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The change log contains a detailed summary of the changes made for each new release of QuantaStor. For information on how to upgrade your storage system please see the Upgrade Guide.

Versioning System

QuantaStor version numbers have four (4) parts to them. A major number (M), minor number (N), maintenance update number (U) and build number (B) of the form M.N.U.B such as QuantaStor upgrades go directly from whatever version you are running to the latest version with no interim steps so for example if you are at v3.16 you will upgrade directly to the latest version which may be v4.6.

Major Version Number

QuantaStor v4.x is the current Major release version.

Upgrading from QuantaStor 3.x releases can be done inline with minimal downtime and a schedule work window to reboot for any new Kernel and driver updates.

Legacy upgrades from QuantaStor 2.x releases would require exporting any Storage Pools, reloading the OS with QuantaStor 4.x install media, and then importing the storage pools and performing a restore of the configuration database using the Storage System Recovery Manager Dialog

Minor Version Number

The minor version number increments with each minor product update release of QuantaStor which comes out every 2 - 4 months. Releases typically include a combination of new features and some maintenance fixes. Most releases can be applied without a reboot and zero downtime as they rarely include driver changes. If a release does require a reboot we mark it specially with a large tag "REBOOT REQUIRED" so that you can find an appropriate maintenance window in which to apply the upgrade. In general, reboots are only required when the qstortarget package has been upgraded. So if you see that a new version of that package is available know that a reboot will be required to complete the upgrade.

Maintenance Update

If the release includes maintenance version number like 4.6.2 or 4.6.3 it represents a update to address one or more support tickets. These updates generally do not contain new features, only fixes to address specific issues. Maintenance releases generally ship once a month. All Hotfix release packages are provided against the current stable release.

Build Number

The build number can be largely ignored, it simply increments with each commit that is made to the source tree.

Boot Install Image and other downloads

ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

note: older versions of QuantaStor install media and CLI can be found here.

v5.1.2.002 (March 13th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.1.2.

Release Notes

Core Service

  • Fixed an issue with the keep alive process checker restarting the tomcat web server every minute. [ QSTOR-5698 ]

v5.1.1.008 (March 7th 2019)

QuantaStor 5.1.1 was deprecated for the 5.1.2 release.

Release Notes


  • Updated Installer ISO [ QSTOR-5684 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed an issue with customizing the Network Share record size. [ QSTOR-5641 ]


  • Fixed a management service crash related to multi-factor authentication. [ QSTOR-5640 ]

Storage Volume

  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of passthru Storage Volumes from raw disk devices. [ QSTOR-5636 ]

Disk Devices

  • Fixed an issue with NVME device support. [ QSTOR-5646 ]

Core Service

  • Fixed: The Auto-restart logic for the QuantaStor Management service was updated for the Xenial platform. [ QSTOR-5628 ]

v5.1.0.160 (Feb 14th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.1.0.

Release Notes

  • Updated QuantaStor update repository to a new distribution namespace of 'quantastor-xenial' for future upgrades. [ QSTOR-5609 ]


  • Added a quick disk format to OSD creation to ensure a disk is clean of any prior partitioning and formatting before use. [ QSTOR-5341 ]

Storage pools

  • Added 'Storage System Optimization' dialog that includes additional tunable controls for ZFS Storage Pool performance settings. [ QSTOR-5583 ]
  • Added 'qs tunable-*' command sets that allow for CLI configuration of the settings available in the 'Storage System Optimization' dialog. for more information on the commands and their usage please see 'qs help=tunable' [ QSTOR-5543 ]
  • Adds more detail to the Storage Pool Delete warning pop-up to clarify for users what Storage Pool on which QuantaStor node is to be deleted when they click the 'Yes' to confirm the deletion. [ QSTOR-5623 ]
  • Fixed an issue on Virtual Machines where the wrong disk block size(ashift) was being specified during ZFS Pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]
  • Added logic to select the highest matching block size (ashift) for a disk set during ZFS pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]
  • Added checks for ZFS pool creation to ensure that physical disk blocksizes(ashift) up to 64k are supported. Disks with blocksizes larger than 64k are not supported with the ZFS filesystem pool type at this time and will generate an error during ZFS Storage Pool creation recommending the use of disks with a 64k or lower blocksize. [ QSTOR-5570 ]
  • Fixed an issue with creating encrypted pools with passphrase, this corrects a regression introduced in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5621 ]
  • Fixed an issue with encrypting ATA devices. This corrects an issue introduced in the 5.0 release. [ QSTOR-5575 ]
  • Fixed an issue with system boot after creating Encrypted Storage Pools [ QSTOR-5627 ]
  • Fixed: manually importing a Storage Pool now immediately performs iofencing of the disk devices during the import process. [ QSTOR-5540 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Changed the default blocksize used during storage volume creation from 128k to 8k. [ QSTOR-5570 ]
  • Removed the ambiguous 'auto' option from the blocksize selection storage volume create and modify dialogs. 8k will now be the default selection and setting in the WebUi and for qs cli volume creation." [ QSTOR-5570 ]
  • Updated the Storage Volume Create Dialog with the same Compression, sync and blocksize options as the Storage Volume Modify dialog. [ QSTOR-5495 ]

