Changing Network Bonding Mode

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Changing the Network Bonding Mode is done using the Modify Storage System dialog in the web management interface.

If for some reason you need to use a custom bonding mode that is not available in the web management interface or are using an older version of QuantaStor (v2) you can manually edit Linux configuration files to set the bonding mode. Note that this change will require a momentary interrupt in connectivity to an active bonded interface. If you have NFS or iSCSI connections currently accessing the bonded interface you wish to change you should schedule a maintenance window and disconnect the clients prior to making the changes.

Enable LACP 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation

  1. If you have bonded interface already configured in the QuantaStor Manager, delete it.
  2. Edit the following bonding configuration files.
    In both files, chance the phrase bonding mode=0 so that it reads bonding mode=4.
    1. /etc/modprobe.d/bonding.conf
    2. /etc/modules
  3. Stop the bonding driver
    rmmod bonding
  4. Restart the bonding driver
    modprobe bonding
  5. Create a new bonded port in the QuantaStor Manager

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