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v5.0.0.093 (Dec 21st 2018)

Note: for IBM Cloud / SoftLayer users

As an addendum to Event 73376867 QuantaStor 5.x will be replacing QuantaStor 4.x in the IBM Cloud starting April 1st, 2019. After April 1st QuantaStor 5.x will be the available provisioning version for new deployments. Long term maintenance and updates for existing installations of QuantaStor 4.x will be enabled with migrating to QuantaStor 5.x starting with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2 mid-March, 2019.

For assistance with upgrading an existing QuantaStor 4.x system to QuantaStor 5.x please contact IBM Cloud Support.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 5.0.0 was released as ISO media. Upgrades from QuantaStor 4.x to 5.x will be available with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Installation Media

QuantaStor v5.0.0 is available at the link here: QuantaStor v5.0.0 ISO md5

Release Notes

Release Highlights:

  • Base Platform upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial.
  • Linux Kernel updated to 4.15.0-36-generic.
  • Updated Ceph version to Luminous.
  • New Ceph OSD's will use Bluestore as their backing storage providing a large performance improvement.
  • Added Encryption at rest for Ceph OSD devices.
  • Added Ceph Crush Map management via Ceph Pool Profiles.
  • Added Ansible Automation support, contact OSNEXUS Sales Engineering for details.
  • Updated Cloud Container (NAS Gateway) backend to provide better performance scaling and support for additional Cloud Providors from Microsoft Azure and Backblaze.
  • Added Configuration Analyzer to help users more easily identify problems and address them.
  • Added IPMI sensor monitoring for server models from Dell, HPE, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and Lenovo.
  • Added support for HPE’s NV-DIMM technology for use in scale-out object and block storage configurations.


  • Linux Kernel updated to 4.15.0-36-generic [ QSTOR-5397 ]
  • Enabled support for persistent Linux Network device names. [ QSTOR-5405 ]
  • Updated QuantaStor base platform to Xenial 16.04 [ QSTOR-4874 ]
  • Fixed: the alternate QuantaStor web Port at :8080 now automatically redirects to https and uses the same SSL/TLS ciphers and security settings as the primary https web port at :443 [ QSTOR-5128 ]
  • Fixed: the Dashboards are now supported and display as expected on the alternate QuantaStor web port :8080 [ QSTOR-5128 ]


  • Added crush map rule creation for application to an existing ceph pool via ceph pool modify. [ QSTOR-5464 ]
  • Added properties to the Rados Gateway objects for S3/Swift zone name, Ceph Cluster and Storage URL. [ QSTOR-5361 ]
  • Add the ability to create Ceph WAL devices and OSDs using the new bluestore/xenial support via the UI. [ QSTOR-5185 ]
  • Added the ability to create Ceph OSD's on SSD or NVME without needing a separate WAL/Journal device. [ QSTOR-4884 ]
  • Add support for encrypted OSDs in Ceph clusters. [ QSTOR-4666 ]
  • Fix OSD create to leave the isMounted field of the underlying physical disk as false. [ QSTOR-5305 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the ceph.conf file was not being updated properly. [ QSTOR-4996 ]
  • Fixed an issue where the provisionableId and osdType fields were being set incorrectly for some OSDs on Xenial platform. [ QSTOR-5224 ]
  • Fixed an issue where lvm devices associated with OSDs were not being filtered out of disk discovery. [ QSTOR-5196 ]
  • Fixed an issue where recreating Ceph OSDs using the same disks on Xenial would fail. [ QSTOR-5160 ]
  • Fixed an issue where physical disks which are being used as OSDs were being filtered out of the physical disk grid view and the cephOsdId fields were not being cleared from memory after ceph cluster tear down. [ QSTOR-5264 ]
  • Enhance Ceph Multi OSD Create dialog to include System Name in the search filter. [ QSTOR-5377 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Add rclone support for cloud containers from various cloud providers. [ QSTOR-5423 ]
  • Updated rclone version to v1.45 [ QSTOR-5442 ]

Configuration Analysis

  • Adds Config Analyzer dialog. [ QSTOR-4213 ]

Disk Management

  • Added support for Encrypting Persistent Memory Devices. [ QSTOR-4328 ]
  • Add ability to create/delete hotspare markers and leave Disk Manager to do all discovery. [ QSTOR-5047 ]
  • Fixed an issue with creating pools using pre-partitioned multipath disk devices. [ QSTOR-5325 ]


  • Fixed an issue with removing and recreating Gluster Virtual interfaces. [ QSTOR-5066 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added a Missing disk status for drive enclosure slots where a disk is no longer appearing to the SAS HBA. This allows for tracking of disk failures where a drive will no longer respond to discovery/inquiry commands, or if the drive has been physically removed from the chassis (to simulate a failure scenario). Replacing the drive or inserting a new drive into the slot will automatically clear the missing status from the slot. [ QSTOR-5054 ]
  • Added Hardware Controller Management support for Dell BOSS card. [ QSTOR-5017 ]
  • Added: The Remove Hardware Controller Disk Device dialog in the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers section will now remove a disk with a 'Missing' status. [ QSTOR-5477 ]

Storage Pools

  • Improved the RAID type selection of the storage pool auto-configure feature. [ QSTOR-5317 ]
  • Enhance XFS Pool Create on Xenial to check for OSD associated dm device arrival. [ QSTOR-4993 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Added new qs volume-snapshot-revert CLI command to allow reverting a snapshot back to the original state it was in when it was first snapshotted. [ QSTOR-5438 ]
  • Adds NAA id support to Storage Volumes on new QuantaStor deployments. Systems upgraded from the Trusty platform will continue to operate in the legacy mode. [ QSTOR-5408 ]
  • Added cli options for setting sync and compression type to the qs volume-create command. [ QSTOR-5449 ]

Network Shares

  • Added the ability to customize the NFS root share folder from '/export' to a custom root share path (such as /shares) specified via the /etc/export.root file. Note: this customization would affect the base path for NFS mounting for all Network shares. This is not supported for HA configurations at this time. [ QSTOR-5459 ]

Web Manager

  • Added a column for the current MTU to the Network Port grid view in the WebUI [ QSTOR-5283 ]
  • Updated the Storage System Modify dialog to be more compact with tab specific sections for DNS, NTP and networking settings. [ QSTOR-5277 ]
  • Added an option in the Storage System Modify Dialog to convert ethernet device names from consistent network device naming to legacy ethX convention. [ QSTOR-5277 ]
  • Added System Name and Resource to the Config Analysis view. [ QSTOR-5479 ]

Core Service

  • Added additional logic to ensure a Bonded ports ethernet slaves are brought up correctly when a port is onlined. [ QSTOR-5168 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5487 ]