High Availability

  • Adds high Availability iofencing support for NVME shared storage devices. [ QSTOR-5447 ]
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes leave VIF cluster ports on QuantaStor 5.0 after deletion by a user. [ QSTOR-5616 ]
  • Fixed an issue with HA cluster discovery introduced in the platform change in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5176 ]


  • Added a new EFI installer option for systems that have a TPM module. [ QSTOR-5572 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Container

  • Renamed the Cloud Container tab in the WebUI to 'NAS Gateway' [ QSTOR-5468 ]
  • Various Improvements to the Cloud Container management section of the WebUI. [ QSTOR-5468 ]
  • Fixed an issue with creating Cloud Containers in some Amazon S3 regions. [ QSTOR-5557 ]
  • Removed Cloud Container 'Repair', 'Modify' and 'Remove' context menu options that are no longer required for the deduplication s3ql style Cloud Containers that was deprecated in QuantaStor 5.0. [ QSTOR-5552 ]

Network Shares

  • Updated the Network Share Show Mount Command Dialog to prioritize the IP used in the mount command based on Link Speed and if the Interface is a VIF. A drop-down IP and interface selection now allows users to easily customize the mount command output. [ QSTOR-4651 ]
  • Fixed an issue with Network Share namespaces where /export bind mounts were being placed on systems outside of the namespace. [ QSTOR-4977 ]
  • Improved filtering and visibility for snapshot parent shares in the Network Share Multi-Delete dialog to make manually removing Snapshots easier on configurations with many snapshots. [ QSTOR-5427 ]

Remote Replication

  • Changed Storage System Link in qs CLI to 'Replication Link' e.g. the commands are now 'qs replication-link-create' 'qs replication-link-list' 'qs replication-link-get' etc. [ QSTOR-5619 ]
  • Added a clarification for the Replication link speed bandwidth limiter to also show MegaBits per second (Mb/s) in addition to the details for MegaBytes (MB/s) per second that were already shown. [ QSTOR-5535 ]


  • Fixed an issue where pvdisplay commands would hang after Gluster config tear down. [ QSTOR-5223 ]
  • Fixed an issue where Storage Systems would be listed twice in the Gluster Peer Detach Dialog [ QSTOR-5525 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue with showing the users inside of a Multitenancy>Resource Group [ QSTOR-5591 ]


  • Fixed: enabled zvol_request_sync=1 for the ZFS 0.7.12 driver to resolve a kernel panic that can occur in some Storage Volume use cases. This tunable 'sst_zvol_request_sync' is managed via the new 'qs tunable-*' CLI commands. [ QSTOR-5612 ]

Core Service

  • Added support for authenticated shutdown of a QuantaStor node initiated by APC UPS's with apsupsd. [ QSTOR-5592 ]
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ZFS Event Daemon service from running on QuantaStor 5.0 [ QSTOR-5580 ]

Disk Management

  • Added the ability to blink storage pool device groups (vdevs) via the CLI with 'qs spdg-list' and 'qs spdg-ident' commands. [ QSTOR-5566 ]
  • Fixed an issue where a disk format task would show as 100% completed even though the format actually failed due to iofencing preventing write access. [ QSTOR-5555 ]
  • Fixed: when formatting disks and choosing to clear iofencing, the iofencing is now cleared first to ensure formatting can complete without a denial for write access. [ QSTOR-5617 ]

Hardware Controller and Enclosure Management

  • Updated Acromove ServerPack enclosure information to match current offerings. [ QSTOR-5614 ]
  • Updated Hardware Unit Identify Dialog to allow on, off and duration specific identification for supported Hardware Raid unit enclosure slot identification. [ QSTOR-5562 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5604 ]

v5.0.0.093 (Dec 21st 2018)

Note: for IBM Cloud / SoftLayer users

As an addendum to Event 73376867 QuantaStor 5.x will be replacing QuantaStor 4.x in the IBM Cloud starting April 1st, 2019. After April 1st QuantaStor 5.x will be the available provisioning version for new deployments. Long term maintenance and updates for existing installations of QuantaStor 4.x will be enabled with migrating to QuantaStor 5.x starting with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2 mid-March, 2019.

