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QuantaStor uses the Ubuntu Server LTS linux distributions as a Linux OS basis. QuantaStor also utilizes the security patches packaged by Canonical to address the needs of customers to patch various parts of the operating system to ensure security and stability of the system.

QuantaStor Security Notifications

On this page we maintain a summary of all the product changes made to QuantaStor which are security related and we post specific notices about Linux security issues that effect packages distributed with QuantaStor such as the openssl libraries.

For details on the all the latest security notifications for the Ubuntu LTS release used by QuantaStor please see ( We recommend that system administrators perform periodic auditing of their systems and install any and all security updates. It is highly recommended that systems are updated to the latest patched before being initially deployed. To apply the latest updates including security updates you should login to the system as the administrator 'qadmin' account and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Security Update Archive