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Modify the Resource Group.

In QuantaStor, the "Modify Resource Group" operation is used to make changes or modifications to an existing resource group within the storage environment. A resource group in QuantaStor is a logical container that allows administrators to organize and manage storage resources such as volumes, targets, or shares.

Resource Groups should be named after the tenant that it is being assigned to. For example, you might assign a resource group to Finance Department and create another resource group for the Engineering Department.

Each resource group can optionally have its own CHAP username and CHAP password associated with it. In this way, all of the storage volumes contained within the cloud are protected with CHAP credentials as soon as they're added to the resource group as a resource.

The purpose of the "Modify Resource Group" operation is to update various settings and configurations associated with a resource group. This operation allows administrators to make adjustments or modifications to tailor the behavior and properties of the resource group according to their specific requirements.

Some of the modifications that can be performed through the "Modify Resource Group" operation may include:

  • Renaming the resource group: This operation allows administrators to change the name of the resource group to better reflect its purpose or organization.
  • Adjusting access permissions: QuantaStor provides access control mechanisms to manage who can access and manage the resources within a resource group. The "Modify Resource Group" operation allows administrators to modify or update these access permissions to restrict or grant access to specific users or groups.
  • Changing resource group properties: This operation allows administrators to modify various properties associated with the resource group, such as descriptions, tags, or metadata.
  • Adding or removing storage resources: Administrators can use the "Modify Resource Group" operation to add or remove volumes, targets, shares, or other storage resources within the resource group. This allows for dynamic adjustments to the resource group's contents and organization.

By using the "Modify Resource Group" operation in QuantaStor, administrators have the flexibility to update and customize the configuration of their resource groups to align with their evolving storage needs and organizational requirements.

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