For assistance with upgrading an existing QuantaStor 4.x system to QuantaStor 5.x please contact IBM Cloud Support.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 5.0.0 was released as ISO media. Upgrades from QuantaStor 4.x to 5.x will be available with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Installation Media

QuantaStor v5.0.0 is available at the link here: QuantaStor v5.0.0 ISO md5

Release Notes

Release Highlights:

  • Base Platform upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial.
  • Linux Kernel updated to 4.15.0-36-generic.
  • Updated Ceph version to Luminous.
  • New Ceph OSD's will use Bluestore as their backing storage providing a large performance improvement.
  • Added Encryption at rest for Ceph OSD devices.
  • Added Ceph Crush Map management via Ceph Pool Profiles.
  • Added Ansible Automation support, contact OSNEXUS Sales Engineering for details.
  • Updated Cloud Container (NAS Gateway) backend to provide better performance scaling and support for additional Cloud Providors from Microsoft Azure and Backblaze.
  • Added Configuration Analyzer to help users more easily identify problems and address them.
  • Added IPMI sensor monitoring for server models from Dell, HPE, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and Lenovo.
  • Added support for HPE’s NV-DIMM technology for use in scale-out object and block storage configurations.

Further release notes to be posted for detailed QSTOR ticket items

v4.7.1.010 (Dec 20th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.7.1.

Release Notes


  • Added the 'Create Ceph Pool Profile' dialog to allow detailed tuning of erasure coded pool CRUSH map rules. [ QSTOR-5049 ]
  • Added text to recommend increasing the OSD count for your cluster if your cluster is in the 'too few PGs per OSD' Ceph Health warning state. [ QSTOR-5340 ]
  • Added: Additional properties for ceph cluster member added to the grid view. [ QSTOR-5391 ]
  • Created a new multi-add dialog for adding multiple New Members to a Ceph Cluster. [ QSTOR-5381 ]
  • Enable all types of erasure coded ceph pool profiles including: reed_sol_van, reed_sol_r6_op, cauchy_orig, cauchy_good, liberation, blaum_roth, and liber8tion [ QSTOR-5404 ]
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the deletion of Ceph OSD's. [ QSTOR-5350 ]
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from querying the .rgw.root Ceph Pool via the 'qs ceph-pool-get' cli command. [ QSTOR-5276 ]
  • Fixed an issue where Ceph Journal devices were being rediscovered and recreated as new objects inside of the QuantaStor management layer. [ QSTOR-5421 ]
  • Fixed an issue with ceph journal device rediscovery if the QuantaStor node has been reinstalled and disks were not cleanly reformatted. [ QSTOR-5412 ]
  • Removed duplicate entries in the Profile combo box of the Ceph Zone Create dialog. [ QSTOR-5406 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the isWalDevice flag was not being updated after ceph cluster tear down. [ QSTOR-5367 ]

Disk Management

  • Added logic to throttle automatic disk scans for faulty devices that rapidly and repeatedly remove/add themselves to the system over a short period of time. [ QSTOR-5437 ]
  • Added the 'qs-util devinfo' command that can be used to check the queue depth and other tuning options of a disk as set by a storage pool profile. [ QSTOR-5435 ]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the disk identify LED for a user initiated identify task to be shut off early. [ QSTOR-5374 ]
  • Fixed: launching the Disk Identify dialog in the Storage Pool and Physical Disks section will automatically select the disk that was right clicked on in the grid or tree view. [ QSTOR-5114 ]
  • Fixed an issue where physical disks were still associated with deleted OSD's. [ QSTOR-5376 ]

Hotspare Disk Management

  • Fixed: Global Spare disks will be iofenced when joining a storage pool as a replacement disk for a failed drive. [ QSTOR-5453 ]
  • Fixed: Global Spare disks will automatically be unmarked for use as a spare when consumed to repair or grow a storage pool. [ QSTOR-5455 ]

Storage Pools

  • Changed Storage Pool Export to retain I/O fencing of the physical disks by default. [ QSTOR-3227 ]
  • Added a checkbox to the Storage Pool Export dialog that allows forced clearing of disk I/O fencing. [ QSTOR-3227 ]
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing removing Hot spare disks from a storage pool if they were no longer physically accessible. [ QSTOR-4678 ]
  • Fixed an issue with the Storage Pool tuning profiles that could have lead to larger than expected queue depths. [ QSTOR-5435 ]
  • Fixed: Deleting a Storage Pool that cannot be deleted due to all physical disks and VDEV's missing, will now suggest exporting the pool to remove it from the QuantaStor configuration, if a user truly wishes to remove that pool from the system permanently. [ QSTOR-2435 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the Storage Pool Profile i/o scheduler tuning was not being applied to disk devices. [ QSTOR-5428 ]

