaStor?

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QuantaStor is a unified file, block and object Software Defined Storage platform (iSCSI/FC/NFS/CIFS/S3/SWIFT) with grid technology that enables one to combine QuantaStor servers together within and across sites into a "Storage Grid". QuantaStor is a Linux based operating system and has been certified for use with all major servers including those from Cisco, DellEMC, HPE, Intel, Lenovo, Supermicro, and Western Digital. Once QuantaStor is bare-metal installed on a server, it may be combined with other QuantaStor servers to form a storage grid. Storage grids may scale to in excess of 100PB of storage and over 64 storage systems.

How is it unique from other SDS and storage systems?

QuantaStor is unique in a number of ways, specifically:

  • Storage Grid Management Technology
    • Enables companies to start small and grow hybrid-cloud environments to hyper-scale with ease. Grids can contain a heterogeneous mix of hardware from different vendors and may include QuantaStor Virtual Storage Systems.
  • Ease of Use
    • Strong focus on user experience which makes the QuantaStor web management interface easily understood and effective for IT generalists. OSNEXUS was founded by former EMC, Brocade, and Veritas Software engineers with a focus on eliminating the complexity found in traditional SAN/NAS systems.
  • Supports Open Standards
    • QuantaStor integrates with open storage technologies (Ceph, ZFS). OSNEXUS contributes to an supports OSS development and views the open filesystems as more reliable and better supported for the long term than proprietary alternatives which create data life-cycle risks for users.
  • Security Focus
    • QuantaStor is compliant to NIST 800-53, HIPAA, and CJIS standards and FIPS-140-2 Level 1 certified edition will be available in 2019. QuantaStor has an advanced Role-Based-Access-Control system and multi-tenancy features which provide further control and ability for organizations to delegate specific limited management access to IT administrators and users.

How is it sold?

QuantaStor is sold through a network of OSNEXUS Partner Resellers.

QuantaStor is available for 30-day evaluation with a full-featured, 256TB storage capacity Trial Edition license key. During your evaluation of QuantaStor, please feel free to contact the OSNEXUS Sales team at sales@osnexus.com to get additional assistance with your deployment. Solution design assistance is available from our Solution Engineering team at sdr@osnexus.com and our design tools are available online at Solution Design Tools.

All paid-for QuantaStor software subscription licenses are inclusive of support, maintenance packs and product upgrades. Subscription Licenses are available in 1, 3, and 5 year duration with discounts to longer duration keys. Subscriptions of 3 or more years are issued as non-expiring. An active subscription is required for support, maintenance and product upgrades. All subscriptions are priced based on the sum of the raw capacity in terabytes (TB) across all systems in a given storage grid.

Subscription Levels

QuantaStor licenses are available with a few different subscription levels including:

  • Enterprise Edition with Platinum Support
    • 24/7 Support with maximum 1hr response time
    • All features included
  • Enterprise Edition with Gold Support
    • 24/7 Support with maximum 4hr response time
    • All features included
  • Enterprise Edition with Silver Support
    • 9/5 Support (M-F, 9am-6pm PT) with maximum NBD response time
    • All features included

Expanding Capacity

Systems may be expanded at any time with additional capacity through expansion subscription licenses. These are pro-rated and are set to expire on the date of expiration for the base subscription license so that the next subscription renewal can roll up the total capacity into a new base subscription license. Expansions are discounted based on the current capacity of the existing storage grid being expanded.


Further information on the Support Levels is available in the Support Levels document.

Our network of OSNEXUS Partner Resellers are certified experts at integrating QuantaStor into custom hardware solutions and delivering turn-key systems built to your specifications. For more information on pre-packaged hardware solutions, please see our Partner Reseller page for a reseller near you.

Customers seeking to build a QuantaStor system for their own use are advised to build from list of certified components on our Hardware Compatibility List. Please refer to our HCL recommended hardware page for more details.

Community Edition

In an effort to support the interests of the open source community with our Free/Community Edition with a licensed storage capacity of 40TB (total raw storage assigned to pool(s)). QuantaStor Community Edition keys are feature limited and capacity limited to 40TB, and we allow 3x licenses to deploy a scale-out (Ceph) cluster. In that case 120TB raw.

Trial Edition

QuantaStor is available for download and use with a 30-day Trial Edition license key or with our free renewable Community Edition license key. QuantaStor Trial Edition keys have all Enterprise Edition features unlocked but are limited to 256TB of raw capacity and 30 days.
Free/Community Edition