Mattermost Integration

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Mattermost is a Slack-like team collaboration and messenger service that allows organizations to run the service within their own infrastructure. For IT organizations it's a helpful to get call-home alerts sent to a specific "channel" which is easy to monitor throughout the day along with other channel use.

Select Integrations from the Mattermost menu

Select Integrations

QuantaStor integrates with Mattermost through the use of an incoming webhook. These may be created within your Mattermost server in the Integrations section as shown in this image.

Create Webhook

Next, select "Create Incoming Webhook" to create a web-hook URL which is bound to a specific Mattermost channel.

Select Create Incoming Webhook

Copy the webhook URL to the clipboard (Ctrl-C)

Add Webhook to QuantaStor

Last, login to your QuantaStor system or grid and paste (Ctrl-V) the webhook into the Mattermost section of the Alert Manager in the QuantaStor web interface.

Input the webhook into the Mattermost section.