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Modify the settings for your Ceph Cluster.
Modify Device Monitoring and Drive Freespace Threshold Settings.

In QuantaStor, the "Modify Ceph Cluster" feature is used to make changes to the configuration and settings of a Ceph cluster.

Ceph is an open-source distributed storage system that provides scalable and reliable storage solutions. QuantaStor integrates Ceph as a storage backend, allowing users to deploy and manage Ceph clusters within their QuantaStor environment.

The purpose of the "Modify Ceph Cluster" function is to provide administrators with the ability to adjust various parameters and settings of the Ceph cluster to meet specific storage requirements. Some of the modifications that can be made include:

  • Cluster Configuration: This allows you to modify settings related to the Ceph cluster as a whole, such as network configurations, authentication mechanisms, placement policies, or cluster-wide parameters.
  • OSD (Object Storage Device) Configuration: You can adjust parameters specific to the OSDs within the Ceph cluster, such as disk utilization, cache settings, data placement strategies, or failure detection mechanisms.
  • Pool Configuration: It enables you to modify the settings for individual storage pools within the Ceph cluster, including replication strategies, data placement rules, or performance optimizations.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: You can configure monitoring and alerting settings for the Ceph cluster, allowing you to receive notifications about the cluster's health, utilization, or performance.

By using the "Modify Ceph Cluster" feature, administrators can fine-tune the Ceph cluster's behavior, performance, and reliability to align with specific storage requirements and business needs.

It's important to note that modifying the Ceph cluster requires a deep understanding of Ceph's architecture and configuration concepts. It's recommended to consult the QuantaStor documentation or seek guidance from Ceph experts to ensure proper configuration changes and avoid potential data loss or disruption.

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