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Add or Remove external system credentials to the Storage Grid.

The "External System Credential Manager" in QuantaStor serves the purpose of managing and storing credentials or authentication information for external systems or services that are integrated with the QuantaStor storage environment. These external systems could include storage arrays, virtualization platforms, backup systems, or other components that require authentication for interaction with QuantaStor.

This enables one to Add and Remove external system credentials to the Storage Grid. External Systems may be added to the grid to simplify dynamic storage assignment of NVMeoF media to QuantaStor storage clusters. Current support for External Systems includes the Western Digital OpenFlex Data24 series NVMeoF JBOFs.

Here are the key purposes and functionalities of the "External System Credential Manager" in QuantaStor:

  • Centralized credential management: The External System Credential Manager provides a centralized location within QuantaStor to store and manage credentials for external systems. This eliminates the need for administrators to remember or manually enter credentials every time they interact with the integrated systems.
  • Secure storage of credentials: The Credential Manager securely stores authentication information, such as usernames, passwords, or access tokens, ensuring the sensitive information is protected. It employs encryption and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access or exposure of the credentials.
  • Simplified system integration: By storing credentials in the Credential Manager, administrators can easily integrate and configure external systems within the QuantaStor environment. This simplifies the setup process and ensures consistent and accurate credential management across different integrated systems.
  • Automated authentication: The Credential Manager enables automated authentication to external systems, eliminating the need for manual authentication each time a connection is established. QuantaStor can retrieve the stored credentials from the Credential Manager and use them to authenticate with the external systems seamlessly.
  • Credential rotation and updates: The Credential Manager allows administrators to update or rotate credentials for external systems as needed. This ensures that the authentication information remains up to date and aligned with any credential rotation policies or security requirements.
  • Integration flexibility: The Credential Manager supports a variety of external systems and services, allowing administrators to store credentials for different types of integrations. This includes storage arrays, virtualization platforms, backup systems, cloud services, and other components that require authentication for interaction with QuantaStor.

Overall, the External System Credential Manager simplifies the management and usage of credentials for external systems within the QuantaStor storage environment. It enhances security, improves integration efficiency, and provides a centralized approach to credential management.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Controllers & Enclosures --> External System Management --> Add External System (toolbar)

Navigation: Add Credentials... (button)

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Navigation: Remove Credentials... (button)

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