Zabbix Integration

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Zabbix Integration / Support

To enable the Zabbix agent directly within your QuantaStor appliance you'll need to install the agent as per the Zabbix documentation on how to install into Ubuntu Server 12.04 (Precise) which can be found here.

Here is a quick summary of the commands to run as detailed on the Zabbix web site:

sudo -i
dpkg -i zabbix-release_2.0-1precise_all.deb
apt-get update
apt-get install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php

Note that Zabbix uses the apache2 web server for its web management interface. Apache uses port 80 by default which conflicts with the Tomcat service QuantaStor uses for its web management interface. As such, you must edit the /etc/apache2/ports.conf file to change the default port numbers. For example you can change 80 to 8001 and 443 to 4431, then restart the apache service with 'service apache2 restart'. This will eliminate the port conflict with the QuantaStor manager web interface. For more information on changing the apache port numbers, please see this article which has more detail.

After the port number has been changed you can then access Nagios via your web browser at the new port number like so: