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v3.16.10.9590 (February 15th 2016)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.10.

Release Notes

Remote Replication

  • Fixes a rare problem when replications are triggered that would cause replication to fail with a 'No matching snapshots' warning message.

v3.16.9.9572 (February 3rd 2016)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.9.

Release Notes

Remote Replication

  • Enhanced the Storage Volume replication schedule pre-verification checks introduced in QuantaStor 3.16.6 to more efficiently batch the operations.
  • Enhanced retry logic to Storage Volume replication schedule pre-verification checks. This helps reduce the possibility that a bad network connection or latency spike would cause a replication to be rescheduled due to a failure to sync the list of Storage Volume snapshots between replica partners.

v3.16.8.9568 (February 1st 2016)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.8.

Release Notes

Grid Management

  • Increased security token default timeout to address larger grids and WAN link latency.

v3.16.7.9563 (January 29th 2016)

Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 3.16.7 was superseded by the QuantaStor 3.16.8 release on February 1st 2016. Please click here for the QuantaStor 3.16.8 release notes and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes

Grid Management

  • Fixed an issue related to Grid Communication Event handling.

v3.16.6.9549 (January 28th 2016)

Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 3.16.6 was superseded by the QuantaStor 3.16.7 release on January 29th 2016. Please click here for the QuantaStor 3.16.7 release notes and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes

Grid Management

  • Added enhancements for Grid Communication Event handling to make communication more reliable across WAN/unstable networks.

Replication schedules

  • Added pre-check for remote replication that verifies the list of snapshots currently on the source and target of the replication link. This helps correct a rare grid sync issue that could lead to left-over Snapshot objects in the database of the Grid Master that do not physically exist on the source or target QuantaStor nodes in a replication link. This also corrects behavior where the reference snapshot needed to perform delta transfers could mistakenly have been deleted by a retention policy requiring that a full transfer be initated to re-establish the replication link.
  • Fix for Calendar replication schedules that used offsets where sometimes they would trigger on the hour and on the offset. For example 1:00AM and 1:20AM.

Backup Policies

  • Adds single threaded rsync mode for Backup Policies.
  • Adds check for Backup Policy trigger to ensure that destination network share or cloud container is mounted before perfoming data copy.
  • Fix to ensure Backup policy object status is updated if Backup Policy process is completed or failed.
  • Fix for Backup Policy mounting of source Network Shares with Active Directory Credentials.


  • Fix to update Network Share status property field if there is a change to the Associated Gluster Volume.
  • Fix for rare instance where Gluster Brick could not be removed.

High Availability Storage Pool

  • Adds support for HA Virtual interfaces to be created on Bonded VLAN interfaces.

iSCSI Software Adapter

  • Added qs-util iscsrelogin CLI command to allow for management of iSCSI Software Adapters target logins from the QuantaStor CLI.

Back-end Storage Integration

  • Added support for automatic disk group mapping of RAIN architecture for HP MSA Backend storage devices when creating ZFS Storage Pools. This functionality helps provide automatic RAID mirroring or RAIDZ1/Z2 parity of LUN's between the HP MSA enclosures to provide enclosure failure protection for the LUN's used in the Storage Pool.

v3.16.5.9489 (December 23rd 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.5.

Release Notes

Remote Replication

  • Fixes issue where Remote Replication target snapshots would not be discovered. This corrects behavior where remote replica snapshots copied to the destination target would not be used, resulting in a larger delta snapshot on subsequent replication tasks.

v3.16.4.9484 (December 16th 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 3.16.4 was superseded by the QuantaStor 3.16.5 release on December 23rd 2015. Please click here for the QuantaStor 3.16.5 release notes and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes

Active Directory

  • QuantaStor now uses larger idmap ranges when configuring new Active Directory configurations
  • Adds validation of users and groups when added to the cifsUserAccessList of cifsGroupAccessList via the qs share-modify command

Network Shares

  • Fix for Disable Snapshot Browsing in Modify Network Share dialog, there was a regression in the 3.14.1 release that prevented this from working as expected.
  • Fix for Network Share multi-delete to ensure snapshots are removed first. Previously there was a chance that an error would occur when removing a parent Network Share that still had a child snapshot.

Backup Policies

  • Fix to correctly show Backup Policy status in the Web manager when backup policy pwalk processes complete.

Scale-out Block (Ceph)

  • Adds qs CLI ceph-monitor-add and ceph-monitor-delete commands for adding and removing scale-out block Ceph cluster monitors.
  • Adds qs CLI ceph-monitor-add and ceph-monitor-delete commands for adding and removing scale-out block Ceph cluster monitors.
  • Add Multi-OSD create feature that allows for quick deployments of Scale-out Block storage. Multi-OSD create will create the XFS Storage Pools and Journal Devices needed for an OSD based on the Disks selected.

Scale-out File (Gluster)

  • Fix to ensure Add Gluster Brick raises an alert and cleans up if a brick cannot be added to the Gluster Volume selected.

Remote Replication

  • Fixes filtering of Network Shares in Remote Replication dialogs to ensure previously replicated Network Shares appear.
  • Fixes for remote replication qs_zfsreplicate script that ensures metadata is always applied to _chpknt Storage Volumes. Previously there was a small chance of a replication snapshot not having the correct name and other metadata resulting in an orphaned snapshot on the destination replica target named with a GUID.
  • Additional Enhancements for better logging of error conditions in the remote replication qs_zfsreplicate script.
  • Fix to ensure metadata of remote replica Network Share or Storage Volume is set correctly on destination replica target.
  • Fix for showing Network Shares correctly with object type of Network Share under Remote Replication tab.
  • Reordered columns in Replication Schedule section of Remote Replication tab to more clearly show the Destination Storage Pool and system more clearly.

Cloud Containers

  • Adds metadata and discovery for Cloud Containers to ensure that Add Cloud Container will reuse the original Cloud Container Name and other properties when importing a previously removed Cloud Container.
  • Added the ability to manually trigger Cloud Backup Schedules via the CLI and Web Manager.
  • Fix for hanging Storage Volume restore from Cloud Container that was in use for another process.
  • Cloud backups triggered on XFS Storage Volumes now raise an alert warning of possibly inconsistent data if active iSCSI/FC client sessions are detected.
  • Fix to ensure Cloud Container rename also renames the associated Cloud Container presented Network Share.


  • Added logic to validate UID/GID is available when adding a new user via the QuantaStor Web Manager or qs CLI. This corrects behavior some users have run into where they create their own users on the QuantaStor from the adduser/useradd Linux CLI commands for IT administration or users used by tape backup/other software.
  • Fix for case where Grid sync event for Deleted Storage Volume Snapshot was not propagated to all of the grid nodes.
  • Fix for Modify User dialog where changes could not be saved. This is a fix for a regression introduced in 3.16.1.
  • Fixes to ensure QuantaStor user modifications and updates are synced properly across grid members.
  • Fixes rules used for XenServer VSA VXDB disk discovery. This corrects an issue where creating Storage Pools on vxdb disks would fail.
  • Lowered the alert level to Informational for the 'System startup and service initialization completed successfully' message that occurs when the QuantaStor management service is started or restarted.

Hardware RAID Support

  • Adds logic to correlate QuantaStor Physical disk objects to LSI/Avago RAID units.
  • Fix for LSI/Avago controllers where RAID units incorrectly reported RAID0 for the Raid Type property.
  • Fix for LSI/Avago controllers where Token Size for storcli RAID create was exceeded, now QuantaStor batches the disks into groups and validates for the token size.
  • Adds Firmware property to Disks on RAID controllers.
  • Adds more detail to show underlying disks on LSI/Avago Controllers in the Tree view of the Web manager.
  • Fix for rare case where Mark/Unmark as Hotspare Dialog would not succeed in marking/unmarking the disk as a hot spare.

Multipath Support

  • Adds support for 3PAR Arrays in the multipath config file.
  • Enables QuantaStor iSCSI/FC devices in multipath config file by default for RBOD Architecture configurations.

Web Manager

  • Adds custom tags for objects available in the Properties dialog of objects. This allows for custom key/value strings to be added to an object, a typical use case is for adding Employee ID's or Organizational information to QuantaStor Users.
  • Fix for Alert Manager dialog, in some cases the dialog would not show the current settings.
  • Fix to preserve DNS Server order in Storage System Modify dialog.

Upgrade Management

  • Fix to detect and correctly remove conflicting DKMS aacraid drivers when running script.

QuantaStor CLI

  • Fix for qs help=share-modify output to correctly show synax for adding domain users and groups.
  • qs system-modify CLI command now supports configuration of a list of DNS and NTP servers.
  • Fixes for qs quota-create and quota-modify CLI commands to correctly set limits.


  • Adds Cloud Edition licensing pass-through for QuantaStor RBOD storage architecture.

v3.16.3.9182 (November 25th 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.3.

Release Notes

Remote Replication

  • Reduces snapshot clean-up timer from 15 Minutes to 30 seconds, the corrects the behavior some customers using short replication intervals would observe where snapshots above their max replica count would sometime be retained on the source and destination of the replication link.

v3.16.2.9179 (November 19th 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.2.

Release Notes


  • Fix for ZFS Storage Volume discovery that occurs after replication or during large batch creation. Previously, Storage Volumes could appear as missing or offline for a short period of time until a later discovery process occurred.
  • Adds clearer logging for grid communication where a TCP connection could not be re-used and a retry should be tried via a new connection. Previous log messages were unclear 'broken pipe' message.
  • Adds clearer logging for grid communication TCP connection timeout or connection error states so that errors are raised only if a connection retry fails permanently.

Snapshots and Replication

  • Adds check for ZFS snapshotting to verify there is available Storage Pool free space for snapshot to succeed.

v3.16.1.9170 (November 3rd 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.1.

Release Notes

Grid Scalability

  • Optimized to leverage server side object cache which boosts scalability and reduces overall grid sync time for 16 nodes to less than 30 seconds

Web UI

  • Optimized to leverage server side object cache which boosts WUI login speed by up to 10x on busy systems
  • Fixes hang seen on Web UI in dialog when executing a command / clicking OK on systems with heavy load


  • Enhanced caching layer logic to boost overall system scalability and performance
  • Fixes to SOAP communication which resolves most instances of 'Broken Pipe' which causes slow down in grid communication


  • Fix for support of Netapp LUN C-Mode devices so that they can be used in HA storage pools

Fibre Channel

  • Fix to issue LIP to FC targets on reboot

Cloud Backup / Backup to Cloud Containers

  • Now supported for ZFS based Storage Volumes

Storage Volume Utilization

  • Optimized DB updates of volume utilization stats

QuantaStor CLI

  • Fix to ensure EUI is listed with other properties in Parent Storage Volume object above child objects.

v3.16.0.9096 (October 16th 2015) REBOOT REQUIRED

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.16.0.

Release Notes

  • Adds kernel upgrade to the Linux 3.19 kernel (latest stable LTS release)
  • New Driver releases:
    • Dell PERC and Avago/LSI MegaRAID controllers megaraid_sas 06.805.06.01-rc1
    • Avago/LSI 12GB/s SAS HBA's mpt3sas
    • HP SmartArray RAID Controllers hpsa 3.4.10-0
    • Adaptec RAID Controllers aacraid 1.2-0[30300]-ms
    • Intel 10GBe Network Adapters ixgbe 4.1.2
    • SolarFlare Network Adapters sfc
    • Mellanox Infiniband Adapters mellanox 3.0-1.0.1
    • Qlogic FC Adapters(supports 16GB Qlogic Gen 5 26xx controllers) qla2x00tgt 3.0.2
  • Driver updates for OS Installer to support 93xx series Avago/LSI HBAs and RAID controllers.

Scale-out Block Storage (Ceph integration)

  • Adds support for active-active scale-out block storage over iSCSI or via native Ceph RBD Client


  • Adds support Microsoft VSS to enable integration with backup applications


  • Fixes issue with network interface reconfiguration where port restart did not work properly on virtual ports or interfaces containing virtual ports

Cloud NAS Gateway

  • Adds support for Cloud Containers at additional IBM SoftLayer datacenter locations

Scale-out File Storage (Gluster integration)

  • Upgrades to Gluster 3.6.5
  • Adds support for erasure coding
  • Adds smart provisioning support.
  • Adds enhanced monitoring and Web Interface improvements to display brick count, replica count, and brick set number.
  • Adds major improvements to Gluster volume provisioning performance though parallelization of brick provisioning.
    • When provisioning Gluster Volumes where the replica or disperse count does not divide evenly into the number of appliances which the volume spans. For example, with 6 appliances and 12 pools and a disperse count of 5, the number of bricks required to evenly disperse the data is 60 with 5 bricks per brick set. QuantaStor now does this smart provisioning (LCM+round-robin) so that the replication/disperse count no longer needs to evenly divide into the storage pool count.
  • Adds check to ensure that Gluster Volumes are using XFS or ZFS version .6.4.2 or newer.
    • If you're using ZFS with Gluster be sure to do a full upgrade of all packages including the kernel and driver packages which includes the ZFS upgrade to .6.4.2
  • Fixes issue with /etc/hosts updates when IP addresses are changes in Gluster configurations

Active Directory

  • Adds support for RID (Relative ID) mode which auto assigns UID/GIDs to users based on their Windows SID
  • Adds caching of AD user and group list information to support large AD domains with 10K to 100K or more users (see 'qs-util adcachegen' command which creates the persistent AD cache within the appliance)
  • Fix to the join AD domain process to quote passwords which may contain symbols

Gateway Mode

  • Adds support for using QuantaStor as a iSCSI storage gateway appliance in front of other QuantaStor or 3rd party storage appliances like NetApp and EMC systems. Right-click in the Controllers & Enclosures section to add a Software iSCSI Adapter to the appliance which will login to the 3rd party storage system/array.
  • Adds HA support for Gateway mode tested with NetApp E Series storage systems


  • Changes default hash algorithm for encrypted devices from Sha1 to Sha256
  • Fix to stop using DES encryption (too weak) of passwords when new users are created
  • Adds additional checks to verify new user name length (must be less than 31 chars)


  • Adds commands to qs-util to make it easy to start encrypted pools even if the key file names don not match the device IDs/serial numbers (cryptopenall, crypttabrepair, etc)
  • Verifies support for AES-NI. Testing shows performance improvement of 7.5x when using Intel AES-NI hardware acceleration vs plain software encryption
  • Adds encryption support for XFS based storage pools which can also be used with Gluster/Ceph

Grid Management

  • Fixes issues with dropped grid connections between nodes during heavy load or when multiple active replication streams are going

Device Management

  • Adds support for NVMe SSD devices
  • Adds enhanced support for hierarchical device discovery (multipath, encryption devices, etc)
  • Improves device discovery and scan speed

Network Shares

  • Improved support for Samba4 (use install-samba4 to upgrade to SMB3)
  • Fixes issue where @GMT based snapshots were not getting cleaned up in rotation schedules
  • Fixes issue where samba service was getting cycled when snapshots were taken
  • Adds support for enabling/disabling NFSv4 browsing

Hardware Modules

  • Fixes Adaptec BBU discovery issue
  • Adds discovery of hardware RAID unit caching mode/policy
  • Adds discovery of disk firmware versions
  • Adds support for Serial numbers with special characters. for example (-/?<>)
  • Adds checks to ensure serial numbers available in raid CLI utilities are included in hardware controller disk objects.
  • Improves date/time parsing of LSI event logs
  • Adds discovery of predictive error count for RAID controller disk objects


  • Adds detection of JBOD disconnection and triggers automatic pool fail-over

Quality of Service (QoS) Controls

  • Adds support for adjusting QoS controls on Storage Volumes.
  • Adds support for QoS policies which an be applied to Storage Volumes. Policies make it easy to change QoS setting categorically for large groups of Storage Volumes within a QuantaStor appliance or grid of appliances.

Core Service

  • Adds NTP server management to the Storage System Modify dialog
  • Fix to preserve ordering of DNS entries in Storage System Modify dialog

Storage Pool

  • Fixes issue with adding or using hot spares on ZFS pools where the device was not pre-initialized with a GPT partition table.


  • Adds --reserved option to volume-modify to adjust reserved space on existing Storage Volumes
  • Adds support for QoS commands and creation of QoS policies which can limit MB/s for reads and writes.
  • Improvements to share-modify and share-client-modify CLI commands.


  • Adds automatic logging of iSCSI/FC session open/close events into the /var/log/qs_volsession.log file.
  • Internal database backups and TDB backups are now placed in .qsbackups hidden folder in Storage Pools.
  • Fixes audit log rotation to only rotate when it hits 40MB
  • Fixes core service log rotation to only rotate at service start-up when the log file is at least 8K

v3.15.5.8119 (September 17th 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.15.5.

Release Notes

Network Shares

  • Adds additional validation for structure of NFS /etc/exports file, ensuring that all lines are comments or export entries managed by the QuantaStor service. For customers who wish to have their own custom NFS export entries, they can place their entries in a /etc/exports.custom file. The QuantaStor service will automatically append any valid NFS export entries or comments in /etc/export.custom to the bottom of the /etc/exports file.
  • Adds logic to reinforce Share Owner User and Share Owner Group when shares are modified. This corrects a behavior where share default ACL's were not being re-applied on some share modifications.
  • Corrects a behavior on Network Shares where users or groups specified with admin access would not have valid share access preventing them from logging into the share. This corrects behavior that affected 3.14.2 and newer releases.
  • Fix to periodically check for and clean up @GMT snapshots that were lazy deleted.

v3.15.4.8106 (September 14th 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 3.15.4 was superseded by the QuantaStor 3.15.5 release on September 17th 2015. Please click here for the QuantaStor 3.15.5 release notes and upgrade instructions.

Release Notes

Active Directory

  • Adds support for more complex passwords when joining an Active Directory. For the --ad-password flag on the qs share-join-domain command, passwords should now be wrapped in single quotes(') to ensure the BASH shell does not interpret the string.


  • Adds driver to install media to allow OS installation on LSI 12GB/s SAS HBA's.

Hardware Controllers

  • Fix for Adaptec controllers to correctly report Cache Policy and Battery Backup Property.

Network Shares

  • Adds filtering for NFS Network rules to ensure that host and IP NFS export entries are before network or domain rules. This allows for more complicated rules such as read only access for all hosts on a network and read/write access for a specific host on the same network.
  • Enhancements to the CLI for the qs share-modify user access list management, the new system allows for specifying just the username or group name or list option that you would like to add or remove, reducing the number of flags required to be passed in on an individual share modification.
	[--user-access-list] :: List of users with permission to access the network share for example
	                            'user1:valid,user2:invalid,user3:none,~user7,~user33', prepend with tilde
	                            (~) to remove fields/properties.
	[--group-access-list] :: List of groups with permission to access the network share for example
	                            'group1+DOMAIN:valid,~group2+DOMAIN' prepend with tilde (~) to remove
	                            access for specific users or groups.
	[--cifs-options] :: CIFS/Samba configuration options specified as
	                            'key=value,key2=value2,~key3,...', prepend with tilde (~) to remove
  • Removed redundant CIFS service restart when snapshots are taken. This resolved a temporary timeout that would occur on CIFS network shares when files where accessed via a stream, for example music or video files.
  • Adds logic to ensure a rename of a Network Share on a ZFS Storage Pool with active clients will raise an alert and be canceled early, not affecting the active client connections.

Storage Volumes

  • Adds support for modifying Thin/Thick provisioning(referenced capacity) for Storage Volumes
  • Adds support for fast coordinated VSS snapshots for upcoming VSS plugin.

Scale-out File Storage

  • Enhanced the Gluster Create High-Availability Virtual Interface Dialog to show member nodes of the Specified Gluster Volume.


  • SHA512 is now the default password hash for local Linux users created via the QuantaStor WebUI and qs CLI.

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Fix for key exchange during Storage System Links in scenarios where storage system link was removed and re-created between the same systems.
  • Fix for a behavior where @GMT snapshots would not be deleted. Behavior affected 3.15.2 and 3.15.3 releases.

Web Manager UI

  • Fix to the property window on the right hand side of the Web Manager to ensure it correctly displays properties for the selected object at all times.


  • Adds improvement for grid communication over long distance or heavily congested networks, this feature can be enabled using the below steps:
 Grid communication Auto Linger enable (for congested/long distance network communication):

   touch /etc/qs_autolinger
   service quantastor restart

v3.15.3.8025 (August 7th 2015) DRIVER UPDATE AVAILABLE - REBOOT REQUIRED

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.15.3.

Release Notes


  • adds latest ZFS v.6.4.2 filesystem drivers, please review the the ZFS changelogs for further detail v0.6.4 v0.6.4.1 v0.6.4.2

Storage Volumes

  • adds udev device management logic to resolve a conflict that can occur for customers who install the lvm2 and/or udisks packages
  • adds automatic checking and correction for Storage Volumes that have missing dev paths


  • fixes issue with User Groups that could prevent the addition or removal of users.

v3.15.2.8009 (July 21st 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.15.2.

Release Notes

Network Shares

  • adds support to the Add NFS client access dialog for a comma separated list of IP's, Hostnames or Network definitions. This allows for the batch creation of NFS client access rules.
  • fix for Network Share rename on ZFS Storage Pools so that share export directory is automatically mounted with new name
  • fix to ensure force flag forces removal of Network Shares on ZFS Storage Pools with Active client connections. Default behavior without force flag remains where share removal is aborted if active clients may be connected.

Hardware RAID Integration

  • adds new disk property fields that show media error counters and disk firmware version reported by RAID controller
  • adds new properties for RAID units on LSI RAID controllers thats show consistency status and cache policy settings
  • adds new property for LSI RAID controller capacitor based BBU solution to indicate health status
  • fix for old LSI controller alerts being relayed via alert manager if the system is rebooted
  • fix to correctly show background init progress for new RAID units created on LSI controllers
  • fix for RAID unit creation on newer LSI RAID controllers when setting custom stripe size
  • fix for Mark as Hot Spare to ensure spares are always correctly set.

Cloud Containers:

  • adds latest SoftLayer Object Storage library for Cloud Container provisioning.

Backup Policies

  • adds latest release of pwalk which includes bug fixes and a new --exclude option to exclude specified directories

HA Storage Pools

  • fixed a rare instance that could cause the QuantaStor service to crash when exporting a storage pool during a failover operation


  • fix to allow the addition of multiple Host Initiators to existing Hosts in a multi-node grid configurations


Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.15.1.

Release Notes


  • adds support for encrypted hot-spares
  • adds verification logic to require use of software encrypted disks with encrypted pools and similarly non-enc disks with non-enc pools

Remote Replication / DR

  • fixes issue where there was no NFS access to the snapshots of the target checkpoint network shares

Network Shares

  • adds support for configuring the nfs kerberos mode (krb5, krb5i, krb5p) via the Configure NFS Services dialog* fixes issue where /etc/exports was not immediately updated on change from NFSv3 to NFSv4 or vice-versa
  • adds configurable export root for NFSv4 via /etc/qs_nfsv4rootoptions, default is fsid=0,ro
  • adds support to turn off browsing of NFSv4 shares via the /export root via the Configure NFS Services dialog
  • fix to automatically set ZFS shares to posixacl mode when modified

Active Directory

  • adds support for caching AD user and group information which greatly improves support for large AD domains (verified with 30K users and groups)
  • adds support for configuring idmap mode (tdb, rid) via the WebUI using the Configure CIFS Services dialog

Grid Management

  • fixes grid election logic corner cases where all nodes have no primary or multiple primaries are designated

GlusterFS Integration

  • fixes startup order sequencing to support gluster volumes on encrypted pools
  • enables Gluster POSIX ACL support by default, use /etc/qs_gluster_posixmode_disable touch file to disable
  • adds checks which will move files and directories out of the way if they're blocking storage pool or Gluster brick mount points
  • adds improved brick and volume health status checks
  • adds automatic fixup of brick mount points which have blocking content preventing them from mounting
  • fix for Samba support to use POSIX ACLs and block XATTRS


  • adds qs CLI automatic session management which will successfully and transparently reconnect if the connection is lost while running an API command
  • adds qs-util tab based command completion
  • improves CLI list output detail to include system and pool names with proper sorting

Site Cluster Management

  • adds Gluster HA VIF and Storage Pool HA VIF information and management into the Site Cluster tab section of the Web UI
  • improves and fixes port validation checks when multiple site clusters are created

Hardware RAID Integration

  • fixes support for LSI MegaRAID controller event log processing, no longer raises alerts for events that have already been raised
  • fixes support for DELL PERC based hardware integration

Remote Replication

  • updates storage system link state timestamp periodically to auto-fix link down condition when grid communication is disrupted
  • fixes up hostname information in replica associations and storage system links when appliance hostname changes


  • adds firewall support for disabling access to unused storage services
  • fix to support creation of roles with no permissions
  • fix to support creation of roles where permissions are copied from other Roles using wildcards (*) for object type/operation type


  • adds latest ZFS v.6.4.1 filesystem drivers, please review the the ZFS changelogs for further detail v0.6.4 v0.6.4.1
  • adds latest Intel ixgbe v3.23.2.1 driver
  • adds latest HP hpsa v3.4.8-140 RAID controller driver


  • fixes issue with port bonding enslave so it only does this at system startup
  • fixes issue where duplicate bond ports would show with one online and one offline

HA Storage Pools

  • fixes issue with system shutdown to automatically move HA pool(s) to secondary node
  • adjusts fs.aio-max-nr to support larger configurations using SAS multipathing


  • adds command line argument validation to qs_service
  • adds improved swap device checks so that they're never spammy when utilization load is high
  • fix for swap space check to support configs with no swap devices

Storage Volumes

  • adds support for variable thin provisioning (0-100%) for ZFS based Storage Volumes


  • updated MIB

v3.15.0.7762 (May 1st 2015)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v3.15.

Change Log

SAN / Storage Volumes

  • adds and updates accessTimeStamp on storage volume objects
  • adds CLI command to allow for updating the createByScheduleId field on storage volumes
  • fix to storage volume assignment by host in large grid configurations
  • fix for user level CHAP credentials multi-node auto-update logic
  • fix to T10 device descriptor format to use pool UUID rather than system UUID. Only applies to newly created storage volumes, existing volumes are unchanged.
  • fix to Storage Volume Utilization entries to show the volume name and date stamp in the 'name' field
  • fix for FC port startup at boot time
  • fix to adding/removing a initiator IQN to/from a host to update ACLs when using host groups
  • fix to allow deleting storage volumes which are a member of a storage volume group

Network Shares / NAS

  • adds user/group ownership control settings to Network Share Create/Modify dialogs
  • adds share r/w/x permissions control to Network Share Modify dialog
  • adds posixUid/posixGui to user objects
  • adds setting to enable POSIX acls by default on ZFS pool create, XFS pools already had posix ACLs enabled by default
  • adds improved support for AD integration and Network Share quota management
  • fix to allow for duplicate share names as long as they're on separate systems
  • fix to auto-repair stale NFS file handles after system/appliance reboot
  • fix for open file handle issue to winbind with services restart logic

Storage Pool Management

  • adds smart hotspare selection to prefer hotspare which is in the same enclosure as the failed device
  • adds smart pool creation which makes multi-enclosure chassis deployments highly-available by round-robin selection of disks across enclosures for all RAID levels
  • adds updates for improved detection and display of SED disks / sets isEncrypted flag.
  • fix to auto start XFS based pool on pool-create

HA Storage Pools & Cluster Heartbeat Management

  • revamped HA system adds Site Cluster, Cluster Ring management, and active cluster monitoring into WUI
  • adds major optimizations for HA failover speed

DR/Remote replication

  • fix for replication checkpoint snapshot rotation where oldest device wasn't being rotated/expired
  • fix to skip expired replicas in cleanup stage if the snapshot has snapshots
  • fix to XFS based replication
  • fix to do license checks before processing or triggering remote replication schedules


  • adds support for customizing the pem files for all services (core qs_service, REST service, and Tomcat)
  • adds support for customizing the SSL ciphers, applies strong cipher limits automatically
  • adds SSL cert generation script which deposits custom certs into /var/opt/osnexus/quantastor/ssl which are automatically picked up by REST and core services
  • adds script command to upgrade from Java 6 to Java 7 (qs-util java7upgrade), which allows browsers to connect via https using stronger ciphers / TLS 1.2
  • fix to disable all use of SSLv3 across all internal services (Core service, Tomcat, REST API service) in favor of TLS for improved security / HIPAA compliance
  • fix to allow removal of duplicate 'admin' users
  • fix to remove duplicate user entries in Samba config when user assigned as 'Admin' on a share
  • fix to password length enforcement (8-34 char)

Cloud Containers / NAS Gateway

  • adds new SoftLayer Object Storage locations for mon,mel,mex,fra,par,syd,tok
  • fix to auto start Cloud Containers at system startup
  • fix to Cloud Container create to setup CIFS/NFS settings and to auto-enable the container when the share is enabled

Web UI

  • fix to improve web UI connection and sync time
  • fix to show nested snapshots of snapshots in WUI
  • fix to obscure CHAP user/pass in web UI
  • adds improvement to daily utilization graph to allow selection of multiple days
  • adds many improvements to Japanese localization ( add '/?locale=ja' to URL )


  • adds support for HP P431 and related RAID controllers (except install time boot driver)
  • adds fixes management and monitoring for latest LSI HBAs including IBM OEM variants
  • adds support for latest LSI MegaRAID and related OEM hardware
  • adds support for installing via USB media with new ISO
  • adds enclosure view for Adaptec RAID controllers
  • fix for LSI MegaRAID controller support where duplicate alerts were being generated and old alerts would have incorrect timestamps showing as new alerts
  • fix to remove blank 'Disk ()' entries on virtual LSI MPT SAS controllers presented by VMware & VBox
  • fix to HP P4xx/8xx Series RAID unit creation to pass 'force' option as needed


  • adds VMware certification, iSCSI w/ ESX 5.1


  • adds SNMP fixes for SNMP v3 traps and adds new SNMP types
  • fix to resolve intermittent issue which was causing the SNMP agent to restart


  • adds improved ethernet port vendor/model detection, and ports now show as "Disabled" if unconfigured
  • fix to bonded port creation to auto ifenslave ports after creation


  • adds support for Gluster 3.6, upgrading from 3.5 to 3.6 can be done incrementally node by node without downtime
  • fix for gluster brick add operation also adds checks to prevent bricks from overlaying on existing pools
  • fix for gluster reblance corner case allowing more time for it to start

Alerts Management

  • fix to Alert Manager to allow for setting the SMTP port number
  • fix to Alert Manager SMTP send logic to properly handle STARTTLS


  • fix to CLI to allow clearing fields with empty argument value "", for example --description=""
  • fix for CLI bug in volume-clone and network-share-snapshot commands
  • fix to CLI so that boolean args default to true (eg. --somearg is equivalent to --somearg=true)
  • fix to CLI to allow specifying network share names starting with '@' symbols


  • adds major optimizations (~8x faster!) for pool scan and device import speed
  • adds major optimizations (~8x faster!) for service startup time
  • adds major optimizations (~10x faster!) for grid synchronization speed and scalability
  • fix to qs_service --reset-password
  • fix to gSOAP library / upgrade to 2.8.17 resolves management service memory leak seen in multi-node configurations
  • fix to increase default max log size to 25MB before auto-rotate

v3.14.1.7090 (January 14th 2015)

  • fix to Create Hardware RAID unit API where task would stay in Queued state (.7090 hot-fix)
  • fix to multi-node NFS config update when Gluster based Network Share NFS client access is changed
  • fix SCST warning in kern.log due to missing dir
  • fix to allow upgrading to 3.14 without making the 3.13 linux kernel upgrade mandatory
  • fix to deletion of custom named network share snapshot cleanup
  • fix to HA manager startup to support configs where grid is torn down
  • fix http redirect for lsiget log generation
  • fix to delete grid where grid IP field is not cleared
  • fix to NFS server config to remove RPCMOUNTDOPTS=--manage-gids option by default
  • adds support for storage volume / network share instant rollback from snapshot
  • fix to rollback network share from remote replica
  • fix to syslog startup in 3.14
  • fix to CLI output when commands are run with --async to show task information
  • fix to CLI share-client-add command to create Network shares in r/w mode by default.
  • fix to CHAP settings update when changed on user account
  • fix HTTP header of QuantaStor Manager to make sure it is compliant
  • adds support for multiple Network Shares with the same name as long as they're on separate appliances in the grid
  • adds QuantaStor appliance host name to the browser tab title area
  • adds lazy-clone option to Storage Volume snapshot which delays making the snapshot writable until it is assigned
  • adds delayed/lazy-clone as default mode for remote replication snapshots which greatly reduces system CPU, memory, and filesystem load
  • fixes issue with Backup Policies to handle special characters in file names (see pwalk)

QuantaStor 3.14.1 update via Upgrade Manager

Login to the WebUI with an admin account and run the Upgrade Manager, click Check for Updates and Install the below QuantaStor update packages via the Upgrade manager.

Web Management
Core Services
Web Server    7.0.7089-1

If you are upgrading from a release older than 3.14.0, you will need to install the iSCSI target Driver and schedule a reboot of the system.

iSCSI Target Driver

QuantaStor 3.14.1 Manual install

The below 2 commands can be run from the console of a QuantaStor appliance to explicitly install the 3.14.1 release on any QuantaStor running a v3 release.

apt-get update
apt-get install -y libpython2.7=2.7.3-0ubuntu3.6 zfsutils libzpool2 libzfs2 lsscsi pv qstormanager= qstorservice= qstortomcat=7.0.7089-1 qstortarget=

If you wish to upgrade to the 3.13 linux kernel provided with the QuantaStor 3.14 release, please follow the instructions here.

v3.14.0.6993 (December 30th 2014) KERNEL and DRIVER UPGRADE AVAILABLE - REBOOT REQUIRED

  • adds 3.13 linux kernel and SCST driver stack upgrade
  • adds support for Micron PCIe SSD cards
  • adds universal hot-spare management system for ZFS based pools
  • adds support for FC session management and session iostats collection
  • adds disk search/filtering to Storage Pool Create/Grow dialogs in web interface
  • adds configurable replication schedule start offset to replication schedule create/modify dialogs
  • adds support for cascading replication schedules so that you can replicate volumes across appliances A->B->C->D->etc
  • adds wiki documentation for CopperEgg
  • adds significantly more stats/instruments to Librato Metrics integration
  • adds dual mode FC support where FC ports can now be in Target+Initiator mode
  • adds support for management API connection session management to CLI and REST API interfaces
  • adds storage volume instant rollback dialog to web management interface
  • adds sysstats to send logs report
  • adds swap device utilization monitoring and alerting on high swap utilization
  • adds support for unlimited users / removes user count limit license checks for all license editions
  • adds support for scale-out block storage via Ceph FS/RBDs (pilot program only)
  • deprecated drbd continuos xfs pool replication
  • fix for CLI host-modify command
  • fix for pool discovery reverting IO profile selection back to default at pool start
  • fix for web interface to hide 'Delete Unit' for units used for system/boot
  • fix for alert threshold slider setting in web interface 'Alert Manager' dialog
  • fix for sending email alerts to multiple accounts.
  • fix to accelerate pool start/stop operations for FC based systems
  • fix to disk/pool correlation logic
  • fix to allow IO profiles to have spaces and other special characters in the profile name
  • fix to FC ACL removal
  • fix to storage system link setup to use management network IPs
  • fix to remove replication association dialog to greatly simplify it
  • fix to CLI disk and pool operations to allow referencing disks by short names
  • fix for replication schedule create to fixup and validate storage system links
  • fix for replication schedule delta snapshot cleanup logic which ensures that the last delta between source and target is not removed
  • fix for stop replication to support terminating zfs based replication jobs
  • fix for pool freespace detection and alert management
  • fix license checks to support sum of vol, snap, cloud limits across all grid nodes
  • fix to create gluster volume to use round-robin brick allocation across grid nodes/appliances to ensure brick pairs do not land on the same node
  • fix to storage volume snapshot space utilization calculation
  • fix to iSCSI close session logic for when multiple sessions are created between the same pair of target/initiator IP addresses
  • fix to auto update user specific CHAP settings across all grid nodes when modified
  • fix to allow udev more time to generate block device links, resolves issue exposed during high load with replication
  • fix to IO fencing logic to reduce load and make it work better with udev

v3.13.6.6540 (November 23rd 2014)

  • fix for user limit to combine across grid licenses and nice log message when approaching limits
  • add softlayer object storage support for london and toronto locations

v3.13.5.6537 (November 14th 2014)

  • adds new SoftLayer datacenter Cloud Container locations
  • fix for user limit count calculation.
  • fix grid compatibility with older QuantaStor versions.

v3.13.4.6527 (October 30th 2014)

  • reduce CPU usage during remote replication.
  • further replication throttling improvements.
  • fix reported size usage for remote replications.

v3.13.3.6515 (October 21st 2014)

  • adds load balancing to remote replication, use 'qs-util rratelimitset NN' to configure, 50MB/sec is the default limit.
  • adds load balancing to volume cloning, use 'qs-util clratelimitset NN' to configure, 200MB/sec is the default limit.
  • adds additional Storage Volume delete confirmation checks in web management interface to show count of any active iSCSI sessions
  • adds option to offset the start of a replication schedule by NN minutes for staggered replication. With scheduled replication at 1am, 4am, 7am and a 10 minute offset, replication will start at 1:10am, 4:10am and 7:10am respectively. CLI only feature in this update:
    • qs replication-schedule-modify SCHEDULE-NAME --offset-minutes=10
  • fix to Create Remote Replication Schedule dialog to allow adjusting max replicas and sets min replicas to 3.
  • fix to audit logging

v3.13.2.6491 (October 10th 2014)

  • fix to volume check logic for remote-replication schedules
  • fix to volume batch create and delete operations to allow more time for udev rules to run on slow systems
  • fix to network share enum user/group quotas to API redirect to correct node owner of share
  • fix to SAS disk discovery for Adaptec controllers
  • fix to scheduler for interval based replication schedules which only contain Network Shares
  • fix to read/write TX counters on network ports where in some cases they were not getting updated
  • fix to show MB rather than MiB for read/write TX counters in QuantaStor Manager
  • fix to show a suffix of "(Disconnected)" in WUI to make it clear when a grid node is offline/disconnected
  • adds qs-util CLI enhancement for ZFS meta cache limit configuration. see qs-util setzfsarcmax auto
  • adds qs-util CLI commands for checkswap and clearcache
  • adds qs-iostat CLI enhancement ZFS L2ARC information. see qs-iostat -a
  • adds qs CLI utility commands for replication schedule and replica assoc management
  • adds qs CLI utility command for trigger snapshot schedule
  • adds additional swap and cache stats information to log report
  • updated wiki CLI documentation
  • updates object naming of Storage Cloud to be more aptly named Multitenant Resource Group

v3.13.1.6452 (September 23rd 2014) DRIVER UPGRADE AVAILABLE - REBOOT REQUIRED

  • upgrades ZFS to latest maintenance release v.6.3 (included in qstortarget package and requires reboot)
  • upgrades GlusterFS to latest maintenance release v3.5.2
  • adds hardware encryption support via qs CLI for LSI SafeStore SED/FDE hardware encryption
  • adds software encryption (LUKS based)
  • adds GlusterFS automated peer setup w/ /etc/hosts management
  • adds support for triple parity RAID-Z3 layout for ZFS based storage pools
  • adds new qs-iofence utility, deprecates use of zpoolfence, adds support for multipath HA configurations
  • adds support for SAS multipath device detection and path associations
  • adds improved device naming to use friendly name plus the boot resilient name in parentheses
  • adds LSI SafeStore key management operations to the web management interface
  • adds additional options to qs-iostat
  • fix to remote replication configuration setup where replica-associations/storage-system-links could get dropped during reconfiguration in larger grids
  • fix to SNMP MIB, overhauled MIB design and snmpagent is now compliant to various MIB certification tests
  • fix to storage pool device naming convention to map through the exact device names shown in 'zpool status'
  • fix to gluster peer detach to add 'force' option
  • fix to service port 5151 http GET to return 404 for invalid requests
  • fix to various WUI dialog error messages
  • fix to remove unnecessary spl package dependency
  • fix to filter out partitions from the Physical Disk list
  • fix to log rotation to no longer rotate empty log files
  • fix to block sending email alerts when there are no recipients
  • fix to prevent grid dual primary link condition
  • fix to cloud container import for swift based containers

v3.12.3.6111 (July 30th 2014)

  • fix to DNS lookup issue for Gluster configurations
  • fix to prune large MegaSAS.log file (> 50MB) and to not log MegaCli discovery operations
  • fix to corner case in HPNBufferSize editing of /etc/ssh/sshd_conf for HPN SSH support
  • adds /etc/hosts configuration management via Gluster Peer Setup dialog
  • adds qs CLI commands qs grid-get-hosts, grid-set-hosts for /etc/hosts configuration (qs grid-set-hosts eth0)
  • adds hardware module for LSI MPT SAS HBAs

v3.12.2.6084 (July 22nd 2014)

  • fix to show gluster brick/volume warning icon if brick/volume is unhealthy
  • fix to add gluster logs into 'Send Logs..' report
  • fix to gluster volume discovery logic and brick free-space updates
  • fix to grid 'set master node' error handling
  • fix to network share attribute updates (compression level, etc)
  • fix to detect HPN version of ssh and to auto configure /etc/ssh/sshd_config accordingly
  • fix to network config management logic which was removing an additional line(s) in /etc/network/interface
  • fix to storage pool free-space and percent provisioned calc
  • fix to BBU discovery for Adaptec controllers
  • fix to network share delete on ZFS pools to not use 'rm' as it is slow and redundant
  • fix to update user password on all grid nodes
  • fix to gluster volume delete logic
  • fix to set password error message to show 8 to 40 characters required
  • fix to delete vlan dialog in web interface
  • fix to schedule manager which was preventing hour/week based schedules from firing
  • adds network event alert throttling
  • fix to grid rename and grid IP address change logic

v3.12.0.6029 (June 27th 2014)

  • adds support for OpenStack Cinder (see here for more detail )
  • adds support for interval based replication down to 15 minute cycles
  • adds support for data-migration / 3rd party LUN copy to new QuantaStor Storage Volume
  • adds support for user quotas on network shares (AD group quotas not yet available)
  • adds support for storage tiers / tiers are groups of storage pools for which provide smart placement of newly provisioned storage volumes
  • adds redesigned network bond management logic, now allows selection of teaming mode on a per bond basis
  • adds new https keystore for web management interface (be sure to clear your browser cache)
  • adds secure mode 'qs-util disablehttp' to enable/disable http access (port 80) to force admins to use https for web management
  • adds info on posix UID/GID to user properties page
  • adds session management to qs CLI with automatic retry logic to handle broken network pipe conditions, improves scripting/automation
  • adds new password minimum length of 8 characters (was 6)
  • adds acl mount option to gluster client loopback connections for Samba/NFS access
  • adds xattr=sa option for network shares by default, is also enabled with 'Enable MMC Managment' option.
  • adds additional zones to SoftLayer cloud provider location list for Hong Kong and Singapore
  • adds alert filtering via '/etc/qs_alertfilters.conf' file. To filter alerts echo the name of the alert like so:
    • echo "[Service Update]" > /etc/qs_alertfilters.conf
  • adds nightly check for MCE errors (memory check exception) which can indicate bad RAM.
  • adds automatic tdb backup for SMB configuration data
  • fix to gluster volume delete/modify for SMB config synchronization
  • fix for Gluster peer attach to use hostnames whenever possible (/etc/hosts recommended as DNS failback option for name resolution)
  • fix to network share restore operation to remove files that are not in the snapshot and to restore extended attributes
  • fix for remote replication create/modify dialog for grids with 3 or more nodes
  • fix to speed up pool start logic for configurations with many share snapshots
  • fix to network share multi-delete to show more progress detail
  • fix to Cloud Container location code so that you can select a location and create a container from the context menu
  • fix for various network share CLI commands
  • fix invalid trace messages
  • fix for DR support to do additional replication checks
  • fix to core service to allow for changing openssl pem files

v3.11.0.5877 (May 16th 2014)

  • adds option to disable ALUA support (needed for VMware HA configurations)
  • adds support for storage tier management. Tiers are groups of storage pools for easy automated provisioning. (currently CLI only)
  • adds alert when HA port failover occurs
  • adds new basic discovery module for mptsas LSI Fusion HBAs
  • adds SAS address info to HW disk properties
  • adds HW controller cache memory size information
  • fix to allow for clearing network port configurations. Do this via the Modify Network Port dialog and set the port to or choose 'disabled'.
  • fix to identify HA virtual interfaces as 'static' rather than 'unknown'
  • fix for Network Share free-space updates / previously was generating too much system load
  • fix to clone operation, adds more progress detail to task status
  • fix for cli command host-group-host-remove and volume-modify
  • fix to recovery management to additionally auto-recover samba configuration
  • fix to rename user to update samba configuration
  • fix to CIFS management Network Share Modify dialog
  • fix to UI to not show empty 1969 timestamps and other unpopulated fields
  • fix to backup policies to backup files with non-ASCII characters in the file name

v3.10.3.5830 (May 6th 2014)

  • fix for Network Share used space check (resolves performance / CPU utilization issue)
  • fix to HA device descriptor generation
  • fix to clone operation, adds more progress detail to task status
  • fix for qs-util megalsiget utility
  • adds new driver for mpt3sas LSI SAS3 HBAs

v3.10.2.5820 (April 25th 2014)

  • adds support for ALUA on iSCSI for HA
  • adds new CIFS options for extended attributes to Network Share Create/Modify dialogs
  • adds support for additional compression options
  • adds support for LSI mpt2sas based HBA discovery and enclosure services integration
  • adds SNMP support and full MIB
  • adds SNMP commands to qs-util
  • adds support for custom in /var/opt/osnexus/quantastor
  • adds performance test to qs-util
  • adds the SNMP tools and iozone performance tool packages
  • fixes and optimization for HA failover support
  • fix for iSCSI session write/update issue
  • fix for System Monitor role
  • fix for setting bind address / gridIP attachment to non-eth0
  • fix for gluster version check for 3.4
  • fix for SSD storage pool IO profile

v3.10.0.5751 (April 4th 2014)

  • adds additional trace for alert logging
  • adds support for GlusterFS 3.4.2
  • adds configurable compression level and sync policy settings to Storage Volume Modify, Network Share Modify, and Storage Pool Modify
  • adds logic to automatically set ZIL cache policy to always when ZIL SSD cache devices are added
  • adds ZFS dataset creation for gluster bricks
  • adds gluster volume auto-start after creation
  • adds grid status monitoring logic to core service via --grid-stat option
  • fixes and optimizations for grid scalability
  • fix for cloud container CIFS access disabled at service startup
  • fix for inaccurate utilized space on container's associated network share
  • fix for inaccurate utilized space on gluster volume's associated network share
  • fix for SoftLayer cloud container creation
  • fix for accessing @GMT snapshots via NFS
  • fix to allow creating storage system links between virtual and VLAN interfaces
  • fix for MTU setting on VLAN ports, MTU of VLANs interfaces must be less than or equal to parent interface
  • fix for gluster delete volume
  • fix for delete/export pool to disconnect associated gluster mounts

v3.9.4.5688 (March 14th 2014)

  • hot-fix for host group management, was not managing assignments properly in grid configurations
  • fix for network share management of CIFS settings on Gluster shares
  • fix for low level grid reset logic with /opt/osnexus/quantastor/bin/qs_service --reset-grid
  • fix to set SSD optimized state to true when ZIL/L2ARC is enabled for a pool
  • adds minor web UI enhancements to show compression ratios and quotas in the table view
  • adds more checks to block Community Edition appliances from being added to a grid
  • adds qs CLI commands for marking hardware RAID disks as good, host-spares, and for importing foreign RAID units
  • adds support for mark good API with Adaptec controllers

Upgrade Instructions for systems on Private Networks

v3.9.3.5670 (March 7th 2014)

  • added cloud container support for Google Cloud Storage
    • this requires installation and configuration of gsutil via console using 'sudo install-gsutil'
  • added support for accessing cloud containers via CIFS, see Modify Network Share to enable
  • added AD group and user search/filtering features to QuantaStor web interface in Modify Network Share
  • added support for network share quota with ZFS based storage pools in Modify Network Share
  • added support for disabling browsing for network share _snaps directories in Modify Network Share
  • added enhanced tabs for hardware RAID units, disks, events to filter on selected controller
  • adds convenience Select All buttons to the network share permissions tab in Modify Network Share
  • moved tab for iSCSI sessions to Storage Volume section, now only shows iSCSI sessions for selected storage volume
  • fixed bug in cloud container create which would occasionally set the container state to error
  • minor updates to EULA
  • changed policy to have iSCSI redirection disabled by default as there are issues in grid configurations with VLANs where redirection could point to an inaccessible network
  • changed default max ARC size to 70% after initial system installation
  • added cluster configuration information to send log report
  • adds qs-util megasettime to set the clock on MegaRAID controllers
  • adds warning alert that additional configuration is required when NFSv4 w/ Kerberos mode is enabled.
  • fix to update '/etc/issue' automatically after network configuration changes
  • fix for HA custom callout script support
  • fix to cleanup HA groups on storage pool export
  • fix to skip schedule execution if no volumes/shares are present
  • fix to MegaRAID SCSI inquiry page parsing to flip serial number / model number around in some cases
  • fix to MegaRAID to show proper drive status when marked as 'Failed'
  • fix to AD domain leave operation to remove AD computer entry
  • fix for network share delete snapshot / unmount filesystem issue

v3.9.1.5598 (February 2014)

  • added optimizations to DR / remote-replication to efficiently handle import
  • added optimizations for Grid join process
  • added additional license capacity 'wiggle room' to allow for 1TB of additional space for SSD caching
  • fixed a race condition import problem seen with multiple replication policies all running concurrently
  • fixed disk device correlation problem seen when cloning VSAs in Virtual Box
  • fixed Cancel button in dialog for Add/Remove Shares from Quota
  • fixed AD join process to support Domain Administrator accounts with passwords which have spaces ' ' in them.

v3.9.0.5585 (January 2014)

  • adds support for SAS HBA based HA support
  • adds support for Gluster HA virtual network interfaces, now CIFS/NFS access to Gluster volumes is HA
  • adds customizable storage volume block size (ZVOL block size) in 'Create Storage Volume..' dialog under 'Advanced Settings'.
  • adds multipath support for dual-path SAS HBA connectivity to SAS JBOD
  • adds SNMP agent with get/walk/trap support
  • adds 'Attach Gluster Peer' dialog for customizing Gluster peer connections to use specific ports/interfaces
  • adds compression ratio information to volume, share, and pool properties
  • adds secondary port discovery for manually created virtual interfaces which show up in 'ip addr' but not 'ifconfig'
  • adds revised layout (grid aware) for all network management dialogs
  • fix for local user synchronization across grid nodes for Gluster/CIFS support
  • fix for CIFS/NFS configuration synchronization across grid nodes for Gluster
  • fixes for Japanese localization
  • fixes reboot/shutdown hang due to missing pacemaker K01 shutdown directive in /etc/rc6.d
  • fixes for Gluster 3.4 integration
  • optimizations for to speed up create grid operation
  • deprecates / removes btrfs pool type option from Create Storage Pool in web UI, still available from CLI
  • tested/certified LSI MegaRAID 93xx / 12G RAID Controller
  • manual upgrade procedure for systems on private networks:

v3.8.2.5441 (December 19th 2013)

  • adds initial support for Samba4/SMB3.
  • adds 'zvolutil repair' command for fixing bad blocks/checksums in ZFS ZVOLs, more info here.
  • fix to RBAC role modify operation
  • fix to multi-tenancy support to add Network Shares as a cloud resource type
  • fix to Amazon S3 / add custom locations support

v3.8.1.5360 (December 3rd 2013)

  • fixes for storage volume clone operation
  • fixes for manual HA failover support
  • fixes for grid synchronization logic

v3.8.0.5335 (November 22nd 2013)

  • adds support for specifying block size and stripe leg length for hardware RAID unit creation (Adaptec / LSI MegaRAID)
  • adds unit build/initialization status information for Adaptec controllers
  • adds hardware controller configuration options to the toolbar
  • adds qs-util setzfsarcmin / setzfsarcmax commands for adjusting ZFS ARC global settings.
    • to configure your system to use 80% of available RAM for ARC cache use the command 'sudo qs-util setzfsarcmax 80'
    • reboot is required for new ARC settings to take effect
  • adds alert and task annotations to Librato Metrics integration
  • adds auto config adjustment to reserve at least 128M of RAM for the system
  • adds improved qs CLI help page
  • adds support for network share replication
  • fixes for remote-replication / DR
  • fixes for manual HA failover support
  • fixes Adaptec unit creation for single drive, JBOD type is now Simple Volume in 7xxx series
  • fixes pool start issue with ZFS pools where network shares would not auto-enable
  • fixes Adaptec 7xxx series device correlation
  • fixes web UI issue with duplicate physical disks associated to RAID unit
  • fixes 'Impacted' Adaptec unit state to be categorized as busy rather than warning
  • fixes auto-floating of pacemaker owned virtual ports
  • fixes NFS/CIFS export discovery issue with Scan function in Backup Policy create/modify dialogs

v3.7.4.5265 (November 5th 2013)

  • adds support for parallelized Backup Policies which can ingest data from any NFS/CIFS sources to Network Shares
  • adds tab completion for qs CLI
  • adds VMware EUI column and Storage Volume property to web management interface
  • adds 'Mark Disk as Good' dialog to simplify disk replacement with MegaRAID controllers
  • adds 'qs-util megalsiget' command to assist with LSI support information requests
  • fixes backup policy expired job cleanup
  • fixes cciss / HP smart array device discovery issue when used with ZFS
  • fixes MegaRAID issue for embedded LSI ROC chips which have no serial number
  • fixes password dialog error message to say length isn't between 6 and 40 chars
  • fixes issues with enclosure layout view and pop-up menu in web management interface
  • fixes MegaRAID patrol read warnings to be informational (use 'qs-util megaccsetup' to setup proper cron job for MegaRAID controller scans)
  • fixes pool percent provisioned property to exclude the thin-provisioned space of snapshots

v3.7.2.5126 (October 21st 2013) DRIVER UPDATE AVAILABLE - REBOOT REQUIRED

** Note that if you upgrade the SCSI target driver package it will stop any 
** ZFS pools and require an immediate reboot after the install completes.  
** Sorry for the inconvenience with this update.  Note also that you can optionally upgrade 
** the core service and manager packages without a reboot then upgrade the iSCSI target 
** package later when you have an available maintenance window.
  • adds core service optimizations to further reduce CPU utilization
  • adds automatic backup of MegaRAID controller config data
  • adds new pwalk utility for parallelized backup
  • adds qs-zconvert utility which simplifies importing & converting foreign ZFS pools and ZVOLs into QuantaStor
  • adds qs-util helper utility with common maintenance commands for megaraid, networking, etc
  • fix for MegaRAID Patrol Read Aborted warnings by running 'sudo qs megaccestup' which will reschedule the LD consistency check so the PR and it run at different times
  • fix for BBU and cache discovery logic for HP P800 controller module
  • fix to zpoolfence causing issues with automatic ZFS pool startup at boot time
  • fix for gluster volume discovery

v3.7.0.5061 (October 5th, 2013)

  • adds CIFS/NFS support for scale-out NAS (Gluster)
  • adds 'qs-showlog -e' option which just shows any errors or warnings in the log
  • adds additional network configuration information into 'qs-sendlogs'
  • adds preferred network port option for grid communication
  • adds usage info and ZFS iostat, ZIL and ARC stats to 'qs-iostat'
  • adds support for Gluster 3.4
  • adds ability to choose RAID group leg size in pool create
  • adds support for RAIDZ10, RAIDZ20
  • adds qs-crm script to assist with HA triage tasks
  • adds hadoop-install script to support latest CloudEra Hadoop
  • adds HA module support configurable via /etc/qs_ha_modules.conf
  • adds support to control which target drivers are loaded via /etc/iscsi-target.modules
  • adds corosync and pacemaker packages for HA support and automatic grid IP failover
  • adds fix for bad 'Missing Physical Disk' error
  • adds CIFS User Access tab to the web management interface in the Network Shares section
  • adds alpha-level support for HA failover using HBAs
  • adds SAS HBA discovery module
  • adds mcelog package
  • fix to LSI MegaRAID hardware event discovery
  • fix to pool discovery logic for failed pool devices
  • fix so you can set IP to even if this is also set on another port
  • fix for ZFS storage pool import to prefer the resilient /dev/disk/by-id rather than /dev/disk/by-path
  • fix to allow enabling network shares when no NFS access is present (only CIFS)
  • fix for hardware unit to hardware disk association
  • fix to pool rescan logic to prevent auto-import unless the UUID of the pool is specified in /etc/qs_zpool_autoimport
  • fix remove cache for mirrored ZIL
  • fix to AD Domain Join logic to verify hostname is less than or equal to 15 characters in length for netbios compatibility
  • fix for zfs pool manager to make discovery cycle to fast-detect status and configuration changes
  • fix to service startup message to be clearer
  • fix for volume resize so that the iSCSI session is not dropped
  • optimization, changes default swappiness to 10 for better performance and turns off unused services like postfix

v3.6.5.4878 (August 20th, 2013)

  • fix for ZFS storage volume resize
  • fix for ZFS log device detection
  • fix for User Create dialog to require Password + Repeat Password to ensure correctly entered passwords
  • added support for /etc/exports.custom so that custom NFS mounts could be specified and not overwritten by core service
  • added custom script call-outs for pool start/stop. Place scripts in these locations to do custom actions at pool start/stop
    • /var/opt/osnexus/custom/
    • /var/opt/osnexus/custom/
  • added custom script call-out for post system startup. This is called once per system boot.
    • /var/opt/osnexus/custom/

v3.6.4.4852 (August 8th, 2013)

  • fix to role creation
  • fix to session synchronization in grid environments
  • added support for disabling iSCSI redirection via stanza in /etc/quantastor.conf
    • [target_manager]
    • disable_iscsi_redirect=true
  • fix to allow many-to-many relationship between hardware disks and units
  • fix for volume snapshot to skip freespace check as ZFS snapshots are thin-provisioned
  • added color highlighting to hot-spares in Enclosure View
  • disabled SAS switch manager tab
  • enhanced pool delete to require a force option when iSCSI sessions are present
  • adds default /etc/apt/preferences.default configuration which allows for non-mainline packages from ubuntu
  • adds support for monitoring ZFS pool scrub
  • adds dialogs to web interface to start/stop scrub
  • adds zpoolscrub command which can be used to setup an automatic monthly scrub on the last Saturday of the month 'sudo zpoolscrub --cron'
  • adds cli support for creating custom RBAC roles using wildcards, for example:
    • qs role-add "Volume Administrator" --permissions=*:view,StorageVolume:*,NetworkShare:*

v3.6.3.4811 (August 1st, 2013)

  • adds support for volume replica rollback for easy DR failback
  • adds detection for when a replica checkpoint volume is in use (has iSCSI session) and auto marks it as an 'Active Replica Checkpoint'
    • this flag can be toggled using the 'Modify Storage Volume' dialog
    • when set all replica operations to the active checkpoint are blocked to protect the data
  • adds enclosure view which allows you to view the layout of disks within the chassis and their state. This greatly simplifies drive replacement.
    • custom enclosure/chassis drive layouts can be defined in /etc/qs_enclosure_layout.conf
  • adds support for developing custom cloud providers for QuantaStor's cloud backup system which can backup to OpenStack SWIFT based object storage
    • custom providers are registered using the /etc/qs_cloud_providers.conf file
  • adds zfscleanupsnaps helper/maintenance script to cleanup orphaned snapshots which have no associated clone
  • adds button to Upgrade Manager dialog to link to this ChangeLog page

v3.6.2.4780 (July 25th, 2013)

  • fixed sorting by slot number
  • fixed sorting by disk name
  • fixed Create Unit to show the number of selected disks
  • fixed Delete Unit so you can delete units with the boot flag (requires checking the 'Force' option) and added a confirmation check
  • fixed table views to show alternate/custom name for controller
  • fixed unit table to show 'Disks' which is the count of disks in that unit
  • fixed issue with alert send using wrong sender name
  • fixed replication schedules to allow replicating from zfs volumes with active iSCSI sessions
  • adds dialog for multi-delete of network shares
  • fixes RAIDz detection
  • fixed corner case in pool creation dialog where the filesystem choices needed to update to include ZFS
  • fixed snapshot schedule triggering logic to support schedules with a mix of volumes from different systems

v3.6.1.4765 (June 26th, 2013)

  • fixes for multi-node ZFS remote-replication & replication schedules
  • added initial support for enclosure layout selection
  • fix to minor corner cases in grid synchronization logic
  • fix to dns update logic
  • adds support for enabling the write-back cache at the SCSI target driver level
  • adds ALB and TLB bonding modes
  • adds storage pool blacklist (/etc/qs_poolblacklist.conf) to exclude storage which should not be managed as a Quantastor pool
  • fix for compression enable/disable on ZFS based pools
  • fix to an alert that would spam in the web UI in some cases
  • fix to zfs share rename
  • fix to Adaptec 7xxx module for disk size discovery
  • changed ZVOL block size policy to be adjustable via /etc/quantastor.conf
  • adds check for volume snapshots to report a nice error if snapshots exist and the parent volume delete is requested

v3.6.0.4689 (June 26th, 2013)

  • adds support for ZFS storage pools
    • compression
    • snapshots
    • smart replication
    • SSD write cache device management (ZIL)
    • SSD read cache device management (L2ARC)
    • online grow pool with zero downtime
    • smart cloning
    • data and metadata-checksums
    • cloning volumes and share to/from other storage pool types
    • enhanced snapshot schedules
  • added qs-iostat CLI command for monitoring performance
  • added support for sharing with Avid MediaComposer using MediaHarmony samba module
    • added avidlog and avidupdate commands for Media Harmony log viewing and auto-update of Avid bins when changes are made
  • added support for Network Share cloning
  • added grid column for showing % Provisioned on storage pools
  • added SMART health PASS/FAIL reporting for MegaRAID disk devices
  • fix for Adaptec discovery logic
  • added Trigger Snapshot Schedule dialog for immediate activation of policy
  • fix to set default rwx for samba shares
  • fix to allow single node Gluster volume creation
  • added optional lftp based replication
  • fix for btrfs pool grow
  • changed btrfs to 'Experimental' in web interface
  • enhanced clone and restore operations to be sparse aware to recover unused space
  • adds support for DRBD proxy
  • fix for Chelsio 10GbE support
  • fixed MegaRAID mark hot-spare to first mark disk as Good.

v3.5.9.4504 (May 6th, 2013)

  • fix - setting default drbd replication verify protocol to crc32c
  • fix - added logic to ensure volume change operations are not attempted / blocked on offline pools
  • fix - block internal database auto-backup to pool if it is in the process of being deleted
  • fix - minor web UI spacing fixes
  • fix - create storage system link between grid nodes doesn't require specifying password if you're logged in as admin
  • fix - adjusted host group add/remove host logic to resolve a corner case where storage volume access control wasn't properly updated
  • fix - web UI was showing ZFS and HA support when these features are in beta, these are removed
  • fix - fixed apt-get upgrade so that you can run it safely without it stomping on the QuantaStor kernel
  • fix - re-added new Adaptec 7xxx CLI
  • fix - fix to DRBD reconnect/demote logic
  • fix - fixed disable snapshot schedule so that they're not triggered when disabled
  • fix - added logic to drop sessions on volume resize so that the initiator will relogin and discover the new volume size
  • fix - added option to change the default replication account from qadmin to something else
  • fix - added logic to ensure grid doesn't use the loopback interface / 127.x.x.x for peer communication
  • fix - added script to change the device timeout settings for Adaptec RAID controller compatibility
  • fix - adds support for external host name for grid communication for systems with separate internal/external hostname/IPs
  • fix - fixes blank entries from being created in smb.conf which would cause warnings
  • fix - set/change user password doesn't require old password if you're logged-in as admin
  • fix - fixes to hard password reset logic 'qs_service --reset-password=XXX', duplicate admin account was being created
  • added option to restart Samba and/or NFS and not just NFS in web UI

v2.10.0.4485 (April 29th, 2013)

  • maintenance upgrade for v2 backports some fixes and enhancements from v3
  • adds Storage Pool Replication verify dialog to web interface
    • replica verification should be run periodically and does a checksum of all the blocks on the primary pool and verifies the secondary pool is correct
  • adds performance enhancement to clone operation (~5x-10x faster) and makes it sparse aware
  • fixes issue with grid creation in web UI when the default 'password' is used
  • fixes issue with pool demote logic for Storage Pool Replication

v3.5.6.4390 (April 2st, 2013)

  • boosts clone performance by 10x and maintains sparseness of copy so it's utilization level is same as the source
  • fixes ISO installation issue that was causing the installer to hang during the last 'preseed' stage.
  • fixes issue with brick space utilization calc
  • adds option to set alternate name on the HW enclosure
  • fixes PAM configuration security problem
  • fixes issue with StorageLink ID generation
  • fixes cloned volume free space reporting
  • adds install logging to preseed to write data into /var/log/qs_install.log
  • adds new script to do a quick service status check
  • adds -f option to for tailing the service log
  • fixes issue with gluster brick discovery
  • fixes PAM password authentication issue / defines default PAM configuration for common-auth and common-password
  • fixes ISO installer/preseed bug
  • fixes gluster context and toolbar menu
  • fixes dynamic gluster peer attach issue
  • fixes gluster re-ID process to auto-restart gluster service after changing the internal peer ID
  • adds option to modify hardware enclosure name/description
  • adds dialogs for rebalance gluster volume and add-bricks to gluster volume
  • adds detail on internal services status
  • adds dialog for restarting gluster service
  • adds UI support for gluster NFS mode

v3.5.2.4342 (March 16th, 2013)

  • fixes local CIFS / SMB user password issue, password was not set correctly at time of new user creation
  • fixes printcap related logging errors seen in Samba log.smbd, new version disables Samba printer config
  • adds automatic btrfs rebalancing and associated rebalancing options to quantastor.conf file
  • fixes problem where changing the IP address on a port was requiring disable/enable iSCSI to reenable iSCSI access after changes
  • fixes bonding logic and issues and infinite loop bug in the base Ubuntu ifenslave script
  • fixes postfix log error messages by adding an empty config
  • adds quantastor User-Agent setting to Librato metric post operations
  • fixes ActiveDirectory join domain to auto-rollback and report proper error if the domain join does not succeed
  • fixes bug in DNS domain search suffix where it would get duplicated
  • fixes bug in DNS configuration where UI would not reflect accurate DNS configuration after removing entries

v3.5.1.4321 (March 12th, 2013)

  • fixes CIFS support regression introduced by new Ubuntu 12.04.2 base
  • adds MediaHarmony support to CIFS for multi-client Avid editing
  • fixes force flag so you can resize while volume is in use. iSCSI session relogin is required.
  • fixes to new AD support

v3.5.0.4306 (March 4st, 2013) 3.8 KERNEL UPGRADE AVAILABLE

  • adds support for Adaptec 7000 Series RAID controllers
  • enhanced CIFS support with ActiveDirectory integration
  • adds qs_sendlogs and qs_upgrade scripts for CLI upgrades and log reports
  • adds new IO profiles for media production
  • adds support for custom tags/names for hardware RAID units, disks, and controllers
  • fix to report error when trying to grow software RAID10/RAID1 which isn't supported by mdadm layer
  • adds new option to silence alarms on all controllers
  • various fixes for grid management plus updated menu in web manager for grid management
  • enhanced license activation logic to verify DNS and gateway configuration settings
  • fix password check on add grid node
  • added force flag option to Resize Volume dialog
  • added logic to auto-disable the HDDs write cache when you create a MegaRAID unit
  • added support for custom alert handlers
  • adds ethtool, ipmitool, and winbind to standard install
  • fix for disk identification of KVM/proxmox virtual disk devices
  • adds ATA over Ethernet driver
  • adds latest Adaptec 7000 driver
  • adds STEC PCIe support and latest driver
  • added logic to block Gluster volume creation on pools with DR async replication links
  • adds support for Windows shadowcopy / snapshot support with CIFS shares
  • upgrades Linux kernel to v3.8
  • upgrades SCST drivers to latest v3 release

v3.2.0.4221 (January 12th, 2013)

  • adds CIFS support
  • fix to network share rename cleanup
  • fix to tomcat restart logic
  • various fixes to pool remote-replication failover
  • fix to bonded port create, now does a down up down beforehand
  • improved grid sync performance

v2.9.2.4195 (January 5th, 2013)

  • fixes Upgrade Manager, to upgrade from previous releases you must upgrade from the command line with these commands:
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install qstormanager qstorservice
  • various fixes to pool remote-replication failover
  • enhanced grid synchronization performance
  • adds support for Nytro MegaRAID
  • minor enhancements to qs CLI
  • fix to cloud container creation
  • fix to license check corner case

v3.0.9.4067 (December 2nd, 2012) Official v3 Release

  • adds Gluster support
  • fixes licensing check issue in grid configurations
  • fixes alert propagation issue in grid configurations
  • qs cli improvements
    • adds help search with partial command names like so 'qs help=glu'
    • adds support for loading login credentials eg: 'localhost,admin,password' into ~/.qs.cnf

v3.0.8.4032 (November 24th, 2012) v3 Release Candidate

  • fixed 4TB limit on pool remote-replication, now there is no limit.
  • adds VLAN interface support, see 'Create VLAN Interface', 'Delete VLAN Interface' in web manager
  • upgraded web interface graphics
  • fixed icons for pool replication
  • added initial support for Gluster, this will be officially supported in v3.1
  • added samba to installation process, this will be officially supported in v3.1

v2.8.1.4068 (December 2nd, 2012)

