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Add Credentials for the external Storage System.

The "External System Credentials" in QuantaStor allows you to manage and store external credentials securely within the QuantaStor system. Here is the general purpose and potential use cases for this feature:

  • Centralized Credential Management: QuantaStor may integrate with other systems, services, or devices in your network, such as LDAP directories, Active Directory domains, cloud storage providers, or external storage systems. External System Credentials can be used to securely store and manage the authentication credentials (e.g., usernames and passwords) required to establish connections and access these external resources.
  • Simplified Configuration: By storing external credentials within QuantaStor, you can simplify the configuration process when setting up various storage-related services or connecting to external systems. Instead of entering credentials manually each time, you can reference the stored credentials.
  • Security and Encryption: QuantaStor is likely designed to store these credentials securely, using encryption and access controls to protect sensitive information. This enhances the security of your storage infrastructure.
  • Automation: The stored credentials can be used in automated scripts or tasks, allowing for smoother and more efficient management of external resources. This is particularly useful for tasks such as backups, replication, or integrating with other storage systems.
  • Auditing and Logging: Storing external credentials within QuantaStor enables better auditing and logging capabilities. You can track which systems or users are accessing external resources and when they do so.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): In some cases, QuantaStor may use these stored credentials for Single Sign-On purposes, allowing users to access multiple systems or resources with a single set of credentials.

The user can specify the user information, IP address, and access credentials for the External System to gain access to its media. If one or more Site Clusters exist, choose if External System ownership should be Site Cluster based.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Controllers & Enclosures --> External System Management --> Add External System --> Credentials Add... (Dialog button)

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