Snapshot Schedules

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Snapshot schedules create a space efficient snapshots automatically on a schedule. Schedules may contain any number of Storage Volumes and Network Shares from any number of systems in a given storage grid. We recommend that a snapshot schedule be created for all mission critical storage volumes and network shares so that one has rollback ability in the event that a user deletes data or in the event that there's a security breach so that auditing and any necessary data recovery can be done using snapshots.

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One may configure multiple snapshot schedules with any number of Storage Volumes and Network Shares from any number of systems in a storage grid. Volumes and Shares may also be associated with multiple Snapshot Schedules each maintaining independent snapshot rotations. For storage volumes and network shares containing critical data one should create a Snapshot Schedule that will create snapshots at least once a day. A second schedule that creates weekly snapshots is also recommended.


Snapshots schedules maintain a rotating snapshot history for the specified Storage Volumes and Network Shares to facilitate easy data recovery.

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Schedule Interval

Choose the day/hour for snapshots.

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Select Volumes & Shares

Select the volumes and shares to be associated with the schedule. Note: at least one volume or share must be selected.

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Snapshot Settings

Snapshots schedules automatically expire the oldest snapshot once the specified maximum retained snapshots setting has been reached.

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