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Assign storage to one or more Hosts in a single operation.

In QuantaStor, the "Create Host Group" feature allows users to group multiple hosts or servers together for simplified management and administration. A host group is a logical grouping of hosts that share common properties or serve a specific purpose within the storage environment.

Host Groups are ideal for cluster configurations like VMware where the Storage Volume used as a Datastore must be accessible to all hosts in the VMware cluster.

The purpose of the Create Host Group feature in QuantaStor includes:

  • Simplified Management: By creating host groups, administrators can manage and configure settings for multiple hosts collectively rather than individually. This simplifies the management process by allowing administrators to apply changes or settings to all hosts within a group simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Organization and Hierarchy: Host groups provide a hierarchical structure for organizing hosts based on their role, location, department, or any other relevant criteria. It helps administrators categorize and visualize the hosts within the storage environment, making it easier to navigate and locate specific hosts when performing administrative tasks.
  • Access Control and Permissions: Host groups can be used to define access control and permissions for shared storage resources. By assigning permissions at the group level, administrators can ensure consistent access rights for all hosts within the group, simplifying the management of access controls.
  • Policy Application: Host groups enable the application of specific policies or configurations to multiple hosts simultaneously. For example, administrators can define a backup policy or performance settings at the group level, ensuring consistent application across all hosts within the group.
  • Performance Optimization: Host groups can be used to optimize performance by applying performance-related settings or configurations to all hosts within the group. This helps ensure consistent performance characteristics for hosts that share similar workload requirements or performance profiles.
  • Resource Allocation: Host groups can be utilized for resource allocation and management purposes. For example, administrators can allocate storage volumes or specify storage quotas for all hosts within a group, simplifying the process of resource provisioning and management.
  • Automation and Workflow Streamlining: Host groups facilitate automation and streamlining of workflows. Administrators can define automated tasks, such as scheduled backups or performance monitoring, to be executed on all hosts within a group. This helps ensure consistent and automated operations across multiple hosts.

Overall, the purpose of the Create Host Group feature in QuantaStor is to provide a mechanism for organizing, managing, and administering multiple hosts within the storage environment. It simplifies management tasks, supports access control and permissions, facilitates policy application, enables performance optimization, aids in resource allocation, and streamlines workflows within the QuantaStor storage environment.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Hosts --> Host --> Host Group --> Create (toolbar)

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