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View the hosts which are connected to the correct interfaces and protocols.

The purpose of a network connectivity checker in QuantaStor involves assessing and ensuring the health and reliability of network connections between the storage system and other components in the IT environment. The network scan will verify connectivity to other Storage Systems and all connected clients to ensure proper configuration of network routes and use of jumbo frames.

Here are common purposes and functionalities you might expect in a network connectivity checker for a storage system:

  • Verification of Network Paths: The tool checks the connectivity between the storage system and other devices (such as client machines or other storage systems) to ensure that the network paths are operational.
  • Identification of Network Issues: It helps in identifying and diagnosing network-related issues that may impact the performance or availability of the storage system. This includes issues like packet loss, latency, or connectivity disruptions.
  • Protocol-Specific Testing: The tool may conduct protocol-specific tests based on the supported storage protocols (e.g., iSCSI, NFS, SMB) to verify the functionality of these protocols over the network.
  • Endpoint Verification: Verifies the reachability of specific endpoints or network addresses associated with the storage system, ensuring that communication can be established with the intended destinations.
  • Port and Protocol Checks: Checks for the availability and responsiveness of specific network ports and protocols that are crucial for the operation of the storage system.
  • DNS Resolution: Ensures that DNS resolution is working correctly, allowing the storage system to resolve domain names to IP addresses for network communication.
  • Firewall and Security Checks: Verifies that network firewalls or security policies are not preventing the required communication between the storage system and other devices.
  • Automated Testing and Monitoring: The network connectivity checker may offer automated testing and continuous monitoring capabilities to regularly assess the health of network connections over time.
  • Logging and Reporting: Provides logs and reports detailing the results of the network connectivity tests, which can be useful for troubleshooting, auditing, and documentation purposes.
  • Integration with Alerting Systems: Integrates with alerting and notification systems to promptly inform administrators of any detected network connectivity issues that require attention.

Navigation: Storage Management --> (Storage System icon) --> Network Connectivity/Ping Checker... (rightclick)

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