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Deletes the specified S3 tenant.

In QuantaStor, the "Delete S3 Tenant" feature serves the purpose of permanently removing an S3 tenant from the system. An S3 tenant in QuantaStor refers to a segregated environment for S3-compatible object storage, typically associated with a specific customer or organization.

Here's an overview of the purpose and implications of deleting an S3 tenant in QuantaStor:

  • Removing S3 storage environment: When you delete an S3 tenant, it removes the entire S3 storage environment associated with that tenant. This includes all S3 buckets, objects, access policies, and configurations specific to that tenant.
  • Reclaiming resources: Deleting an S3 tenant helps reclaim resources, such as storage capacity, that were allocated to that tenant. This allows administrators to efficiently manage storage resources and ensure optimal utilization.
  • Organizational or customer management: Deleting an S3 tenant can be useful when managing multiple customers or organizations within QuantaStor. It allows for proper cleanup and removal of tenants that are no longer required or are associated with terminated contracts or customers.

It's important to note that the deletion of an S3 tenant is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Before deleting an S3 tenant, ensure that you have taken appropriate backups or transferred any necessary data or configurations associated with that tenant.

Navigation: Security --> S3 Users & Tenants --> S3 Users & Tenants --> Delete S3 Tenant (toolbar)

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