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Modify an already existing Provisioning Quota.

In QuantaStor, the "Modify Provisioning Quota" feature allows you to adjust the storage quota or limit for a specific resource or volume. A storage quota defines the maximum amount of storage space that can be allocated to a particular resource, such as a volume or a user.

By modifying the provisioning quota, you can control the amount of storage space that can be utilized by a resource, preventing it from consuming excessive storage capacity and ensuring fair allocation among different users or applications.

The purpose of the "Modify Provisioning Quota" functionality is to provide administrators with the ability to manage and regulate storage allocation within the QuantaStor system. This feature helps optimize storage utilization, prevent resource contention, and maintain control over storage resources in multi-user or multi-tenant environments.

By setting appropriate quotas, administrators can enforce storage limits, monitor resource usage, and allocate storage capacity according to specific requirements or service-level agreements (SLAs). This helps maintain performance, prevent resource abuse, and ensure efficient utilization of available storage resources in the QuantaStor environment.

Navigation: Multitenancy --> Resource Groups --> Provisioning Quota --> Modify (toolbar)

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