Modify Storage Pool High-Availability Group

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Create a high-availability group for a storage pool.

In QuantaStor, the "Create Storage Pool High-Availability Group" feature is used to establish a high-availability configuration for storage pools.

A storage pool is a logical grouping of physical storage resources, such as hard drives or solid-state drives, that can be managed collectively. By creating a high-availability group for a storage pool, you ensure that the data stored within the pool is redundantly replicated across multiple physical devices.

The purpose of setting up a high-availability group is to enhance the fault tolerance and reliability of the storage infrastructure. In the event of a hardware failure, such as a drive failure, the redundant copies of the data in the storage pool can be used to maintain data integrity and prevent data loss. High-availability groups enable automatic failover and data synchronization between the devices in the group, ensuring continuous access to stored data even during hardware failures or maintenance operations.

By using high-availability groups in QuantaStor, you can improve the overall data availability and resilience of your storage infrastructure, providing greater protection against potential disruptions or downtime.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Storage Pools --> Storage Pool HA Resource Group --> Modify Group (toolbar)
- or -
Navigation: Cluster Resource Management --> Storage Pool HA Groups --> Storage Pool HA Resource Group --> Modify Group Settings.(toolbar)

Modify the failover settings.

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