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Add Cloud provider location information.

In QuantaStor, the "Cloud Provider Location" feature serves the purpose of specifying the geographical location or region associated with a cloud provider's data center infrastructure. This feature is relevant when configuring cloud storage integrations, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), within the QuantaStor storage system. The purpose of defining the cloud provider location includes:

  • Data Sovereignty and Compliance: Different regions and countries have varying data protection laws and regulations governing the storage and processing of data. Specifying the cloud provider location allows organizations to ensure compliance with local data sovereignty requirements by storing data within specific geographical regions or jurisdictions.
  • Data Residency: Some organizations may have policies or contractual requirements that mandate storing data within a particular geographic region or country. Cloud provider location enables administrators to select the desired region where data will be stored, ensuring compliance with data residency requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Latency and Performance: The proximity of data to users and applications can impact performance and latency. By selecting a cloud provider location closer to the intended users or workloads, organizations can minimize latency and optimize performance for accessing cloud storage services, improving user experience and application responsiveness.
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery: Cloud providers typically offer multiple data center regions within a geographic area to provide redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. Selecting multiple cloud provider locations allows organizations to replicate data across geographically distributed regions for redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery purposes, ensuring high availability and data resilience.
  • Cost Optimization: Cloud providers often offer different pricing structures and costs for data storage and data transfer based on geographic regions. Selecting an optimal cloud provider location can help organizations optimize costs by leveraging cost-effective regions or data centers for storing data and accessing cloud services.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Certain industries, such as healthcare, finance, or government, may have specific regulatory requirements or industry standards governing data storage and processing. Specifying the cloud provider location allows organizations to align with regulatory requirements and industry standards for data governance, security, and compliance.

Overall, the purpose of defining the cloud provider location in QuantaStor is to provide administrators with granular control over where data is stored within the cloud provider's infrastructure, ensuring compliance with data sovereignty regulations, optimizing performance, enhancing data resilience, controlling costs, and aligning with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Navigation: Cloud Integration --> Cloud Storage Containers --> Cloud Storage Provider --> Add Provider Location (toolbar)

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