Web Manager

  • Increased polling cycles for the dashboard views to 5 seconds. [ QSTOR-5418 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the Network Share dashboard was not refreshing if a different object type (storage volume or pool) was selected. [ QSTOR-5065 ]
  • Fixed: Disabled the Multi-factor-Authentication checkbox when creating/modifying users by default if Multi-factor auth has not been configured on the QuantaStor grid. [ QSTOR-5416 ]
  • Fixed: Widened the 'Create Volume Remote Replica Dialog' to more clearly show the source and destination selection for long storage system names. [ QSTOR-5467 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the License Key combo box was not being auto-populated by default. [ QSTOR-5033 ]

Hardware Enclsoures and Controllers

  • Fixed enclosure layout automatic discovery for the Cisco S3260/C3X60, Dell MD2060e and Supermicro SBB. [ QSTOR-5436 ]
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the disk identify LED to light up every minute for Disks on LSI HBA's in IR mode. [ QSTOR-5387 ]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the disk identify LED for a user initiated identify task to be shut off early. [ QSTOR-5374 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Fixed: added a check to the Add/Import Cloud Container dialog to ensure that you cannot accidentally import a bucket/container using the wrong Cloud Provider Credentials. [ QSTOR-5345 ]

Core Service

  • Added further ipmi sensor support for Dell, HPE, and Supermicro server nodes. [ QSTOR-5452 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5488 ]
  • Added SNMP Object mappings for Ceph Scale-Out Cluster and a few other object types. [ QSTOR-5215 ]

v4.7.0.231 (Nov 5th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.7.0.

Release Notes

Key improvements:

  • Updated megaraid_sas driver to 07.706.03.00
  • Cisco Duo Multifactor Authentication Support - MFA framework
  • Cloud Container support for mapping Dropbox folders as NAS Gateway shares
  • Improved support for Network Share Quotas with alert threshold
  • Getting Started dialog simplifies common configuration tasks like setting up object storage and provisioning file and block storage.
  • Automatic Storage Pool device selection in web UI selects drives in sets to ensure disk enclosure fault-toleranance
  • Grid-wide configuration of DNS/NTP server settings in an single dialog
  • Storage Pools now show RAID set (vdevs) groupings to simplify management of large pools with 100s of drives
  • Improved pool and device health alerting, management and LED blink activation system
  • Integrated server hardware monitoring and platform detection with alerting on server hardware issues including failed fans, power supplies, and high temperature.

Additional Release notes will be posted for QSTOR tickets.

v4.6.3.001 (Oct 17th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.3.

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue with grub-pc upgrade prompt and error during install. [ QSTOR-5254 ]
  • Updates installer kernel to 4.4.0 [ QSTOR-5231 ]
  • Adds updated drivers to install time kernel
i40e:			2.4.3
ixgbe:			5.3.4
ena:			1.5.0
megaraid_sas:		07.706.03.00
aacraid:		1.2.1-55022
mlnx_en:		3.4
hpsa:			3.4.20
arcmsr:			1.30.0X.27-20170206
smartpqi:		1.1.2-125
  • Fixes an issue with netboot installations. [ QSTOR-5231 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed an issue where custom named snapshots were not inheriting NFS access from the parent share. [ QSTOR-5127 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the snapshot options in the right click context menu for Network Shares would not always show. [ QSTOR-5143 ]

v4.6.2.017 (July 26th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.2.

Release Notes


  • Added updated megaraid_sas 07.706.03.00 driver to trusty platform installer kernel. [ QSTOR-4836 ]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blank screen to appear during boot instead of the expected QuantaStor splash screen. [ QSTOR-4950 ]
  • Fixed an issue where new installs were not getting auto-multipath for new disks enabled by default. [ QSTOR-4972 ]

Network Shares

  • Added 'Flat' Namespace options for Windows client DFS access. This option when configured shows Network Shares for other nodes in the QuantaStor grid for access from any configured node. [ QSTOR-4930 ]
  • Added additional error code information for the new Ldap AD user/group search dialog added in 4.6.0 [ QSTOR-4792 ]
  • Fixed an issue where a passive HA node would advertise Network Shares that are not longer physically present on the system via smb on it's local IP address(es). [ QSTOR-4980 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the Network Share Modify dialog would fail to open if local user groups are assigned to a share. [ QSTOR-4905 ]
  • Fixed an issue with changing the assigned group ownership to be that of a users group if the share had previously been set to ownership for root. [ QSTOR-4764 ]
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Share Clone options shown in the UI for the right-click context menu on Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4907 ]

