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Create a Ceph EC Profile to be used when creating an erasure coded pool and the associated Redundancy/CRUSH rule.

In QuantaStor, the "Create Ceph EC Profile" feature is used to create an Erasure Coding (EC) profile for Ceph storage pools. Erasure coding is a data protection mechanism that provides redundancy and fault tolerance by distributing data across multiple disks in a Ceph storage cluster.

Create a Ceph EC Pool Profile to be used when creating an erasure coded pool and the associated CRUSH rule. Select an erasure code plugin to compute coding chunks and recover missing chunks. The Data (K value) and Code (M value) Chunk parameters along with the Failure Domain define the storage overhead and the data durability.

The purpose of the "Create Ceph EC Profile" function is to define the characteristics and parameters of the erasure coding scheme used for a Ceph storage pool. This includes setting the data chunk size, coding chunk size, number of data chunks, and number of coding chunks.

Here's a breakdown of the key aspects and benefits of creating a Ceph EC profile in QuantaStor:

  • Redundancy and Fault Tolerance: Erasure coding enables data redundancy and fault tolerance by dividing data into multiple chunks and creating parity chunks. If a disk or chunk becomes unavailable or fails, the data can be reconstructed using the remaining chunks and parity information.
  • Storage Efficiency: Erasure coding allows for efficient use of storage capacity by reducing the overhead associated with traditional replication-based data redundancy. It achieves a similar level of data protection with less storage overhead.
  • Performance Considerations: The parameters defined in the EC profile, such as data and coding chunk sizes, impact the performance of the erasure coding scheme. Finding the right balance between storage efficiency and computational overhead is crucial for optimizing performance.
  • Customization: QuantaStor allows administrators to create custom EC profiles to match specific requirements. This includes selecting the desired coding technique, configuring chunk sizes, adjusting the number of data and coding chunks, and defining other relevant parameters.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to create multiple EC profiles, QuantaStor provides flexibility in choosing the appropriate profile for different storage pools based on their specific needs. This allows administrators to align data protection and storage efficiency with the requirements of different applications and workloads.

By using the "Create Ceph EC Profile" feature in QuantaStor, administrators can define and customize erasure coding schemes for their Ceph storage pools, enabling efficient data protection, fault tolerance, and storage optimization.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Scale-out Storage Pools --> EC Profiles & Rules --> Create EC Pool Profile (toolbar)

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