  • fixed 4TB limit on pool remote-replication, now there is no limit.
  • adds VLAN interface support, see 'Create VLAN Interface', 'Delete VLAN Interface' in web manager
  • adds improved volume/share level remote replication
    • communicates better progress information
    • replication process can now be cancelled at any time
    • replication is not interrupted by a upgrade or restart of QuantaStor core service
  • fixed problem with virtual interface floating
  • fixes licensing check issue in grid configurations
  • fixes alert propagation issue in grid configurations

v3.0.5.3952 (November 2nd, 2012)

  • fix to automatically update IP addresses in DRBD resource files on source and target side
  • fix to volume naming on DRBD secondary
  • fix to upgrade process messages
  • fix for DNS issue, resolvconf needed to be restarted after config changes
  • fix to DRBD based pool resync logic
  • fix to storage pool start ( no longer needs --update-summaries in array startup )
  • adds support to allow cancelling Storage Volume clone operations / tasks while in progress
  • adds HP SmartArray management support
  • removed old btrfs warnings from web interface
  • changed btrfs default block size to 32K and made it customizable via /etc/quantastor.conf

v2.7.4.3942 (October 29nd, 2012)

  • fix to DRBD based pool startup logic
  • fix to DRBD based pool resync logic
  • adds support to allow cancelling Storage Volume clone operations / tasks while in progress

v3.0.2.3926 RC1 (October 22nd, 2012)

  • based on Ubuntu 12.04.1
  • incorporates all enhancements made up through QuantaStor v2.7.2
  • fixes bug in virtual interface (vif) float logic so that when you explicitly disable a vif it won't try to float it.
  • fixes NIC bonding issues found in v3.0.0 Tech Preview
  • fixes minor bug in Chrome browser support
  • fix to apply DNS changes to resolvconf base file
  • fixes bonded port speed to show the sum of the speed of slave ports
  • upgrades kernel to v3.5.5
  • upgrades SCST driver support to v3.0.0
  • upgraded to expand browser support for latest browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE, etc)
  • adds support for German locale, just add /?locale=de to the URL when you connect to the QuantaStor Manager web management interface

v2.7.2.3912 (October 22nd, 2012)

  • fixes issue with preseed that was causing boot issues after installation
  • adds array and hot-spare management support for HP SmartArray RAID controllers

v2.7.0.3834 (October 2nd, 2012)

  • adds support for pool level remote replication
  • adds support for Citrix StorageLink with XenServer 6.0 & 6.1
  • adds to simplify StorageLink management operations
  • adds REST API support on port 8153
  • changed default boot filesystem type to ext3 so that QuantaStor can be para-virtualized under XenServer
  • fix for MegaRAID discovery logic (was creating zombie processes)
  • fix to storage system ID field on Alert
  • fix to rare database lock issue
  • expanded CLI command support
  • various fixes to CLI commands
  • added preferred LUN number logic for multi-protocol VMware configurations
  • fix to tomcat initd script

v2.6.1.3604 (July 23th, 2012)

  • fixes to init.d scripts for tomcat and core service ensures proper restart/stop operations
  • adds patch to Cloud Container support for SoftLayer private cloud access within Softlayer private network
  • adds y-axis labels to Librato metrics posts
  • fix to BBU status
  • adds LSI CacheVault support
  • adds Brocade 1020 CNA network card detection

v2.6.0.3579 (July 6th, 2012)

  • adds support for Softlayer Cloud Storage support
  • adds support for metrics posting to Librato Metrics
  • adds support for
  • adds support for MegaRAID RAID10 units >16 disks
  • adds support for cloning volumes while in use w/ force flag
  • various fixes to grid scale-out management support
  • upgrade from Tomcat 6 to Tomcat 7 for web management interface web server
  • adds check to block volume resize when storage is assigned to XenServer hosts
  • fix to UI for replicate network share

v3.0.0.3422 Tech Preview (May 6th, 2012)

  • This version is based on the same code base as v2.5.0.3422 but is built on top of Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and the SCST v3.0 driver.

v2.5.0.3422 (March 28nd, 2012)

  • adds support for scale-out management
  • adds support for HA failover groups utilizing integrated LSI SAS 6160 switch management for storage motion
  • adds support for NFS shares backed by a cloud container / infinite S3 storage network shares
  • adds support for Infiniband / Mellanox controllers
  • adds support for LSI CacheCade SSD cache management
  • adds support for Adaptec MaxCache and Adaptec 6xxx series RAID controllers
  • adds logic to automatically update the system clock via twice daily
  • adds support for i2o device discovery
  • adds support for Adaptec enclosure discovery
  • adds SAS switch management module for LSI 616x
  • adds close window button to upper-right corner of dialogs
  • adds support for toggling the hot spare flag with Adaptec disk devices using the Mark Hot Spare dialog.
  • adds integrated online help documentation for most dialogs via [?] button
  • adds check for FC/IB controllers and removes tabs if none are present.
  • adds Apply button to alert manager dialog
  • adds system memory check
  • adds 500GB of flexibility to license key check
  • adds core services and tomcat server monitoring
  • enhancement to temporarily shutdown FC ports on storage pool stop
  • fix to exclude spares from unit create/grow dialogs
  • fix to iSCSI target driver status detection logic
  • fix to 3ware discovery logic to exclude non-existent units reported as INOPERABLE
  • fix to tomcat service start/stop logic, adds status
  • fixup of various web interface grid layouts/sizing
  • upgrades to version 1.9 of s3ql filesystem
  • fix to Modify Storage System so that DNS entries are not removed
  • fix to hardware event detection logic to prevent events from being re-raised
  • fixes network interface management terminology to make it consistent
  • fixes bug in 3ware module flush/rescan operations
  • fixes default CLI output so that nested objects are not printed (was constantly scrolling off the screen), use --verbose now for that
  • adds support for setting the bonding policy
  • fixed BBU discovery for 3ware
  • fix to pool grow logic
  • fixed storage volume assignment logic to remove iSCSI assignment by IP address. Only IQN is supported.
  • fixed vendor/model information on network ports
  • fixed ellipsis on context menus to be ...
  • fix to send alert email script so that it logs to /var/log/qs_service.log
  • fixed up HP ACU CLI install script
  • fix to show "Linear" software RAID type in management interface rather than "RAID2"

v2.1.0.2979 (Nov 28th, 2011)

  • adds send log report command to web interface
  • adds support for hardware RAID unit grow operation (LSI MegaRAID & Adaptec)
  • adds the Linear type Storage Pool layout
  • adds support for dynamic Storage Pool grow(concatenate) & expand operations for single disk RAID0 and Linear types
  • fixes license TB utilization calculation
  • adds support for virtual network interfaces, virtual interfaces allow you to create virtual network ports on different networks
  • adds support for virtual network interface floating. In the event that the physical port that the virtual interface is attached to goes offline, the virtual interface will automatically float to another online/active physical network interface. Virtual interfaces can also be pinned to specific physical network ports.
  • adds link state and link speed information to target port / network interface information
  • added hardware unit busy state to indicate when a relayout/build is active
  • added logic to pre-populate create virtual interface / create bonded interface dialog with subnet/network
  • fix create/grow unit dialog to filter disk selection based on selected hw controller


  • fixes create/modify cloud backup schedule dialog so that you can change the selected cloud container
  • fixes add cloud provider credentials so that you can have an amazon secret key that includes symbols like '+'
  • adds CLI command for upgrade 'qs upgrade' so that you can remotely upgrade quantastor instances
  • fixes various localized text for Japanese, note, add /?locale=ja to the URL to see the web interface in Japanese
  • fixes various cloud backup volume object state issues and adds automatic metadata and data cache flushing at the end of each volume backup
  • fixes cloud container activation logic and upgrades QuantaStor to s3ql v1.0.1
  • minor change to the ordering of stack items in the web interface
  • adds support for MegaRAID 9265 & 9285 controllers
  • adds hardware controller event filtering to remove nonsensical information and limits the event display to the last 50 messages plus any warnings/errors up to 100 hardware event messages total
  • adds initial API and model changes for grid management support
  • adds battery backup unit status information and detail to the HW controller properties
  • adds NFS export path information to the table view for Network Shares
  • disables browser caching so that the browser will load a new version of QuantaStor Manager on reconnect rather than using the cached
  • optimized RAID50 and RAID60 hardware unit creation
  • adds IO profiles to Storage Pool creation
  • fix to /etc/init.d/iptables configuration script to allow connections on QuantaStor web and SOAP ports
  • fix to Recovery Manager logic to allow recovery of bonded network port configurations
  • removed bad tooltips from various web dialogs
  • added password reset logic so that you can reset the admin password using qs_service --reset-password=mynewpassword
  • added iSCSI redirect logic for grid support
  • created qscli debian package and posted on Downloads page
  • enhanced the script to auto upload bug report
  • fixed web interface to show volume and pool size in both TB and TiB


  • adds support for MegaRAID 9265 and 9285 controllers
  • improved web interface support for MegaRAID operations (silence alarm, import foreign units)
  • adds MegaRAID and 3ware drivers to installer to assist with installing Quantastor onto a hardware RAID1 mirror
  • adds hardware controller detection logic to base activation of a plugin based on the hardware driver being loaded and the availability of the hardware vendor's API/CLI
  • qs Command Line Utility now supports having a QS_SERVER environment variable so that credentials like --server=localhost,admin,password do not have to be specified for every command
  • minor fix to EULA dialog
  • minor fix to menu popup so that the minimal menu shows when the "No storage pools detected." message is in the tree.
  • fix to network share quota support
  • includes upgraded driver - ixgbe v3.4.24 - Adds support for the latest Intel 10GbE NICs
  • includes upgraded driver - megaraid_sas v5.30 - Adds support for the 92x5 series
  • includes upgraded driver - aacraid v1.1-7[28000] - Adds support for the Adaptec 6xxx series
  • adds Japanese localization
  • enhanced Storage System Link so that user can specify a remote IP address for replication to remote WAN locations in the cloud


  • adds additional license checks to the web interface
  • fixes memory leak in the remote replication monitoring logic
  • renamed the xfs pool type from 'Archive' to Enterprise'
  • changes the default storage pool type to 'Enterprise (XFS)'
  • adds additional xfs tuning parameters to address fragmentation
  • adds hw controller discovery dialog to preemptively rediscover/rescan controllers


  • adds OEM Cloud Edition license management support
  • adds RAID10/50/60 support for Adaptec controllers
  • certification completed for Adaptec 5805 series controllers
  • adds async operation support for NFS restart and License management operations
  • various enhancements to the CLI to support scripted automation of new system deployment
  • adds item "No physical disks detected" to tree in web interface when no disks are detected. Similar items added for volumes, pools, hw controllers.
  • fixes licensing issue with Cloud Backup feature
  • fixes lsi 3ware installation script
  • adds NFS support to Community Edition


  • summary: QuantaStor v2.0.4 adds support for IO profiles, remote-replication of network shares and volumes residing in any pool type, and additional Adaptec hardware support.
  • adds CLI support for hardware management commands
  • adds Japanese localization
  • adds support for remote replication of network shares
  • adds support for replication of non-btrfs volumes and shares
  • adds icons and dialog changes for network share replication
  • adds support for adaptec single disk / JBOD type units
  • adds use user chap setting as default in UI
  • adds support for Storage Pool IO profiles, custom IO profiles can be created in /etc/qs_io_profiles.conf
  • adds 'disk-list=ALL' option to storage pool-create command using the qs CLI. This will auto-select all available non-utilized disks.