Active Directory

  • Fixed: Removing an Active Directory configuration is now immediately reflected upon task completion. [ QSTOR-4793 ]


  • Updated included Ceph version to 12.2.7 [ QSTOR-4953 ]
  • Updated Minimum memory requirement for ceph node (VM) increased to 4GB [ QSTOR-3400 ]
  • Added a check for creating erasure coded ceph pools for object storage setup in ceph cluster with less than 3 nodes. Erasure coding for object storage on single node clusters is not available with ceph, please choose one of the mirror profiles instead. [ QSTOR-4915 ]
  • Added the ability to remove monitors and go below the minimum required number of monitors in a ceph cluster by adding the force flag. [ QSTOR-4872 ]
  • Fixed an issue with refreshing to display the correct number of OSDs in the Ceph Cluster dashboard cluster after adding OSD's. [ QSTOR-4850 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added a toggle for the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers Enclosure View grid view to collapse the Enclosure graphic panel. This provides the option to show even more of the Enclosure view on smaller displays. [ QSTOR-4936 ]
  • Adjusted the height and width of disk slots in the Enclosure view. This makes it easier to view the Enclosure layouts on lower resolution displays. [ QSTOR-4917 ]

Disk Management

  • Changed default page size in the Physical Disk view to show 400 physical disks per page by default. [ QSTOR-4924 ]
  • Fixed an issue that would require scrubbing a disk's SCSI3-PR io-fencing reservations twice to remove the reservation completely. [ QSTOR-4948 ]
  • Fixed an issue with SMART disk temperature reporting. This corrects a regression introduced in 4.6.0. [ QSTOR-4949 ]

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Added a tooltip to the Storage System Link Dialog Bandwidth limit slider to indicate a setting of 0 uses the default limit of 100mb/s [ QSTOR-4868 ]
  • Fixed an issue with character validation when changing the name of a schedule via a replication-schedule-modify qs CLI command. [ QSTOR-4727 ]
  • Fixed: an alert will now be raise when a snapshot cannot be manually triggered during a cool down period. [ QSTOR-4877 ]

Network Port Management

  • Added Create Bonded Port option to the ribbon bar at the top of the Storage System section of the QuantaStor web Manager. [ QSTOR-4928 ]
  • Added maximum advertised link speed information to ports with an offline status. [ QSTOR-4941 ]
  • Fixed an issue with iSCSI discovery on Manual Virtual interfaces added to Bond and VLAN devices. [ QSTOR-4687 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Added: Automatically Clean up cache files after removing or deleting a cloud container. [ QSTOR-4530 ]
  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Containers could sometimes fill up the /tmp directory resulting in not enough free space on the OS disk. [ QSTOR-4529 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Storage Pool Remove Cache device task to leave cache devices attached to the selected pool. [ QSTOR-4899 ]
  • Fixed an issue where removing the Zil log mirror from a pool would leave one disk as iofenced to the pool. [ QSTOR-3214 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed multi-delete confirmation popup window now correctly shows the child snapshots in the list. [ QSTOR-4878 ]
  • Fixed: launching dialogs from right click context menus will by default have the correct system from the selection drop down menu. [ QSTOR-4951 ]

Service Core & CLI

  • Adds filtering to the preferred grid port to ensure HA, Site or Grid VIF's on a node are not used for grid communication.
  • Fixed: added a check to create a iSCSI initiator name if it is not present for the QuantaStor Software iSCSI Adapter. [ QSTOR-4909 ]
  • Fixed: the metrics-set command for the qs cli will now return back the expected response confirming the change. [ QSTOR-4568 ]
  • Increased default RAM limits of management services to allow scaling for larger grids and higher grid object counts. [ QSTOR-4910 ]


v4.6.1.008 (June 7th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.1.

