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Configure and adjust the network settings related to the grid or cluster environment.

In QuantaStor, the "Modify Grid Network Settings" feature is used to configure and adjust the network settings related to the grid or cluster environment. The grid network refers to the network infrastructure that connects the nodes or servers within a QuantaStor cluster. This feature allows you to modify various network settings to optimize the performance, reliability, and functionality of the cluster. System to System communication typically works itself out automatically but it is recommended that you specify the network to be used for system inter-node communication for management operations.

Some of the common network settings that can be modified through this feature include:

  • IP addressing and subnet configuration: You can specify the IP addresses and subnet masks for the network interfaces used by the cluster nodes. This helps in proper network communication and routing within the cluster.
  • Network bonding and teaming: QuantaStor supports network bonding or teaming, which allows you to combine multiple network interfaces into a single logical interface. This can enhance network throughput and provide fault tolerance by distributing network traffic across multiple links.
  • VLAN configuration: If your network environment utilizes VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks), you can configure VLAN settings through this feature. VLANs help in segmenting the network traffic and isolating different groups of nodes within the cluster.
  • Network security settings: QuantaStor allows you to configure firewall rules and network security settings to control inbound and outbound network traffic. This helps in securing the cluster environment and controlling access to the storage resources.

By modifying the grid network settings, you can ensure that the cluster nodes are properly connected, communicate effectively, and operate optimally within the QuantaStor environment.

It's important to note that the specific capabilities and options available for modifying grid network settings may vary depending on the version of QuantaStor and the specific configuration of your cluster. For detailed information and instructions on how to use this feature, I recommend referring to the official QuantaStor documentation or contacting OSNexus support.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage System --> (Storage System Grid) --> Modify Grid Network Settings... (right click)

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