  • summary: QuantaStor v2.0.2 adds support for Adaptec controllers, cloud licensing and includes some minor maintenance fixes.
  • fixes issue with network interface changes to ports with gateway set
  • adds icon to identify spare hardware units
  • fixes issue where duplicate disks were shown under a hardware unit after it is created
  • fixes RAID level correlation / Storage Pool now shows hardware RAID level if hardware RAID is used
  • fixed web interface rendering bug seen in Firefox 4.
  • added logic to flush the write buffer cache of hardware RAID controllers automatically when storage pools are stopped. (also part of system shutdown)
  • fixes pool identification logic to route 'flash led' request to hardware controller as necessary
  • adds logic to discover boot/system physical disks but filter them from the web interface. This information is used to identify the hardware RAID unit on which the core QuantaStor OS is installed so that we can prevent users from deleting it.
  • improved correlation of physical disks with hardware RAID units
  • adds support for OEM edition branding
  • adds support for Adaptec 5405 controller
  • adds flag to allow network configuration recovery as part of database rollback
  • adds support for network share client modify commands to CLI


  • summary: QuantaStor v2.0.1 adds support for NFSv4 and includes some minor maintenance fixes.
  • adds support for NFSv4
  • adds simplified NFS export path format which eliminates the full storage pool GUID from the path
  • adds customizable ARP filtering policy setting to Modify Storage System dialog
  • adds NFS configuration dialog so you can set the system to NFSv3 or NFSv4 mode
  • fixes ribbon bar browser layout issue with IE
  • fixes bug in CLI command system-shutdown
  • fixes Windows CLI so you can run it from anywhere rather than just from the CLI installed location
  • fixes issue with Add Host dialog where the host entries to a bad DNS lookup and get an invalid IP address associated with them
  • fixes for Citrix StorageLink 2.4 support
  • fixes upgrade from 1.x to 2.x so that this can be done and the kernel upgrade is automatic
  • fixes pool start logic to automatically re-enable network shares when a storage pool is brought back online
  • fixes pool modify configuration to preserve the enable write optimizations flag which was getting cleared when a pool was start/stopped

v2.0.0.2390 **

  • summary: QuantaStor v2.0 adds support for Fibre Channel via Qlogic 24xx and 25xx series adapters and adds integrated support for the LSI MegaRAID and DELL PERC families of RAID controllers.
  • fixes invalid warning when scsi target driver is restarted
  • adds install script for LSI MegaRAID CLI to /opt/osnexus/quantastor/raid-tools/
  • adds plug-in support for LSI MegaRAID discovery and management
  • adds support for Fibre Channel via Qlogic 24xx and 25xx cards
  • add host/initiator dialogs updated to support FC initiators
  • new kernel 2.6.35-27 with FC support and latest LSI MegaRAID driver
  • multiple simultaneous hardware alerts are now coalesced into a single alert email
  • enhanced storage volume create dialog to support partial reservation of space
  • added additional RAID info message filtering
  • fixes /dev/fd0 warning messages via floppy driver blacklist
  • fixes make initrd issue with missing pango library
  • fixes missing target ID field in UI which was always reporting 0
  • cleanup of alert email to remove non-IP addresses like 'bond0' from the list.
  • added logic to remove the replication and cloud backup tabs as per licensing
  • SCST scsi target driver optimized for performance
  • fixes corner case with IQN target ID generation with 'volname.x' overlapping with 'volname:x'
  • fixes UI issue with partially expanded tree on User, Cloud, and Replication tabs
  • adds XenServer to drop-down list of supported host types
  • adds cloud container repair command to fixup container in cases where the system is shutdown while cloud replication is in progress
  • adds network share enable/disable dialogs rather than using the network share modify dialog for this
  • adds config file option to permanently enable/disable arp filtering. Default is auto where arp filtering is enabled only when NIC ports are bonded.
  • adds IP Address to host modify dialog so this can be changed when the detected IP address is wrong.
  • minor fix to export storage pool command
  • minor UI fix to virtual port / bond creation
  • minor UI fix to create volume dialog when pool has no free space
  • cleanup of storage quota create dialog layout
  • target IQN generation now includes part of the storage volume UUID
  • fix to cloud container enable / repair logic
  • adds logic to automatically removed completed tasks and old alerts > 50 by default
  • fixes CHAP authentication bug where remove old entries were not removed on reconfiguration of CHAP settings
  • fixes Windows MPIO issue with t10 device descriptor format
  • fixes license key activation error detail
  • fix to db restore logic
  • fix to service upgrade logic
  • fix to modify cloud container dialog
  • fixed issue with db rollback to a configuration database with ports configured with NIC bonding, new behavior is to flush the bond configuration.
  • fixed issue with VMware physical disks being identified as XenServer


  • web interface redesign to move tabs to the top
  • adds hardware RAID device correlation from physical disk -> hardware unit -> hardware disk
  • we now enable ARP filtering when NIC bonding / virtual ports are used
  • adds 3ware support for unit create, unit delete, unit identify, disk mark spare, disk remove, and controller rescan
  • fix up of web interface column widths
  • adds alert severity to the subject line of emailed alerts


  • summary: 2239 is a hot-fix release for some issues caught after the initial 1.5.0 release.
  • fixes bug in session monitoring logic
  • fixes bug in alert manager email generation
  • fixes alert manager dialog so that the SNMP password is hidden text ******

v1.5.0.2233 **

  • summary: QuantaStor 1.5 introduces Cloud Backup to Amazon S3 and adds support for SCSI-3PR which is needed for Hyper-V live migration
  • fixes installer so that an internet connection is no longer required to install from CD/ISO
  • fixes XFS thick provisioning w/large volumes
  • fixes Cancel Task dialog to show proper "Are you sure?" text
  • fixes Storage Volume Resize dialog max size setting for thick provisioning
  • changes iSCSI driver from IET to SCST
  • fixes 'View Share' dialog, missing space in mount path
  • fixes text validation in dialogs so that the cursor doesn't jump to the end
  • fixes upgrade logic to upgrade the target driver first and tomcat last
  • fixes VMWare/XenServer virtual appliance device discovery so that devices are found without allow_unident=1 flag
  • adds option to create/modify a pool to 'Enable Write Optimizations'. This uses the nobarrier filesystem option to leverage write optimizations in systems with a battery backup units.
  • adds new LSI 3ware operations to web interface: controller rescan, add hot spare, identify disk, identify unit
  • adds JFS pool type (create via command line only)
  • adds support for SCSI3 persistent reservations / Windows Hyper-V live migration
  • adds cloud backup support (Amazon S3)
  • adds a warning to BTRFS pool type creation, this pool type is not yet ready for production use


  • adds support for FusionIO cards
  • adds support for new XFS based 'Archive' storage pool type. The Standard (ext4) pools are limited to 16TB which is sub-optimal for some disk-to-disk backup applications like Atempo so the new 'Archive (xfs)' pool type w/ a 8EB limit solves that.
  • adds automatic audit logging, see /var/log/qs_audit.log
  • adds logic to expunge old complete or failed task entries automatically
  • adds logic to do an automatic internal database backup anytime a new pool is created
  • adds properties page for iSCSI session in web interface
  • adds LSI 3ware logical unit discovery
  • fixes size reporting on Standard (ext4) thin provisioned volumes
  • fixes service update logic
  • fixes bug that was preventing new user role creation
  • fixes bug in target port modify dialog
  • fixes to new SCST support beta
  • fixes bug in modify chap user/password where they were reversed


  • remote replication support officially released
  • adds Upgrade Manager for upgrading QuantaStor via the web interface
  • adds Recovery Manager for recovering the QuantaStor database via the web interface
  • login screen uses default password 'password' if no password is specified
  • additional i18n work to prepare for localized editions


  • remote-replication beta updates
    • improved connection state logic
    • various enhancements to enable whole file transfers on initial push as well as options to disable this mode in quantastor.conf
    • bandwidth fixes for storage system link dialogs
  • fixed CHAP bug in web interface
  • added device exclusion list option to /etc/quantastor.conf
  • additional i18n work to prepare for localized editions
  • fixed bug in PhysicalDisk query where invalid characters in the serialNumber field was causing SOAP API issues


  • fixed installer to allow more control over partitioning
  • fixed bug in filesystem resize logic
  • adds support for HP P400 RAID controllers via hpacucli
  • fixed up firmware level detection
  • adds beta support for remote replication schedules
  • adds beta support for remote replication
  • adds dialog for modifying network share client entries
  • extends Storage System modify dialog to allow setting the network domain and search suffix
  • additional i18n work to prepare for localized editions
  • added storage system ID reset when /etc/qs_reset_sysid is present


  • upgraded base platform from Ubuntu Server 10.04 to Ubuntu Server 10.10
  • adds support for NAS / network shares / NFSv3
  • adds support for network share snapshots
  • adds support for restoring from network share snapshot
  • enhances snapshot schedules to include support for automatic network share snapshots
  • added additional license checks
  • added more detail to storage pool properties page
  • added dynamic permission definition upgrade logic
  • additional i18n work to prepare for German and Japanese localization
  • fixed bug in pool free-space calculation
  • fix to target port state, was showing offline in some cases where it was online
  • fix to storage pool state, also showing offline in some cases where it was online
  • added logic to skip the startup device arrival delay if the system has been up for more than a couple mintues
  • enhanced CLI to add network share management commands
  • some optimization of web UI synchronization logic
  • fixed up the send alert logic to handle SSL SMTP connections w/ retry logic
  • added remote replication tab and initial code for replication schedules


  • added support for changing DNS entries to the 'Modify Storage System' dialog
  • added support for sending email with SMTP user/password
  • fixed bug in license activate dialog to show license activation state
  • added initial support for remote replication
  • fixed memory leak in storage pool state and health monitor
  • additional work on Japanese localization
  • added properties pages for hardware enclosure / controller types
  • added initial support for LSI 3ware 9690SA hardware discovery / alert integration
  • added support for gathering tx/rx data per network adapter
  • added file-system optimizations to reduce meta data footprint
  • added support for Fusion IO device names


  • fixed storage pool delete logic when deleting a pool with missing disk devices
  • initial support for Japanese locale
  • added option to QuantaStor Manager UI to allow one to 'force' a storage pool to start even when degraded
  • improved device identification logic
  • fixed minor bug in HP RAID controller support detection logic
  • added support for large >2TB hardware RAID devices
  • minor fix to storage pool create logic so that physical disks don't show the storage pool association as a GUID

v1.1.0.1592 *

  • adds support for configuring ports as 'iSCSI enabled' so that ports can be designated as management only
  • fixed physical disk discovery bug in XS VM
  • adjusted read/transmit settings in iSCSI target driver to improve performance
  • fixed storage pool start-up issue which would cause pools to be started as degraded or not at all. This was more common with large pools with 6 or more disks.
  • fixed various edge conditions around create/delete virtual port
  • fixed bug in port state discovery
  • fixed bug where network access to QS server was not available after boot because networking needed to be restarted after port bonding was completed. Non-issue with systems not utilizing port bonding.


  • added Mac OS X option to the host add/modify dialog
  • minor fixes to volume cloning logic to support cloning across pool types
  • minor fixes to alert email generation logic
  • added support for automatic backup of QuantaStor database to /var/opt/osnexus/quantastor/osn.db.backup
  • added initial changes for HP server / HP RAID controller support
  • updated device ID collection logic to store scsi VDP 0x83 descriptor information for Physical Disk objects
  • fixed bug in stripe-width/stride calculations for 'Standard' type pools
  • fixed UI bug preventing role creation / RBAC security configuration changes


  • fix to device discovery logic to support running QuantaStor in a VMWare ESX virtual machine
  • fix to storage pool deletion logic to properly clear physical device to storage pool association
  • added support for 'Standard' type storage pools which utilizes ext4 rather than btrfs as used with the 'Advanced' storage pool type.
  • updated storage volume create dialog to include storage pool RAID level info
  • updated QuantaStor kernel to be based off 2.6.35 to resolve ENOSPC edge conditions with Advanced storage pool type
  • minor fix to storage pool diagram colors to improve contrast
  • improved quantastor shutdown logic to bring down storage pools more cleanly
  • updated storage pool partitioning logic to align storage pools to physical disk cylinder boundaries
  • added filtering logic to prevent snapshot selection of volumes in Standard type storage pools