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Delete a network static route using the UUID for the route.

In QuantaStor, the "Delete Static Route" feature allows you to remove a previously configured static route from the networking configuration. QuantaStor is a software-defined storage platform that provides centralized storage management and networking capabilities.

The purpose of deleting a static route is to remove a specific route entry from the routing table, thus discontinuing the use of that route for network traffic. By selecting the "Delete Static Route" option, you can remove the specified static route and its associated settings from the QuantaStor networking configuration.

Deleting a static route is useful in scenarios where you no longer require the route or need to update your network configuration. This can include cases such as network topology changes, network reconfiguration, or adjustments to routing preferences.

When you delete a static route in QuantaStor, the routing table is updated to remove the corresponding route entry. This ensures that network traffic will no longer follow that specific route when attempting to reach the destination network specified in the deleted static route.

It's important to note that removing a static route should be done with caution, as it can affect network connectivity and communication within the storage environment. Before deleting a static route, ensure that you have a clear understanding of your network topology, the implications of removing the route, and any potential impact on network traffic flow.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> [Network Port icon] --> Delete Static Route... (right-click)

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