Network Port Modify

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Network port configuration allows you to change the IP address, network mask, and gateway for any port on the system. It is generally best to only setup the gateway on one port that you are using for management. Most of the time your QuantaStor system will be serving storage to the local area network so the gateway is only used to access outside servers like when upgrading your appliance.

Complex Network Configurations

For more complex network topologies it can be important to setup the gateway on more than one port and or setup custom settings and network policies. QuantaStor automatically assigns a 'metric' to the various ports to ensure that one port takes priority but network settings can be adjusted manually via the /etc/networking/interfaces file. If you've Linux network expertise you will find the interfaces file familiar as QuantaStor builds on top of Ubuntu Server, if not it is good to get some assistance from our support team.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> Network Ports --> Modify Network Port (rightclick)

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