Release Notes

Storage Volumes

  • Fixed an issue where storage volume groups were listed in the storage volume section of the Storage Volume group central grid view. [ QSTOR-3753 ]
  • Fixed, Selecting a volume in the Storage Volume list of the Storage Volume Group section of the central grid view now selects the associated Storage volume group.[ QSTOR-3757 ]


  • Fixed an issue with the Password Policy rules for 'Days until password expires' in the Security Manager. [ QSTOR-4482 ]


  • Added the Placement Group count property to the Ceph cluster object. [ QSTOR-4840 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the task would never complete when creating a Object Storage Gateway on a single node Ceph configuration. [ QSTOR-4820 ]
  • Fixed: The Ceph Dashboard now correctly scopes Ceph cluster health for the individual Ceph clusters OSD's and Pools. [ QSTOR-4823 ]
  • Fixed an issue with Ceph Journal replacement on Ceph Luminous deployments. [ QSTOR-4828 ]
  • Fixed an issue when creating a Ceph Object Storage Gateway and Pool on Grid's with multiple Ceph clusters configured. [ QSTOR-4821 ]


  • Fixed an issue with subshares on Gluster volumes not coming back after reboot. [ QSTOR-4799 ]
  • Fixed: Deleting a sub-share on a Gluster Volume Network Share is now supported. [ QSTOR-4763 ]
  • Fixed: The Network Share Owner property is now correctly shown on all Gluster peers in the same Gluster Volume configuration [ QSTOR-4718 ]
  • Added subshare permission management support for Gluster Volume Network Shares. [ QSTOR-4690 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Fixed, Selecting a volume in the Storage Volume list of the Storage Volume Group section of the central grid view now selects the associated Storage volume group. [ QSTOR-3757 ]
  • Fixed an issue where storage volume groups were listed in the storage volume section of the Storage Volume group central grid view. [ QSTOR-3753 ]

SCSI Target

  • Fixed an issue with WWN Fibre channel address display if the address starts with a zero. [ QSTOR-4827 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added new CBLERR status for Hardware Enclosures that are cabled in ways that are not optimal. Please contact OSNEXUS Support for assistance with proper Enclosure cabling if you see this error state. [ QSTOR-4795 ]
  • Fixed: HPE H241 controllers in HBA's now correctly fail the disk identify task as it is not supported via the hpe cli utilities. [ QSTOR-4170 ]
  • Fixed: Selecting a Raid controller in the center grid pane of the Hardware Enclosures and Controller now correctly updates the Properties view. [ QSTOR-3780 ]

Service Core

  • Fixed: Updated udev rules for encrypted devices to ensure they import after a reboot with the correct device path. [ QSTOR-4833 ]

v4.6.0.077 (May 22nd 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.0.

Release Notes

  • Enabled Ceph Management for Migration Edition. [ QSTOR-4695 ]
  • Enabled Ceph Management, Gluster Management, and Site Management for Community Edition. [ QSTOR-4695 ]

Ceph Scale-out block and object

  • Added: HTTPS support for Ceph Object storage Gateway is now enabled by default on new Object gateway creation. [ QSTOR-4234 ]
  • Added support for Single Node deployments for Community Edition Developer and Migration edition support. [ QSTOR-4696 ]
  • Added initial FC ALUA support for Ceph Storage Volumes (rbd's) [ QSTOR-4751 ]
  • Added support for Ceph Luminous [ QSTOR-4363 ]
  • Added: Site VIF's can now be created and used to enforce a VIF for iSCSI Portal access for Ceph Scale-out RBD Storage Volumes. [ QSTOR-4626 ]
  • Fixed an issue that caused a vertical scroll bar to appear in the ceph dashboard. [ QSTOR-4772 ]
  • Fixed an issue with Ceph RBD Storage Volume State toggling between "missing" and "normal". [ QSTOR-4753 ]
  • Fixed an issue with disks being filtered out from the list of available disks in the ceph multi-osd create dialogs. [ QSTOR-4777 ]
  • Fixed Multi-Create of OSDs and journals with more than 10 disks failing due to timeout. [ QSTOR-4774 ]
  • Fixed: In Grids with multiple Ceph Clusters configured, only the disk and journals available on the nodes for a selected ceph cluster will be shown as available in the OSD create dialog. [ QSTOR-4783 ]
  • Improved the ceph multi-osd create to use a single nvme/ssd to create upto 30 journals, for large setups. [ QSTOR-4755 ]

High Availability

  • Added support to detect Fibre Channel Link Down to the HA Failover Group Policy configuration. [ QSTOR-4214 ]
  • Fixed an issue with HA pools not starting properly if both HA nodes lose power and power is restored. [ QSTOR-4754 ]
  • Fixed an issue with the Modify HA Failover Group dialog where it was not retaining it's settings after a change. [ QSTOR-4675 ]

Gluster Scale-out

  • Fixed an issue where Gluster volumes deployed with Gluster version 3.10 would provide additional shares via smb protocol than available from the QuantaStor management interface. [ QSTOR-4775 ]
  • Added CLI commands to provide Gluster peer attach / remove capabilities. [ QSTOR-4637 ]

