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Create a new network static route for connecting to other networks.

In QuantaStor, the "Create Static Route" feature allows you to configure static routing for network communication within the storage environment. QuantaStor is a software-defined storage platform that provides centralized storage management and networking capabilities.

The purpose of creating a static route is to define a specific path for network traffic to follow when communicating with different networks or subnets. Static routes are manually configured routes that specify the next hop or gateway to reach a particular destination network.

By using the "Create Static Route" feature in QuantaStor, you can configure routing tables to ensure proper network connectivity and communication between different components of the storage infrastructure, including storage nodes, client systems, and external networks.

Some common use cases for creating static routes in QuantaStor include:

  • Connecting separate network segments: If you have multiple network segments or subnets within your storage environment, you can create static routes to enable communication between these segments.
  • Accessing remote networks: If you have remote networks or networks outside of your storage environment that need to be accessed by the storage system or clients, you can configure static routes to define the proper gateway for reaching those networks.
  • Traffic optimization: By defining specific routes for different types of traffic or destinations, you can optimize network traffic flow and ensure efficient data transfer within the storage infrastructure.

When creating a static route in QuantaStor, you typically specify the destination network or subnet, the gateway or next hop IP address, and other relevant parameters. This allows network packets to be directed to the appropriate destination based on the defined routes.

It's important to have a clear understanding of your network topology and requirements before configuring static routes. Incorrect or misconfigured static routes can lead to network connectivity issues or suboptimal performance.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> [Network Port icon] --> Create Static Route... (right-click)

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