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QuantaStor storage servers require a license before the software can be utilized. Each individual server requires its own unique license so a 3x system cluster will require 3x license keys. QuantaStor is available with 5 different license types: Enterprise Edition, Trial Edition, Cloud Edition, Data Migration Edition, and Community Edition. When systems are combined to create a storage grid all the licenses should be of the same type.

Enterprise Edition

Commercial licenses used for the majority of deployments, all features are enabled.

Trial Edition

Time limited (30-day) and capacity limited (256TB) Enterprise Edition license, all features are enabled. Expanded Trial Edition licenses are available from OSNEXUS sales for PoC activities.

Community Edition

Limited capacity (40TB) license which provides most features and allows formation of 3x node storage grids. Non-commercial use only.

Cloud Edition

Same as Enterprise Edition but it enables a specialized PayGo license management system for Cloud Service Providers.

Data Migration Edition

Same as Enterprise Edition but enables customizations and management features for mobile data migration servers including LED front panel management.

Adding Licenses

Once QuantaStor has been installed on a given server, the first step add the storage system License if it hasn't already been added by the solution provider. If you were provided new or expanded licenses via email they'll come as a block of text referred to as a License Key Block. Input the License Key Block via the Add License button in the Getting Started dialog or via the License Manager which is accessed by pressing the License Manager button in the toolbar.

Add License

The key block you received via email is contained within markers like so:

--------START KEY BLOCK--------

---------END KEY BLOCK--------- 

Note that when you add the key using the 'Add License' dialog you can choose whether or not to include the START/END KEY BLOCK markers, though it makes no difference.

For more information on the license, refer to the Storage System License Add page.

Activate License

Once your key block has been entered you'll want to activate your key which can be done in one of two ways. If the new QuantaStor system is connected to the network, the activation can be completed in just a few seconds using the Activate License Online button in the Workflow Manager. The Activate Online button in the License Manager functions the same way.

Activate License

If your storage system is not connected to the internet select the Activate via Email button in the License Manager and send the required information to You have a 7 day grace period for license activation, so you can begin configuring and utilizing the system even if the system is not yet activated. If you do not activate the license within 7 days, the storage system will no longer allow any additional configuration changes until an activation key is supplied.

For more information on the license activation, refer to the Storage System License Activate Online page.

Change Administrator Password

For security, you will want to create a secure password for your storage system. This can be completed quickly using the Change Admin Password button in the Manager, but also can be achieved via the Set Password button in the toolbar under "Users & Groups".

Change Administrator Password

For more information on the password, refer to the User Set Password page.

Network Configuration

You will want to configure the ports on your storage system. This can be completed quickly using the Network Configuration button in the Manager, but also can be found via right-clicking inside the Network Ports tab, visible when "Storage System" is selected under "Storage Management".

Network Configuration

For more information on the password, refer to the Network Port Modify page.