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Deletes the storage system (data replication) link between two storage appliances.

In QuantaStor, the "Delete Storage System Replication Link" feature is used to remove an existing replication link between two storage systems. Replication links enable the synchronization of data between storage systems, providing data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

After the link is removed, remote replication between the two appliances will be disabled but the remote-replica association information will not be lost. This makes it so that you can create and delete links to change their settings without loosing any of the information on how the volumes and share checkpoints are associated. The purpose of deleting a storage system replication link can vary based on specific requirements and circumstances. Some common reasons for deleting a replication link include:

  • Discontinuing replication: If you no longer require data replication between the two storage systems, deleting the replication link allows you to cease the synchronization process. This could be the case when decommissioning one of the storage systems, or when the replication is no longer needed due to changes in the storage infrastructure or data management strategies.
  • Reconfiguring replication: When you need to make changes to the replication configuration, such as modifying replication schedules, adjusting replication options, or redirecting replication to a different target storage system, deleting the existing replication link is often the first step. Once the link is deleted, you can create a new replication link with the desired configurations.
  • Resolving replication issues: If you encounter problems or errors during the replication process, deleting the replication link and recreating it can sometimes help resolve issues. This can be useful when troubleshooting replication-related performance issues, network connectivity problems, or data synchronization inconsistencies.
  • Maintenance or upgrades: During maintenance activities or when upgrading storage systems, you might need to delete the replication link temporarily to ensure a smooth process. Once the maintenance or upgrade tasks are completed, you can recreate the replication link to resume data synchronization.

It's important to note that deleting a storage system replication link removes the association between the source and target storage systems, and it stops the replication process. Therefore, it should be done with caution and after considering the impact on data availability and protection.

Navigation: Remote Replication --> Volume & Share Replica Associations --> Replication Link --> Delete (toolbar)

For additional information see Remote Replication (DR)

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