Active Directory and Network Shares

  • Improved Active Directory user and group search to use LDAP search syntax. [ QSTOR-4646 ]
  • Enable secure ldap search for Active Directory user and group lookup for Network Shares. [ QSTOR-4782 ]
  • Updated the Network Share Quota dialog to use the new LDAP based AD Search function for specifying users/groups for Quotas. [ QSTOR-3694 ]
  • Added "Copy from Share" feature for duplicating access mode settings for Network Shares. [ QSTOR-4806 ]
  • Added the ability to assign Network Share user / group ownership to root (0:0) [ QSTOR-4685 ]
  • Added: You can now query and display a list of open file locks for a chosen Network Share with the 'View Network Share File Locks' dialog and 'qs shr-lock-list' CLI command. [ QSTOR-4441 ]
  • Fixed an issue with Network Share Global Namespace link update during ha failover or pool export. [ QSTOR-4734 ]
  • Fixed: Network Shares created with a custom Compression option will have that option set as expected. [ QSTOR-3548 ]
  • Removed active directory cache commands from qs-util as the direct ldap query better fulfills the needs for AD searching. [ QSTOR-4760 ]
  • Removed: Alias/Subshare support for Network Shares on XFS pools. These features are only for ZFS and Gluster going forward. [ QSTOR-4800 ]

Replication, Snapshots and Cloning

  • Added Local to Local replication scheduling to replicate Storage Volumes and Network Shares between storage pools on the same node.[ QSTOR-3762 ]
  • Fixed an issue where Snapshot Schedules were not taking snapshots for all systems and volumes/shares in the schedule. [ QSTOR-4735 ]
  • Fixed an issue with Remote Replication tasks showing a pending status if a manual replication or snapshot schedule has also occurred within 60 seconds of the replication schedule trigger. [ QSTOR-4621 ]
  • Fixed: Canceling a Clone task for Storage Volume or Network Share cloning now terminates the clone process as expected. [ QSTOR-4403 ]

Backup Policies

  • Added minimum and maximum file age support for backup policies [ QSTOR-4421 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added a 'Create Passthrough Disks' dialog for Raid controllers without built in passthrough mode. This dialog creates RAID0 units for each individual disk selected in the dialog. [ QSTOR-4704 ]
  • Added sasAddress property to SAS Enclosure objects. [ QSTOR-4794 ]
  • Fixed a discovery issue for disks directly attached to SAS HBA hardware controllers. [ QSTOR-4776 ]
  • Fixed a discovery issue with a Adaptec controller, which was causing the quantastor service to be stuck at startup. [ QSTOR-4784 ]
  • Fixed: Disk slot numbers for SAS HBA's are now padded with a leading 0 if they are single digits to ensure proper sorting in the tree and grid views. [ QSTOR-4594 ]

Disk Management

  • Added Automatic Multipath configuration for disk device types that advertise multipathing. This is enabled by default on new installs and can also be added to existing configuration by enabling the automatic multipathing option in the Storage System Modify Dialog and rebooting the system. [ QSTOR-4267 ]
  • Fixed CLI output around Global Spare Add / Remove [ QSTOR-4551 ]

Network Interfaces

  • Added support for active-backup bond mode for bonded interfaces. Note: due to the nature of the MAC address duplication with Active-Backup mode it is not supported in combination with Virtual Interface addresses. [ QSTOR-4664 ]
  • Fixed a kernel boot issue where network interfaces were not coming up as the expected ethX device. [ QSTOR-4360 ]
  • Fixed an issue where Virtual Interfaces would not come online after create on top of a VLAN interface. [ QSTOR-4638 ]
  • Fixed an issue with network port modify of a virtual interface on top of vlan. [ QSTOR-4639 ]
  • Fixed: If a Network port is modified with a new IP address is changed on a system in a Network Share Namespace, it's new IP address information is now updated on all the nodes in the namespace. [ QSTOR-4628 ]
  • Fixed: It is now possible to configure network ports on ceph cluster member nodes if the port starts in an offline state. Previously all network configuration changes were blocked if a node was configured in a ceph cluster. [ QSTOR-2520 ]

Storage Pools

  • Fixed an issue with XFS meta-data corruption resulting for newly created pools not starting upon a system reboot. This fixes a regression introduced in v4.5.0 [ QSTOR-4737 ]
  • Fixed an issue with starting a newly created encrypted storage pool after reboot. [ QSTOR-4721 ]
  • Fixed: Added a validation check to the 'qs pool-create' CLI command to ensure all selected disks are on the same storage system before initiating the pool create task. [ QSTOR-3845 ]
  • Fixed: Deleting a Storage Pool that has shared disks between multiple nodes now cleans up partition information in the kernel partition table for those disks on both nodes. [ QSTOR-4472 ]

