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QuantaStor’s NAS gateway storage appliances can be configured to have local NAS storage which is periodically backed-up to IBM Cloud Storage as objects or alternatively can be configured to cache some metadata but otherwise be a pure NAS pass-thru gateway to IBM Cloud Storage.

QuantaStor NAS Gateway Appliance Features

  • Provides NFS and SMB access to IBM S3 Object Storage
  • Objects map one-to-one as Files and vice-versa
  • Backup policies enable backups of NFS/SMB shares to IBM S3 Object Storage
  • Snapshot Schedules with long term snapshot retention options make file recovery from appliance local Network Shares easy.
  • Automatable via QS CLI and REST API


  • Accessing IBM Cloud Object Storage as NAS via NFS or SMB protocols
  • File backups of NFS and SMB shares to IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • General purposed NAS file storage which is optionally backed up to IBM Cloud Object Storage


Since the NAS gateway based Network Shares (QuantaStor Cloud Containers) are backed by IBM Cloud Object Storage there are no local storage requirements except that the boot device should be SSD based to improve cache performance. NAS gateway to object storage is for general unstructured data and backups. Gateways cannot be used directly for database and virtualization workloads. Add additional drives to expand capacity. Additional appliances may be added to a given storage grid for easy management of all appliances across IBM data centers. OSNEXUS recommends provisioning a 24-bay or 36-bay server with free drive bays available for expandability as expansion disk-enclosures are not available as an add-on except at the time of initial server/appliance deployment.


NAS Gateway based Network Shares are not for high-performance use cases and will typically see 50MB/sec with 1GbE uplinks. If higher performance is required then an appliance local Network Share should be provisioned which is then backed up to a cloud based Network Share using a Backup Policy. The performance of an appliance local Network Share is limited to the number of disks in the storage pool and can deliver over 1.2GB/sec of read/write throughput for large files on appliances configured with dual 10GbE.


Step One: Cloud Containers Tab → Cloud Storage Providers → Add Credentials → select Softlayer S3, enter keys → Click OK
Step Two: Cloud Containers Tab → Cloud Storage Containers → Cloud Container Create → enter share name → Click OK
Step Three: Storage Management Tab → Network Shares → Modify Network Share & SMB Access → adjust settings → Click OK


Hardware Networking Licenses and Fees
1RU or 2RU server with dual redundant power.
All configurations include mirrored boot.
Use LACP bonded network ports for best performance and redundancy.
Use 10GbE for best performance.
Select the OSNEXUS operating system QuantaStor license tier based on the amount of raw storage capacity in the appliance.
License, maintenance, upgrades and support included.


NAS Gateway Configuration Options

Extra-small Tier - Hybrid SAN/NAS – 4TB Small Tier - Hybrid SAN/NAS – 16TB
2x E5-2620v4, 32GB RAM, 8x 2TB, QS XSmall Tier License,
2x 2TB SATA HDD, 2x 1TB SATA (mirrored boot),
2x 1GbE or 10GbE Private Network ports
2x E5-2620v4, 32GB RAM, 8x 2TB, QS Small Tier License,
8x 2TB SATA HDD, 2x 1TB SATA (mirrored boot),
2x 1GbE or 10GbE Private Network ports