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Immediately activates the Backup Policy in QuantaStor's internal schedule manager to start a new Backup Job.

In QuantaStor, triggering a backup policy means manually initiating a backup operation based on a predefined backup policy. Here's the common purpose and functionality associated with triggering a backup policy:

  • On-Demand Backups: The ability to trigger a backup policy allows you to perform backups at times other than the scheduled backup intervals. This can be useful when you need to create a backup immediately for reasons such as data protection, testing, or data recovery.
  • Data Consistency: Manually triggering a backup based on a policy ensures that the backup is consistent with the defined policy's settings, such as backup type, retention period, and destination.
  • Ad Hoc Backups: It enables you to perform ad hoc backups when specific events or conditions warrant it. For example, you might want to trigger a backup before making significant changes to your data or system configuration.
  • Testing: Triggering a backup policy is useful for testing purposes. It allows you to verify that the backup policy is functioning correctly and that backups are being created as expected.
  • Data Recovery: In situations where data needs to be restored from a backup, triggering a backup policy can be the first step in the recovery process, ensuring that you have a recent and consistent backup to restore from.
  • Emergency Backups: When critical data needs to be backed up immediately due to an emergency, such as a potential data loss event, triggering a backup policy ensures rapid data protection.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Schedules --> Backup Policy --> Run (toolbar)

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