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End User License Agreement (EULA)

The QuantaStor End User License Agreement (EULA) is available in the License Manager of every QuantaStor System when you click the 'Add License' button.

Support Process & Guidelines

The Support Process &Guidelines for the QuantaStor support levels and how to contact OSNEXUS support are detailed in the Support Guidelines document at the below link. This document is also available on the Contact Support page on the OSNEXUS website.

Terms of Support Agreement

The QuantaStor Terms of Support provides details on terms of OSNEXUS support that is included with active paid OSNEXUS QuantaStor license subscriptions.

Open Source / 3rd Party Software Licenses

QuantaStor SDS is Linux based and ISO media includes numerous open source packages. These three links provide detail into the open-source copyright notices for all 3rd Party software packages that are included with the QuantaStor SDS v4 ISO.

Open-Source Package Detail for packages included with QuantaStor

Open-Source Packages included with QuantaStor

Open-Source License Summary for included packages

Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge Base (KB) contains a series of articles developed by OSNEXUS Customer Support. KB articles are special notices to work around specific known issues, typically in older versions of QuantaStor.

Product Release Change Log and Security Updates

Change Log

  • Details of what features and fixes are included with each QuantaStor release

Security Updates

  • Details of what Linux security updates impact QuantaStor and how to update your system

QuantaStor Local Update Mirror

  • Details of how to setup an Onsite / Local update mirror in your own datacenter for OSNEXUS QuantaStor.

Product Version End-of-life Notifications

  • Details on product version end-of-life dates and notifications