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Create a new journal group in a Ceph storage cluster.

In QuantaStor, a software-defined storage platform, the "Ceph Journal Group Create" operation is related to the configuration of Ceph storage clusters. Ceph is a distributed storage system that provides object, block, and file storage capabilities.

The purpose of the "Ceph Journal Group Create" operation is to create a new journal group in a Ceph storage cluster. The journal group consists of a set of OSD (Object Storage Daemon) nodes that collectively manage the journaling functionality for data writes and metadata updates within the Ceph cluster.

The journaling mechanism in Ceph is crucial for ensuring data consistency and reliability. When a write or metadata update occurs, the journal group acts as a buffer to temporarily store these changes before they are written to the underlying storage devices. This helps in optimizing performance and reducing the impact of disk latency on data operations.

Journal groups are used to organize and allocate journal space for different components of the Ceph cluster, such as OSDs (Object Storage Daemons) or RADOS (Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store) clients. Ceph Journals are Grouped from one or two devices. When the option "Use RAID1 Mirroring" is chosen the Journal Group will utilize software RAID1 to prevent data loss or corruption. Existing Journals can be used when creating OSDs.

By creating a journal group, administrators can distribute the journaling workload across multiple OSD nodes, thereby increasing the cluster's capacity to handle concurrent data writes and updates. This allows for better scalability and fault tolerance within the storage environment.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Data & Journal Devices --> Data & Journal Devices --> Create Journal Group (toolbar)

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