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QuantaStor's Cloud Containers feature enables one to setup a NAS Gateway to object storage like AWS and other S3 compatible cloud storage buckets. Because of the way Google Cloud Storage works there are a couple of steps required to enable access to your Google Cloud account.

Overview Configuration Steps

  • Login to your Google Cloud account:
  • Navigate to the project settings and get your "Access Key" and "Secret"
  • Create a service account to access the buckets and get the JSON authorization file.
  • Add provider credentials to the Google provider within QuantaStor with your key, secret, project and JSON file.
  • Create a new Cloud Container which will create a bucket in your Google Cloud storage -or- Add a Cloud Container using an existing Google Cloud bucket

Logging into Google Cloud Storage

Login to your Google account normally via

Get the Access Key and Secret

Navigate to "Settings" and then "Interoperability" for you project. If you don't have a key, create a new one for the project.


Create a service account

Navigate to IAM & Admin section to create a service account. For more information on service accounts, please refer to


Then create a service account. Specify the description for the purpose of the service account


Select the account permissions. Please note that in order to create buckets via Quantastor the service account need to be "Storage Admin"


Create a private key for the service account

Edit the service account and select "Create Key" with key type as "JSON". Doing so will download a JSON file to your downloads directory. Store this file securely because this key can't be recovered if lost. If this is lost, you will have create a new key. More information creating service account keys can be found at


Add provider credentials to the Google provider within QuantaStor

Select the Google cloud provider in the Quantastor UI to enter the credentials. The JSON file downloaded in the above step needs to be copied on the Quantastor system managing the cloud containers. Full path and name of the JSON auth file needs to be provided in the "Add Cloud Provider Credentials" dialog.


Create/Add Cloud Container(s)

Now navigate to the Cloud Containers section and then Import or Create a new Cloud Container using the Google Cloud credentials you entered before. Note that after you create a new container you will find a Network Share listed in the main Storage Management -> Network Shares section which represents the container and makes it accessible via NFS and SMB.