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Creating a bonded port improves performance and fault tolerance.

Network bonding or teaming allows you to combine ports together to improve performance and fault tolerance. Note that most bonding policies are designed to spread the load across network ports when there are many network connections to the appliance. In this way they boost performance in aggregate for many servers accessing the system. That said, only the Round Robin bonding policy will actually boost performance for a single network connection. It is also important to note that for iSCSI you will get roughly 30% better performance by setting up each port on a separate network rather than using bonding/teaming.

The purpose of creating a bonded port in QuantaStor is to:

  • Increase network bandwidth: By combining multiple physical network interfaces into a single logical interface, you can increase the available network bandwidth. This can be especially useful for storage systems that need to transfer large amounts of data over the network.
  • Provide network redundancy: Bonded ports can provide network redundancy by allowing network traffic to be automatically rerouted to a backup physical interface in the event of a failure or outage. This helps ensure that your storage system remains accessible and reduces the risk of data loss.
  • Load balancing: Bonded ports can also provide load balancing capabilities by distributing network traffic across multiple physical interfaces. This helps ensure that no single interface becomes overloaded with network traffic, which can lead to performance issues.
  • Simplify network management: By aggregating multiple physical interfaces into a single logical interface, bonded ports can simplify network management by reducing the number of interfaces that need to be configured and managed.

Overall, the purpose of creating a bonded port in QuantaStor is to provide higher network bandwidth, redundancy, load balancing, and simplify network management, which can help optimize the performance, reliability, and manageability of your storage system.

For more detail please see IO Performance Tuning

   Also Administrator Guide, Network Ports.

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