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Create additional NFS access permissions for a network share or NFS export.

In storage management systems, a hierarchy refers to the arrangement or organization of storage resources in a structured manner. This could involve grouping storage resources into different levels or categories to reflect a logical or physical structure. "Moving Network Shares within Hierarchy" involves changing the placement or location of network share configurations within this structured arrangement.

Here are a few potential purposes for such a feature:

  • Reorganization: If you want to reorganize your storage environment or change the way network shares are structured, you might want to move network shares from one level or category to another within the hierarchy. This could help improve the organization and accessibility of shared resources.
  • Access Control: Different levels of hierarchy could have different access control policies or permissions associated with them. Moving network shares within the hierarchy could allow you to adjust access controls and permissions for specific shares.
  • Capacity Management: In some cases, you might need to distribute the load or capacity across different storage resources. Moving network shares could help balance the usage of storage resources within your hierarchy.
  • Performance Optimization: Depending on the storage architecture and characteristics, certain levels of the hierarchy might offer better performance characteristics. Moving network shares to a different level could help optimize performance for specific workloads.
  • Data Classification: If you have different tiers of storage based on data classification (e.g., hot, warm, cold data), you might move network shares to different tiers within the hierarchy to match their respective storage characteristics.
  • Consolidation or Segregation: You might need to consolidate or segregate network shares based on usage patterns, departments, projects, or other factors. Moving shares within the hierarchy could facilitate these actions.

Navigation: Storage Management --> Network Shares --> Move Share (Hierarchically)... (right-click)

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