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The Installation Guide takes you step-by-step through the process of installing the QuantaStor Storage System OS on your server hardware from our ISO media. If you are using a QuantaStor virtual system, you can skip the installation guide and proceed to the Getting Started Guide for initial configuration instructions and the Administrators Guide for more advanced configuration.

  • Preparing ISO Media
    • Documentation on creating a bootable QuantaStor Installer on a USB thumb-drive for bare-metal install
  • Upgrade Guide
    • The Upgrade Guide outlines how to upgrade your QuantaStor system or virtual system to the latest version.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum requirements vary depending on the workload so it is recommended to explore using the QuantaStor Design Tools to get a good idea of the hardware requirements for a specific workload. These minimum requirements are provided as a guide to setting up a system that meets the bare minimum requirements so that one may explore using the software and it capabilities.

  • Intel Xeon or AMD x64 bit server (or virtual server)
  • 16GB RAM
    • The QuantaStor System will install and run on just 4GB of RAM but it will not perform well and will have issues when many services are under load. With this memory configuration basic functionality will work. For a production class machine, please use the Design Tools to select the hardware, usable capacity and use case so that it may generate hardware recommendations.
  • 2x SSDs for system/boot drives
    • Boot drives should be hardware mirrored and should be at least 64GB in size
  • One or more disks per system for storage pools.
    • Storage media used to create storage pools can be of any type (SSD/NVMe/PCI SSD/SATA/SAS/FC/iSCSI/AoE)
  • Download QuantaStor USB/ISO Installation Media for installation
    • The QuantaStor operating system ISO image is a hybrid ISO that allows for installation from DVD media or USB media like thumb-drives. More detail on creating a USB bootable flash drive for installing QuantaStor is available here.

Installation Guide Topics

Preparing ISO Media

Bare-metal Install

VM/VSA Install

Install Troubleshooting