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Maintenance mode allows you to suppress alerts by suspending monitoring for an entire cluster.

In QuantaStor, the "Enter Ceph Maintenance Mode" feature is used to put a Ceph storage cluster into a maintenance state. Maintenance mode allows administrators to perform maintenance tasks, such as upgrades, repairs, or configuration changes, without impacting the availability and operation of the cluster.

Maintenance mode allows you to suppress alerts by suspending monitoring for an entire cluster. This can be useful for software upgrades or hardware maintenance activities like hardware replacements. For operational efficiency, do not leave the cluster in maintenance mode for long periods of time.

The purpose of entering Ceph maintenance mode in QuantaStor is to:

  • Ensure Cluster Stability: Maintenance mode helps maintain the stability and integrity of the Ceph cluster during maintenance activities. By entering maintenance mode, the cluster avoids unnecessary data migrations, rebalancing, or automatic recoveries that could interfere with the maintenance tasks.
  • Prevent Automatic Failover: When maintenance mode is activated, the Ceph cluster will prevent automatic failover or recovery actions triggered by node failures or disk issues. This ensures that planned maintenance activities are not interrupted or affected by automated recovery actions.
  • Isolate Nodes or OSDs: Maintenance mode can be used to isolate specific nodes or OSDs (Object Storage Daemons) within the cluster, allowing administrators to perform maintenance tasks on those specific components without impacting the overall cluster operation. It provides a controlled environment for troubleshooting, repairing, or upgrading individual nodes or OSDs.
  • Coordinate Maintenance Activities: By putting the cluster into maintenance mode, administrators can coordinate maintenance activities across multiple nodes or OSDs. This helps ensure a synchronized approach to maintenance tasks and reduces the risk of conflicts or disruptions caused by simultaneous operations.

It's important to note that entering maintenance mode should be done with caution and as part of a planned maintenance procedure. It should only be used when necessary and for the intended purpose of performing maintenance tasks on the Ceph cluster.

Navigation: Scale-out Storage Configuration --> Scale-out Storage Clusters --> Ceph Cluster --> Enter Maintenance Mode... (right click)

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