Fibre Channel Target

  • Fixed an issue with the Fibre Channel Target Port reverting back to initiator mode upon reboot, if previously configured in target mode. [ QSTOR-1622 ]

Web UI

  • Added Improvements to paging tool-bar to make the pagesize configurable in the UI. [ QSTOR-4619 ]
  • Fixed a an issue with inconsistency of the properties panel view depending on the selected item in the tree or central grid selections. [ QSTOR-4725 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the selection set for a Multi-Delete dialog would retain the first selected item on dialog open even if the selection was changed and item was unchecked. [ QSTOR-4741 ]
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Interface hanging or becoming unresponsive in Firefox. [ QSTOR-4669 ]
  • Fixed: Multi-select based dialogs now retain their selections if overall set filters are used, such as hide snapshots in the Network Share or Storage Volume Multi-delete dialogs. [ QSTOR-4749 ]
  • Fixed an issue causing the WebUI to hang in the network interfaces section after bonded interface create. [ QSTOR-4724 ]

Service Core and Installer

  • Added iozone3 and fio packages to the ISO for availability on new installs. [ QSTOR-4522 ]
  • Added an Alert for Low disk space on the OS Disk drive. [ QSTOR-4436 ]
  • Improved log collection with automatic PII scrubbing for GDPR compliance. [ QSTOR-4796 ]
  • Masked further password fields in CLI output. [ QSTOR-4728 ]
  • qs-upgrade CLI command will now updates the Ceph version on the system to the Luminous release. [ QSTOR-4771 ]
  • Removed 'qs-util megalsiget' as it has been replaced by better options provided by Broadcom/Avago/LSI support. [ QSTOR-4711 ]
  • Updated Redhat compatible QuantaStor CLI .rpm [ QSTOR-2885 ]
  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-4797 ]
  • Improved connection retry logic in QuantaStor dashboard on a scaled setup. [ QSTOR-4713 ]

v4.5.3.002 (May 1st 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.5.3.

Release Notes

  • Updated influxdb to 1.5.2 [ QSTOR-4257 ]
  • Updated telegraf to 1.5.3 [ QSTOR-4257 ]
  • Upgraded sg3 utils to 1.42 [ QSTOR-4571 ]

High Availability Shared Storage Pool

  • Fixed an issue where iofencing checks could return with a incomplete list if a faulted disk is present that could not respond to scsi inquiry commands. [ QSTOR-4672 ]
  • Fixed an issue where after a reboot, the standby node in a High Availability shared storage pool configuration was taking 30-minutes to be in a ready state to accept client network connections. Now it is immediately ready after synchronizing with it's partner node on boot. Previously this could have caused a temporary loss of client connection if a failover was triggered before the node was ready. [ QSTOR-4688 ]

Hardware Enclosure Management

  • Added: SES disk identify commands are now sent down all available sas paths to a JBOD and it's Enclosure Service Modules(ESM). This helps ensure disk identification continues to work in the event of a faulty ESM. [ QSTOR-4706 ]


  • Fixed: added the qs task-clear-all command back. This was a regression from 4.4.0 [ QSTOR-4683 ]

v4.5.2.001 (April 17th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.5.2.

Release Notes

Upgrade Management

  • Fixed the qs-distupgrade command for precise -> Trusty upgrades. this corrects an issue where the system would fail to boot with a grub rescue prompt after upgrading [ QSTOR-4674 ]

v4.5.1.003 (March 16th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.5.1.

Release Notes

Encrypted Storage Pool

  • Fixed an issue with starting Passphrase Protected Encrypted Storage after upgrading from 4.4.3 or earlier releases. [ QSTOR-4598 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Added a widget to the Pool Stats to indicate short hand Millisecond numbers from the raw Nanosecond numbers provided with 4.5.0. [ QSTOR-4597 ]
  • Fixed: The Storage Pool Create Dialog was filtering out Hardware RAID unit based Physical disks that have the same serial# but different SCSI Device ID's. This corrects a regression introduced in 4.5.0. [ QSTOR-4600 ]

Web Manager

  • Added new column search filtering in a few of the Management grid views that deal with Large sets of items such as Volumes, Network Shares, Pools and Disks. [ QSTOR-4210 ]
  • Expanded the size of the Ceph Cluster create dialog to show more nodes. [ QSTOR-4584 ]

Core Service and CLI

  • Updated Windows CLI for QuantaStor [ QSTOR-4592 ]

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