Add-Remove Shares to-from Provisioning

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Add or Remove shares from the Provisioning Quota.

In QuantaStor, the "Add/Remove Shares To/From Provisioning Quota" feature allows you to adjust the shares associated with a provisioning quota. In this context, "shares" refer to a relative priority or weighting given to different resources when allocating storage capacity.

The purpose of adding or removing shares to/from a provisioning quota is to control the distribution of storage resources among multiple resources or entities. By assigning shares, you can influence the proportion of storage capacity that each resource receives when there is contention for available space.

When multiple resources or volumes compete for storage allocation, the shares assigned to each resource determine their relative priority. Resources with higher shares are given a larger portion of the available storage capacity, while resources with lower shares receive a smaller allocation. This allows you to allocate storage in a manner that reflects the importance or priority of different resources or applications.

By adjusting the shares associated with a provisioning quota, you can fine-tune the allocation of storage capacity and ensure that critical or high-priority resources receive an appropriate amount of storage space. This helps optimize storage utilization, prioritize important workloads, and maintain service levels in scenarios where there are competing demands for storage resources.

Navigation: Multitenancy --> Resource Groups --> Provisioning Quota --> Add/Remove Shares (toolbar)

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