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Adds another QuantaStor appliance node into the grid.

The "Add System to Storage Grid" feature in QuantaStor serves the purpose of adding a new system or node to an existing Storage Grid. A Storage Grid is a collection of interconnected QuantaStor systems that work together to provide a unified and scalable storage infrastructure.

Grids make it so that you can manage all the features of all appliance nodes via the web management interface, CLI, and REST APIs.

Here are the key purposes and functionalities of the "Add System to Storage Grid" feature in QuantaStor:

  • Scalability and expansion: The feature allows administrators to scale the storage infrastructure by adding additional systems or nodes to the existing Storage Grid. This enables the storage capacity and performance to be increased to meet growing storage demands.
  • High availability and redundancy: By adding more systems to the Storage Grid, administrators can enhance the high availability and redundancy of the storage environment. The data can be distributed across multiple systems, providing fault tolerance and protecting against system failures.
  • Unified management: When a new system is added to the Storage Grid, it becomes part of the unified management framework provided by QuantaStor. This enables administrators to manage and monitor the added system alongside other systems in the Storage Grid from a central interface, simplifying system administration and configuration.
  • Resource pooling: The added system contributes its storage resources, such as disk capacity, to the overall resource pool of the Storage Grid. This allows the pooled resources to be efficiently utilized and allocated based on storage requirements and policies.
  • Load balancing: By adding a new system to the Storage Grid, administrators can distribute the storage workload across multiple systems. This helps balance the data access and I/O operations, improving performance and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Data migration and replication: When a new system is added to the Storage Grid, data migration or replication mechanisms can be employed to ensure that data is distributed or copied to the added system. This helps maintain data availability and redundancy across the expanded storage infrastructure.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage Systems --> Storage System Grid --> Add System (toolbar)

For further information see Admin Guide - Grid Configuration

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