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Rescans the controller for new disks that may have been attached but not yet discovered by the system.

The "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature in QuantaStor serves the purpose of initiating a rescan of the hardware controller(s) connected to the storage system. It allows administrators to detect and incorporate any changes or updates made to the hardware controller configuration, such as newly added or removed devices.

This feature rescans the controller for new disks that may have been attached but not yet discovered by the system.

Here are the key purposes and benefits of the "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature in QuantaStor:

  • Device Detection: When new devices, such as hard drives or SSDs, are added to the storage system or existing devices are removed, a rescan of the hardware controller is required to detect and recognize these changes. The "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature enables QuantaStor to scan the controller and identify the newly added or removed devices, making them available for configuration and utilization within the storage system.
  • Configuration Synchronization: By rescanning the hardware controller, QuantaStor ensures that the storage system's configuration is synchronized with the actual hardware setup. It updates the system's knowledge of the attached devices, their properties, and their availability status. This synchronization is crucial for accurate device identification, allocation, and management within the storage infrastructure.
  • Device Availability: If a previously attached device becomes temporarily unavailable due to connectivity issues or other factors, a rescan of the hardware controller can help identify and bring the device back online. This ensures that the storage system maintains an up-to-date view of the connected devices and optimizes device availability for data storage and access.
  • Hot-Swapping Support: QuantaStor supports hot-swappable hardware components, allowing administrators to add or remove devices while the storage system is operational. The "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature facilitates the seamless integration of these hot-swapped devices into the storage system without requiring a system reboot or service interruption.
  • Integration with RAID and Storage Management: The rescan process triggered by the "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature is essential for updating the RAID configurations and storage pools associated with the hardware controller. It ensures that any changes in the hardware setup are reflected in the storage configurations and allows for proper management and utilization of the devices.

It's important to note that the specific steps and options available within the "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature may vary depending on the QuantaStor version, hardware configuration, and controller type.

By providing the "Rescan Hardware Controller" feature, QuantaStor enables administrators to detect hardware changes, synchronize the storage system's configuration with the actual hardware setup, and ensure the availability and proper management of storage devices within the storage infrastructure.

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