Idera Uptime Cloud Monitor Integration

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Idera Uptime Cloud Monitor (aka CopperEgg) is a service that helps one monitor servers from the cloud. By installing the Idera agent into ones QuantaStor servers one may also monitor all the systems in a given QuantaStor grid from the cloud. Out of the box monitoring includes CPU load, processes, memory, swap, and disk IO.

Installation / Setup

Step 1:

  • Select Linux from the list of operating systems (the QuantaStor platform is Ubuntu/Debian Linux based)

Step 2:

  • Copy and paste the command to be run on your QuantaStor system
    • You will need to run the command as root. To do this you can run 'sudo -i' first (see the screenshot below)

Your system should now be sending basic monitoring statistics to the Idera cloud. Please allow a minute for updates/stats to start registering at Idera.

CoppereggInstall.png CoppereggInstallInstructions.png CoppereggShellInstall.png

Example Screenshots