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Replication schedules are used to replicate Network Shares and Storage Volumes to another storage appliance automatically on a schedule.
There are two types of schedules, interval based schedules and day/time schedules. Interval based schedules replicate every N many minutes
where N is typically between 15 minutes and an hour. Day/time schedules replicate on specific days at specific times.

Storage System Links

Note that before you can setup a schedule and replicate data (volumes or shares) you must first setup a storage system link between the two
appliances you'll be using for replication. You can setup as many storage system links as you want and these links are setup to do a security
key exchange between the boxes for the purposes of data transfer and the links also hold the information on which
IP addresses (network interfaces) will be used for replication of data.

Navigation: Remote Replication --> Volume & Share Replication Schedules --> Replication Schedule --> Create (toolbar)

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For additional information see Remote Replication (DR)

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