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Edit the local and remote IP addresses for a given storage system link.

In QuantaStor, the "Modify Storage System Replication Link" feature allows you to make changes to an existing replication link between two storage systems. Replication is a key feature in QuantaStor that enables data synchronization and redundancy between storage systems, providing data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

By modifying a storage system replication link, you can adjust various parameters and settings associated with the replication process. Some of the common purposes of modifying a replication link include:

  • Changing the target storage system: You can modify the replication link to redirect the replicated data to a different storage system. This might be necessary when replacing or upgrading hardware, or when reconfiguring the storage infrastructure.
  • Adjusting replication schedule: You can modify the replication link to change the frequency and timing of data replication. For example, you might want to increase or decrease the replication interval, or modify the days and times when replication occurs.
  • Modifying replication options: QuantaStor offers various replication options, such as synchronous or asynchronous replication, compression, encryption, deduplication, and bandwidth throttling. Modifying the replication link allows you to adjust these options based on your specific requirements.
  • Fine-tuning performance: Depending on your network and storage infrastructure, you might need to modify the replication link to optimize performance. This could involve adjusting buffer sizes, network settings, or other parameters to achieve the desired replication speed and efficiency.

Navigation: Remote Replication --> Volume & Share Replica Associations --> Replication Link --> Modify (toolbar)

For additional information see Remote Replication (DR)

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