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Modify a Ceph File System.

In QuantaStor, the "Ceph File System Modify" operation is used to make changes to an existing Ceph File System (CephFS) configuration. CephFS is a distributed file system built on top of the Ceph storage platform, providing a scalable and highly available file storage solution.

The purpose of the "Ceph File System Modify" operation is to modify various settings and parameters related to the CephFS configuration. This operation allows administrators to make adjustments or updates to tailor the behavior and performance of the CephFS according to their specific requirements.

Some of the modifications that can be performed through the "Ceph File System Modify" operation may include:

  • Adjusting file system quotas and limits: Quota settings define the maximum amount of storage space or the number of files that can be allocated to users or groups within the CephFS. This operation allows administrators to modify these limits as needed.
  • Tuning performance parameters: CephFS has several configurable parameters that control aspects such as caching, data replication, striping, and client behavior. Through this operation, administrators can modify these parameters to optimize performance based on workload characteristics.
  • Managing access controls: CephFS supports access control mechanisms like POSIX permissions, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and role-based access control (RBAC). The "Ceph File System Modify" operation can be used to modify or update these access control settings for files and directories within the file system.

Enabling or disabling features: CephFS offers various optional features, such as snapshots, directory fragmentation, or inline data compression. This operation allows administrators to enable or disable these features based on their specific needs.

By using the "Ceph File System Modify" operation in QuantaStor, administrators have the flexibility to customize and fine-tune the configuration of their Ceph File System to align with their desired performance, capacity, and access control requirements.

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