Upgrade Manager

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Upgrade Manager Overview

The QuantaStor Upgrade Manager web interface provides user controls over kernel, driver, security and core QuantaStor package updates. It can be accessed by clicking on the Upgrade Manager button in the Storage Management tab.


Full Upgrade

For a Full Upgrade, check the radio button on the Upgrade Manager dialog box. Full Upgrades include kernel, driver, security and all of the latest QuantaStor core package updates.


QS Core + Security Only Upgrade

The QS Core + Security Only Upgrade includes security and QuantaStor core package upgrades only.


QuantaStor Core Only Upgrade

The QuantaStor Core Only Upgrade Includes only QuantaStor core package upgrades.


QuantaStor Advanced Upgrades

Using the QuantaStor CLI, advanced users can control QuantaStor upgrades at a granular level with QuantaStor's CLI Upgrade Commands. Use cases for upgrading Quantastor using the CLI include implementing custom Linux kernels for public or private cloud deployments on Virtual Machines.