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QuantaStor product Security Updates EOL timeline follows the Ubuntu Server LTS EOL timelines. OSNEXUS supports QuantaStor installations through their full subscription term irrespective of the QuantaStor version but EOL versions may require an upgrade to address a given support ticket. We urge customers to upgrade at least annually to keep their QuantaStor deployments current. Some deployments may require a maintenance windows for upgrades especially when moving up the major version (example, QS 4 to QS 5) which upgrades the underlying Linux distribution. Keeping current with releases also keeps a deployment current with the latest security updates from the Linux community.

  • QuantaStor v5.x - v6.x releases (Tech Preview Q3/2019, GA Q1/2020)
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 18.04.x LTS
    • EOL April, 2025
  • QuantaStor v5.x releases (CURRENT RELEASE)
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 16.04.x LTS
    • EOL April, 2022 (Security Updates - EOL April 2021)
  • QuantaStor v4.5-v4.7.x releases [UPGRADE RECOMMENDED]
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 14.04.x LTS
    • EOL April, 2020 (Security Updates - EOL April 2019)
  • QuantaStor v4.0-v4.4 releases [UPGRADE RECOMMENDED]
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 12.04.x LTS
    • EOL April, 2018 (Security Updates - EOL April 2017)
  • QuantaStor v3.x releases [EOL - UPGRADE REQUIRED]
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 12.04.x LTS
    • EOL April, 2018 (Security Updates - EOL April 2017)
  • QuantaStor v2.x releases [EOL - UPGRADE REQUIRED]
    • Derivative of Ubuntu 10.10/10.04 LTS
    • EOL May 9th, 2014 (Security Updates - EOL May 9, 2013)

QuantaStor Systems refer to the Ubuntu LTS security package servers so that important security updates can be quickly applied as they are made available by the community. To maintain support on proper security compliance of QuantaStor Systems they should be upgraded on a regular basis using the 'sudo qs-upgrade' command at the console or via a SSH connection to the system.

Hardware Enablement Kernel Updates

QuantaStor releases occasionally include new kernel updates to support the latest storage and networking hardware. Kernel updates come out typically once or twice a year at most and generally align with the Ubuntu LTS Kernel releases.