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Specify the new Ceph cluster name along with the network interface configuration.

The "Create Ceph Cluster Configuration" feature in QuantaStor serves the purpose of configuring and deploying a Ceph cluster within the QuantaStor storage management platform. Ceph is an open-source distributed storage system that provides scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available storage for large-scale deployments.

The "Create Ceph Cluster Configuration" feature in QuantaStor allows you to set up and manage a Ceph cluster by defining various configuration parameters and options. Here are the key purposes and functionalities of this feature:

  • Cluster deployment: QuantaStor enables you to deploy a Ceph cluster by creating the necessary configurations and resources. This involves specifying the number of Ceph OSDs (Object Storage Daemons), Ceph monitors, and Ceph metadata servers.
  • Storage pool configuration: With the "Create Ceph Cluster Configuration" feature, you can configure storage pools within the Ceph cluster. Storage pools provide logical divisions of storage resources within the cluster and allow for efficient management and allocation of storage capacity.
  • Data replication and redundancy: Ceph provides data replication mechanisms for high availability and fault tolerance. During the creation of the Ceph cluster configuration, you can define the replication factor, which determines the number of copies of data that should be stored across different OSDs for redundancy.
  • Placement group configuration: Ceph uses placement groups to distribute data across the OSDs in the cluster. The "Create Ceph Cluster Configuration" feature allows you to specify the number of placement groups to be used, which affects the data distribution and performance within the cluster.
  • Monitoring and management: Once the Ceph cluster configuration is created, QuantaStor provides monitoring and management capabilities for the Ceph cluster. This includes tracking the status, performance metrics, health, and utilization of the Ceph cluster resources.
  • Integration with QuantaStor features: QuantaStor integrates Ceph cluster management within its storage management platform. This allows you to leverage QuantaStor's features such as volume management, snapshotting, replication, and monitoring for the Ceph cluster.

By using the "Create Ceph Cluster Configuration" feature in QuantaStor, you can set up and manage a Ceph cluster for distributed and scalable storage, benefiting from Ceph's resilience, scalability, and distributed architecture.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Scale-out Storage Clusters --> Scale-out Cluster Management --> Create Cluster (toolbar)

Ceph Network Diagram


Encryption and Advanced Settings Screens

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For further information see Administrator Guide

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