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Modify the the User Information and Access Credentials S3 for the selected user.
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In QuantaStor, the "Modify S3 User" feature serves the purpose of managing and adjusting the settings and permissions associated with an S3 (Simple Storage Service) user. S3 users are specific to the S3-compatible object storage functionality within QuantaStor.

Here's an overview of the purpose and implications of modifying an S3 user in QuantaStor:

  • Adjusting permissions: Modifying an S3 user allows you to fine-tune the specific permissions associated with that user. You can add or remove permissions for various actions or operations within the S3-compatible object storage environment. This includes managing buckets, uploading or downloading objects, setting access policies, and more.
  • Customizing user attributes: When modifying an S3 user, you can customize attributes such as the user's name, description, and other relevant details. This helps in organizing and identifying S3 users effectively within the QuantaStor system.
  • Controlling access: Modifying S3 users plays a crucial role in controlling access to the S3-compatible object storage service. By adjusting the settings and permissions of an S3 user, administrators can ensure that users have appropriate levels of access to perform necessary tasks while maintaining security and compliance.

Modifying S3 users allows administrators to customize and fine-tune the permissions and settings for individual users within the S3-compatible object storage environment in QuantaStor. This ensures that users have the appropriate access levels and capabilities required for their S3-related tasks.

Navigation: Users & Groups --> S3 Users & Tenants --> S3 Users & Tenants --> Modify S3 User (toolbar)

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